Sightings for March 2019

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  Location Species Count Age / Sex Notes Grid Ref Source  
19th March
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
 Blackpool North ShoreLittle Gull1ad    
  Shelduck1 south    
  Grey Wagtail3 vis    
  Meadow Pipit25+ vis    
 Marton MereWigeon70 flew west at 0955. L.G.B.  
  Cetti's Warbler7      
  Linnet12 including two singing m.    
  Reed Bunting8msinging.    
 Marton MereSand Martin2 over the mere, 16.20 TS  
  Chiffchaff1 and singing, NE corner    
  Skylark5 over SE field    
  Lapwing1 displaying, east fields    
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Little Grebe1      
  Goldeneye105m, 4f + 15m (3ads), 4f. Later 10 in flight    
  Wigeon75+ circling over the mere. 13 landed    
  Water Rail1 flew off embankment slope into the reeds    
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull7ads     
  Little Owl1 perched, Hawthorn next to barn    
  Buzzard3 over east fields/Mythop fields    
  Stock Dove5      
  Cetti's Warbler5 singing    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Shoveler2m, f     
 Starr GateCommon Scoter180 Sea watch 0745-​1045 S.C  
  Eider9 South    
  Shelduck1 North    
  Red-​throated Diver3 South    
  Great Crested Grebe8 On the water    
  Meadow Pipit44 North    
 Little PoultonGoldcrest1   Barry Dyson  
 Knott EndTwite27 Feeding @ Corner of ferry slip AC  
 Preesall FlashesChiffchaff2 1st of year AC  
  Long-​tailed Tit2 Collecting nest materials     
 Cockerham Moss EdgeLittle Egret23 All in very wet stubble field, close to Near Moss FarmSD43794925AC  
 Warton BankAvocet10   andy myo DmG  
  Hen Harrier2male ringtailringtail southside    
  Marsh Harrier1 flushed male hen harrier off marsh    
 Newton-with-ScalesLittle Owl1 thames street andy myo  
18th March
 FleetwoodReed Bunting1maleFeeding in my garden in Ullswater Avenue KG  
  Goldfinch4 On feeders in my garden    
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
 BroughtonKestrel32f 1mAlong James Towers way Stu milne  
 Marton MereBittern1 flew 50 yards low west over the reeds from west side of island pool, 15.10 TS  
  Little Grebe1      
  Goldeneye85m (4ads)     
  Tufted Duck1m     
  Water Rail2 calling near FBC hide    
  Cetti's Warbler2 singing    
  Stock Dove4      
  Jackdaw35+ SW over the mere    
  Song Thrush3 singing    
  Red-​legged Partridge2 SW corner of east field    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
 Knott EndReed Bunting3     
  Twite54 base of slipway    
 Warton BankAvocet15 in river channel andy myo ds  
 WartonSong Thrush2 Lodge Lane, one singing Paul Ellis  
  Buzzard1 Lodge Lane    
 Warton AerodromeGrey Wagtail1 north side Paul Ellis  
  Skylark1 singing north side    
 LythamOsprey1 11.00?? no binos & distant. Hopefully someone can confirm Geoff Speight  
 Blackpool CentralGrey Wagtail1+     
 Kincraig LakeChiffchaff1m    
 Knott EndTwite19 Feeding @ Corner of ferry slip AC  
 Kincraig LakeStock Dove1 Very unusual here   
  Tufted Duck3      
  Little Grebe1      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2      
17th March
 Pilling LaneRaven1 over calling heading east Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
  Sparrowhawk1mBeach Road    
  Mallard1fon nest with eggs Beach Road    
  Goldfinch10 feeders Beach Road    
  Tree Sparrow15 feeders Beach Road    
  Blackbird1fnest building Beach Road    
  Meadow Pipit25 approx came off field to east of Beach Road    
 Newton MarshShort-​eared Owl1 1645hrs Rough grassland before United Utilities entrance. Mobbed by Gulls Ian Walker  
  Barn Owl1      
 SaltcotesGadwall126 Pairs  Ian Walker  
 Lytham JettyBar-​tailed Godwit75 Ebbing tide Ian Walker  
  Meadow Pipit  Numerous on the salt marsh    
  Sparrowhawk1 High on a thermal late morning    
 Church ScarRinged Plover20 Ebbing Tide Ian Walker  
 Fairhaven LakeTufted Duck29 0730hrs Ian Walker  
  Mute Swan3      
 Starr GateCommon Scoter365 Watch 0800-​1115 L.GB. S.C. I.W.  
  Eider75m 2f.south.    
  Fulmar1 north.    
  Kittiwake18 north.    
  Carrion Crow1 north at sea.    
  Meadow Pipit42 north.    
 Cleveleys North PromenadeLittle Gull8ad9.00-​10.00 4 south,4 feeding on tide line close inshore Frank Bird  
 Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe1   TS  
  Gadwall2m, f     
  Stock Dove6      
  Cetti's Warbler2 singing    
  Meadow Pipit1 edge of east field flood     
  Pied Wagtail7 edge of east field flood     
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Tufted Duck61      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull5ads     
 Marton MereGoldeneye6   Ellen Pemberton  
  Little Grebe1 calling    
  Song Thrush1      
  Chaffinch10+ Woodland Watch    
 Wesham MarshYellowhammer12 north east end of marsh These birds probably not the same as at the feeding station andy myo  
 Myerscough QuarryShoveler25     
  Grey Heron9      
  Meadow Pipit4      
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Common Sandpiper1      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1      
  Canada Goose4      
 Todderstaffe HallBrambling1femaleAt seed Paul Slade  
  Tree Sparrow35+ At seed    
  Chaffinch10+ At seed    
 Myerscough QuarryGreat White Egret1 then west   
  Green Sandpiper1      
  Pochard2m, f     
  Tufted Duck21      
 Wesham MarshYellowhammer7 at feeding station andy myo  
 Pilling LaneMeadow Pipit13     
  Pied Wagtail1      
 Cocker's DykeCurlew95     
 Knott EndSparrowhawk1     
  Meadow Pipit6      
  Reed Bunting2      
 Knott EndTwite23 Feeding @ Corner of ferry slip AC  
16th March
 Knott EndLittle Gull2ad & sub adultlingering feeding in mouth of Wyre 1700 hrs Paul Ellis  
  Red-​breasted Merganser2n, fin mouth of Wyre    
  Twite6 near jetty    
 Parrox HallPink-​footed Goose40  SD362478  
 HambletonGreylag Goose15     
 Weeton CampStarling200 to north   
 Mythop HallGreylag Goose2     
  Pied Wagtail1      
 Mains HallGrey Heron1     
  Greylag Goose9      
  Starling1800 flew west southwest    
 Yeadon WaySparrowhawk1     
 Knott EndMeadow Pipit1     
  Reed Bunting3      
 Ellel GrangeBuzzard2     
 Kincraig LakeShoveler7     
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Little Grebe1      
 FleetwoodLittle Gull5adultsin the Wyre mouth off the lower lighthouse at 16:40 JSc  
  Red-​breasted Merganser3m, 2f     
 Knott EndPink-​footed Goose550 South of library AM AC  
15th March
 Myerscough QuarryGreat White Egret1   AJH  
 Clifton MarshKestrel1   Paul Ellis  
 Green Dick's LaneLittle Owl1   Paul Ellis  
 Cocker's DykeGreenshank1   Paul Ellis  
  Buzzard3 up together    
  Herring Gull3 only gulls at outflow at 1800 hrs    
 Newton MarshRuff9 flew off Paul Ellis  
  Black-​tailed Godwit100 approx    
  Wigeon980 plus    
  Skylark1 singing    
 Kincraig LakeChiffchaff1msinging   
  Tufted Duck5      
 Starr GateShag1ad.south. L.G.B.  
 Starr GateCommon Scoter400 wach 0830-​1030 L.G.B.  
  Red-​throated Diver1 north.    
  Fulmar1 north.    
  Kittiwake8 north.    
  Little Gull3 south.    
 Medlar MarshRoe Deer32f 1mAll together on marsh, buck in velvet. Monty  
  Mink1 Walking along edge of ditch. Just missed with catapult.    
  Peregrine1 Very fast and low over marsh.    
  Buzzard1 Very pale individual feeding on sheep afterbirth.    
 Marton MereBarn Owl1 over the island/embankment/SE marsh towards Mythop Road TS  
  Sparrowhawk1mwith prey over NE field    
  Stock Dove6 barn roof    
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull6ads     
  Goldeneye74m (3ads)     
  Gadwall2m, f     
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull3ads     
  Ring-​necked Parakeet2m, f     
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1m     
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe4 3 west side pool. 1 east side pool TS  
 Staining NookSong Thrush2 1 singing TS  
  Reed Bunting1mMere View    
  Tree Sparrow1+ north end of Mere View Lane    
  Oystercatcher2 field to the SE    
 Eagland HillYellowhammer7   AC  
  Corn Bunting6 Plus usual    
 Conder GreenRed-​breasted Merganser3M 2F  AC  
  Pied Wagtail3      
 Bank EndPied Wagtail15 Feeding AC  
 Knott EndTwite12 Feeding @ Corner of ferry slip AC  
14th March
 Knott EndPink-​footed Goose450 fields south of library   
  Reed Bunting4      
 Pilling LaneMistle Thrush1     
 Kincraig LakeShoveler7     
  Tufted Duck4      
  Canada Goose9      
 Wesham MarshYellowhammer2 all sightings at feeding station andy myo  
  Raven1 bossing carrion crows    
  Tree Sparrow25      
  House Sparrow9      
  Reed Bunting10      
  Collared Dove8      
 Warton BankHen Harrier1ringtail  andy myo  
  Water Pipit1 more birds in flight    
 Whitmore FisheriesKingfisher2   Monty  
  Siskin5 In Alders on edge of canal.    
  Greenfinch4 Under feeders    
  Long-​tailed Tit2 Collecting nesting material.    
 Marton MereLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Goldeneye74m (3ads)     
  Mute Swan4ads     
  Cetti's Warbler3 singing    
  Coal Tit1 SW feeders    
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1 flew west from trees near NW marsh    
 Stanley ParkGrey Wagtail1 field NW of model village  TS  
  Ring-​necked Parakeet2m, f     
  Great Crested Grebe3      
  Tufted Duck60      
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe2 west side pool TS  
  Gadwall2 over west    
  Cormorant3 over west    
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1mNW corner pond area    
 Staining NookBuzzard1 over fields to the NW TS  
  Oystercatcher2 field to the SE    
  Song Thrush1 singing    
  Collared Dove3      
 NormossOystercatcher2 field west of Newton Drive Health Centre TS  
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine2   TS  
 Rossall PointLittle Gull1AdW 1440 Dfw  
 FleetwoodBlackcap1maleSinging in Ullswater Avenue KG  
  Sparrowhawk1femaleChasing Collared Dove through my garden    
13th March
 Shard BridgeBarn Owl1 crossed road south side of Bridge at 1835 hrs Paul Ellis  
 Marton MereBlackcap1mNorth scrub MM Volunteers  
  Ring-​necked Parakeet2 Woodland Watch     
  Coal Tit2 Woodland Watch     
  Pheasant87f/1mWoodland Watch     
  Chaffinch53f/2mWoodland Watch     
  Dunnock2 Woodland Watch     
  Robin1 Woodland Watch     
  Great Tit2 Woodland Watch     
  Blue Tit2 Woodland Watch     
  Blackbird32f/1mWoodland Watch     
  Reed Bunting32m/1fWoodland Watch     
  Buzzard1 Sitting in tree opposite Woodland Watch     
 Kincraig LakeShoveler19     
  Little Grebe1      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseBarn Owl1 low over west end of pool SE from zoo car park, 16.45 TS  
  Little Grebe1 east side pool    
  Mute Swan9ads2 pools. 7 appeared to come in from Stanley Park     
  Tufted Duck2m, f     
 Marton MereLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Goldeneye95m (3ads)     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull9ads     
  Cetti's Warbler3+ singing, 3 or 4    
  Stock Dove5      
  Rook1 over west    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Tufted Duck65      
  Cormorant6 a.m.    
  Great Black-​backed Gull11st.w.     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull5ads     
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
 Fleetwood FerryRaven1 1600 calling and circling over N Euston Hotel Dfw  
 Bispham CliffsKestrel1 At end of Red Bank Road DJM  
 Preesall FlashesKingfisher1 Number 2 Water, brilliant flash of colour  AC  
 Fleetwood Marine LakesLittle Gull2AdultsPassed through at 9.30am Barry Dyson  
12th March
 Pilling HallTufted Duck32m, f    
 Glasson BasinGoosander4f    
  Tufted Duck2      
 GalgateGoosander3m, 2f    
 Ellel GrangeNuthatch1     
 Potters BrookNuthatch1     
 Marton MereBarn Owl1 looking out of island box, 16.30 TS  
  Kestrel2m, fbarn area    
  Little Grebe1+      
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe2   TS  
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1f     
 Medlar MarshKestrel3m+fCalling and mating on nest box. Monty  
  Merlin1fAll of the above in the air at same time over marsh.    
  Little Owl1 Perched on telegraph pole.    
  Roe Deer2m+fLed down together on field next to wood.    
 MedlarBuzzard4 displaying andy myo  
 BisphamHouse Sparrowc25 Sainsbury's car park DJM  
 Knott EndSparrowhawk1adult male    
  Reed Bunting6      
  Pink-​footed Goose400 fields south of library    
  Pied Wagtail1      
11th March
 WartonBuzzard1 calling over wood south of Lodge Lane Paul Ellis  
  Dunnock1 singing Church Road    
 PreesallPink-​footed Goose200 plus landing on fields west of old railway bridge at 0730 hrsSD362476Paul Ellis  
 StalmineBarn Owl1 crossed Carr Lane north of Cold Row early am Kinta Beaver  
 Marton MereLittle Grebe2 W end lots of calling DJM  
  Cetti's Warbler5 Singing    
  Tree Sparrow9 Mere View    
  Chiffchaff1 Singing briefly NW scrub    
  Fieldfare1 SW over Lawson's field    
  Meadow Pipit2 Lawson's wetland, embankment    
 Kincraig LakeShoveler20     
 Marton MerePochard1f  TS  
  Goldeneye85m (3ads)     
  Gadwall2m, f     
  Little Grebe1      
  Lapwing12 over Mythop fields    
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull7ads     
  Stock Dove5 barn area    
  Cetti's Warbler1 singing    
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1mSW scrub, then flew NW    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3 2 displaying TS  
  Cormorant8 by 16.30    
  Mute Swan269 1st.w.     
  Tufted Duck68      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull4ads     
  Ring-​necked Parakeet2m, f     
  Stock Dove1      
  Collared Dove2      
 Staining NookOystercatcher2 field to the SE TS  
  Tree Sparrow6 Mere View    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseWater Rail1 NW corner pond TS  
  Teal2m, fNW corner pond    
 Blackpool ZooOystercatcher2 top of east side hangar TS  
  Mute Swan2adsVillage entrance pool    
 CatforthBarn Owl  School Lane   
 TrealesLesser Black-​backed Gull60 Cross Lane  Ian Walker  
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit260 1700hrs Orange Z ring evident. Ringed South Iceland 19.06.14. I recorded this bird on the 11th March 2016 at Newton Marsh.  Ian Walker  
 Warton BankHen Harrier2male ringtail  andy myo  
  Marsh Harrier1      
  Russian White-​fronted Goose4      
 GreenhalghFieldfare60   andy myo  
  Roe Deer1      
 Wesham MarshYellowhammer18 north east end of marsh opp end to usual sightings but most ive seen andy myo  
 CockersandGreat Crested Grebe2 Behind Lighthouse cottage  AC  
  Golden Plover1000 Looking good on the Abbey fields in the sun    
 Stanley ParkBlackbird6   New Langdale Volunteers  
  Black-​headed Gull40      
  Blue Tit3      
  Canada Goose2      
  Carrion Crow4      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Great Tit7      
  Grey Heron10      
  Greylag Goose11      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1      
  Mute Swan11      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
  Song Thrush1      
  Tufted Duck25      
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseBuzzard1 Circling over golf course ~11.30 BD  
 Herons' Reachnew species1 Small tortoiseshell butterfly BD  
 Marton MereKestrel1 Hovering over island, 10.40 BD  
10th March
 Pilling LaneTree Sparrow15 Feeders Beach Road  Paul Ellis  
  Goldfinch10 Feeders Beach Road    
 Pilling Lane EndsLittle Egret15 roost   
 BraidesWhooper Swan71     
  Golden Plover350      
  Greylag Goose10      
 Myerscough QuarryWigeonc300     
  Tufted Duck14      
  Oystercatcher24 one ringed    
  Grey Heron6      
 Blackpool CentralCurlew1+ Calling overhead 18.05 Westmorland Ave/Whitegate Dr. BD  
 Warton BankCattle Egret1 with 31 Little Egrets in feilds DS  
  Hen Harrier1ringtail     
  Whooper Swan70+      
  Great White Egret1 on marsh    
  Little Egret31 12 on marsh    
 Marton MereStonechat2m, feast marsh TS  
  Little Grebe1      
  Mute Swan2ads     
  Goldeneye105m (3ads)     
  Water Rail1 calling    
  Stock Dove2      
 Starr GateCommon Scoter250+   S.C  
 Kincraig LakeShoveler11     
  Tufted Duck15      
  Canada Goose10      
 SaltcotesMediterranean Gull4Adults1100hrs Ian Walker  
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit900 0700hrs including 3 colour ringed birds. Black Flag bird from a project off the Humber and Blue Ringed Montrose Project. The Montrose bird was recorded at Lytham Hall 10.02.18 Ian Walker  
9th March
 GalgateTawny Owl1     
  Lesser Redpoll2      
  Reed Bunting1      
 FleetwoodRaven2 Over Mount park Jol  
 Marton MereGoldeneye73m (2ads)  TS  
  Little Grebe1      
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
 Clifton MarshWigeonc1500 on river and marsh JSc, SB  
  Golden Ploverc100 on estuary on falling tide    
  Black-​tailed Godwitc1200 on estuary on falling tide    
  Ruff1 with godwit flock    
  Great Black-​backed Gull30 roosting on sandbank    
  Stock Dove3      
  Grey Wagtail3 sewage works    
 Newton MarshWigeonc1000   JSc, SB  
  Black-​tailed Godwit6      
  Merlin1juvennilefeeding on prey    
  Pied Wagtail2      
 Warton MarshWhooper Swan16   JSc  
  Little Egret19      
  Marsh Harrier1juv+1 on south side    
  Hen Harrier1male14:15 hunting outer marsh towards Lytham Quays    
  Merlin1 shadowing Hen Harrier    
  Short-​eared Owl1 flew up river at 13:45    
  Meadow Pipit1 distant flock of Pipits, light too harsh for individual ID    
  Rock Pipit1      
  Grey Wagtail1      
 MartonRing-​necked Parakeet2 on garden feeders  Frank Bird  
 Kincraig LakeShoveler18     
  Tufted Duck10      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
 Newton MarshRuff11 1345hrs Ian Walker  
  Black-​tailed Godwit1200 The majority of birds moved onto the estuary after 1400hrs. New colour ringed bird recorded    
 Starr GateGannet9 Seawatch 0920 -​ 1020hrs Ian Walker  
  Kittiwake40 Migrating flocks North    
 Hambleton Moss SideBuzzard1  SD385435  
 Wardley's CreekMute Swan22 adultspondSD368428  
 Stalmine MossKestrel2 west side   
  Red-​legged Partridge71+ male1 singingSD399453   
  Peregrine2  SD403449   
  Buzzard2  SD397457   
  Corn Bunting28  SD399453   
  Carrion Crow4      
  Starling1500 flew southwest    
  Stock Dove2  SD403449   
 Preesall HillBuzzard1     
 Fleetwood Marine LakesPurple Sandpiper1 Island roost with 200 turnstones @ 12.30 Glen Jackson  
 CockerhamShelduck8 field west of Marsh Houses   
 BraidesLesser Black-​backed Gull8     
  Mute Swan4      
 Conder GreenTeal10     
 Lancaster Canal Glasson BranchMute Swan2     
  Mute Swan4      
  Little Egret1      
 Pilling Lane EndsLittle Egret1     
  Starling250 to south    
 Knott EndKittiwake25 flew east   
  Reed Bunting4      
8th March
 Kincraig LakeShoveler8     
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine2     
 ElswickBarn Owl1 Out hunting along Grange rd a very dark looking bird seen at 5pm Stu milne  
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit510 1700hrs Colour ringed bird from Wirral and Dee Estuary area. Ringed in South Iceland 17.06.03 Ian Walker  
  Golden Plover80      
 Knott EndEider21 adult male    
  Reed Bunting5      
 Hambleton FisheriesLittle Egret1     
  Herring Gull1      
 HambletonGreylag Goose15     
  Mistle Thrush2 1 carrying nesting material    
 Warton BankAvocet50+ in river channel and in flight andy myo  
 Newton MarshBarn Owl1 hunting at 08,40 hrs andy myo  
  Black-​tailed Godwit1000+      
 Freckleton Naze PointAvocet6   andy myo  
  Hen Harrier1ringtail     
  Marsh Harrier1      
 Marton MereReed Bunting6+ Several singing males DJM  
  Cetti's Warbler4 Inc 1 Lawson's wetlands    
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1 Mere to de Vere probably from feeding station    
  Song Thrush2      
  Little Grebe2      
  Moorhen1+ 1 in feeding station    
  Long-​tailed Tit8 4 pairs    
 Warton BankLittle Egret29   AA  
  Cattle Egret1      
 Marton MereGoldeneye116m (4ads)  TS  
  Coal Tit1 SW Alders    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 SW field    
  Goldfinch5 SW field    
 Staining NookTree Sparrow4+ Mere View TS  
  Greenfinch1 Mere View    
  Goldfinch3 Mere View    
  Stock Dove2 Mere View    
 Warbreck HillRaven1 E DJM  
  Sparrowhawk2PrDisplaying to NE then flew N     
7th March
 WartonNuthatch1 calling Warton Hall Paul Ellis  
  Mistle Thrush1 Lodge Lane    
 Marton MereSnipe15 Scrape  MM Volunteers  
  Canada Goose5 Scrape     
  Cetti's Warbler1 Scrape -​ calling    
  Little Grebe1      
  Grey Heron1 Over    
 Kincraig LakeShoveler16     
  Little Grebe1      
 InskipLittle Egret1 flew over Sunningdale Place   
 Carr House Green CommonBuzzard2     
 CatforthMeadow Pipit22  SD482356  
 Marton MereGoldeneye74m (2 ads)  TS  
  Little Grebe2 SW corner    
  Water Rail1 crossed the channels, FBC hide    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Cormorant9 at 15.30    
  Ring-​necked Parakeet3      
 Warbreck HillRaven1 S then circled over Layton area DJM  
6th March
 Kincraig LakeShoveler18     
  Little Grebe1      
  Water Rail1      
  Tufted Duck4      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Blackpool CentralGrey Wagtail1     
  Raven1 south over Whitegate Drive    
 Starr GateCommon Scoter545 Watch 0815-​1100. L.G.B. S.C. M.J.  
  Shelduck3 south.    
  Pintail2 south.    
  Cormorant16 south.    
  Grey Plover25 south.    
  Knot55 south.    
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit327 1730hrs Including colour ringed Icelandic bird from 2002/2003 nest cohert marked project.  Ian Walker  
  Black-​tailed Godwit  This is an important time for passage migrant Black Tailed Godwit using Newton Marsh. If you see a colour ringed bird well enough please feel free to contact me and I will send off the information for you.     
 Warton BankAvocet60+ in river channel and in flight andy myo  
  Cattle Egret1 bank lane    
  Hen Harrier1ringtail     
 Shard BridgeCormorant2     
  Black-​headed Gull100      
 Cold RowCanada Goose2     
 StalmineLong-​tailed Tit1     
 Little CarletonRaven2 over Mowbray Drive DF.  
 SaltcotesMediterranean Gull2ad  Frank Bird  
  Black-​tailed Godwit53      
 Lytham HallSiskin5 alders round lily pond Frank Bird  
 Warton BankHen Harrier1 Ringtail AC  
  Water Pipit2 Sat on posts    
 Marton MereGoldeneye116m, 5f4 ad.m, 1st.w, 2nd.w. TS  
  Stock Dove5      
  Cetti's Warbler3 singing    
  Water Rail3 calling    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Ring-​necked Parakeet41m     
  Mistle Thrush1      
 Blackpool North ShoreCommon Scoter5   DJM  
  Meadow Pipit3      
 Warbreck HillPeregrine1 S over Unity school DJM  
 Knott EndTwite25     
  Reed Bunting2      
 Knott EndTwite2 Ferry slip  AC  
5th March
 Starr GateCommon Scoter260 Watch 0800-​1000 L.G.B.  
  Red-​throated Diver1      
  Cormorant10 South.    
 Shard BridgeSong Thrush1 singing NW of bridge Paul Ellis  
 WartonGreenfinch3 2 singng Church Road Paul Ellis  
  Mistle Thrush1 singing Lodge Lane    
 Marton MereLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Goldeneye85m (1 1st.w)     
  Buzzard2 over Gipsy Hole Wood    
  Stock Dove4      
  Tree Sparrow1+ Mere View    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe1 west side pool TS  
  Water Rail1 NW corner pond    
 Green Dick's LaneLittle Owl1 1730 Dfw  
 Little SingletonMerlin1f  Barry Dyson  
  Stock Dove1      
  Rook  5 nests at end of Occupation lane    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Tufted Duck56      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet31m     
 Wesham MarshMarsh Harrier1   andy myo  
  Yellowhammer12+ one at feeding station    
  Shoveler2m f     
  Roe Deer1doe     
 Kincraig LakeShoveler12     
  Tufted Duck4      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 Drumming    
 Knott EndSanderling65     
  Reed Bunting6      
  Little Egret1      
4th March
 Pilling LaneTree Sparrow15 Beach Road Paul Ellis  
 Green Dick's LaneLittle Owl1   Paul Ellis  
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan1110 ad, 1 juvnr Clarkson's Farm Moss Lane Paul Ellis  
  Whooper Swan400 approx south of Moss Lane    
 Marton MereChiffchaff1 Calling close to FBC Hide DJM  
  Little Owl1 In bushes adjacent barn    
  Cetti's Warbler4 Singing along south bank    
 Knott EndEider22 adult males    
  Reed Bunting6      
  Bar-​tailed Godwit100      
 Stanley ParkBlackbird1   New Langdale Volunteers  
  Black-​headed Gull50      
  Blue Tit1      
  Canada Goose15      
  Carrion Crow1      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Great Tit5      
  Grey Heron9      
  Greylag Goose10      
  Herring Gull50      
  Long-​tailed Tit2      
  Mute Swan22      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
  Tufted Duck46      
 Freckleton Naze PointChiffchaff1 calling DS  
  Tawny Owl1 calling 16.00    
  Cattle Egret1 Naze lane east ,in sheep field    
  Little Egret16 Poollane    
  Snipe10 overhead    
  Mistle Thrush2      
 FreckletonLesser Black-​backed Gull150 Lund Way 1630hrs Ian Walker  
  Little Egret12      
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Cormorant8 at 14.30    
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull6ads     
  Ring-​necked Parakeet2f     
 Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe1   TS  
  Goldeneye85m (1 1st.w)     
 Kincraig LakeShoveler11     
  Tufted Duck1      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Starr GateCommon Scoter150+   S.C  
  Cormorant6 South     
  Gannet4 South     
 Wesham MarshYellowhammer12+ south end of marsh andy myo  
  Sparrowhawk1 hunting feeding station    
 Cuddy HillRinged Plover2 Flood SD496375  
  Teal34 Flood SD496375   
  Curlew2 Flood SD496375   
  Lapwing20 Flood SD496375   
 Knott EndTwite9 Ferry slip AC  
3rd March
 Stake PoolLittle Egret12 field at north end   
 Conder GreenRed-​breasted Merganser2PairOn pool AC  
 Garstang MarinaKingfisher1 On the canal Jol  
 Stanley ParkGadwall88     
  Tufted Duck44      
  Mute Swan23      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1+      
 Kincraig LakeShoveler8     
  Tufted Duck1      
  Little Grebe1      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1   TS  
 Glasson BasinGoosander4redheads  Paul Slade  
  Continental Cormorant2      
 BraidesSparrowhawk1female  Paul Slade  
 Cocker's DykeMediterranean Gull1ad  Paul Slade  
 Cockerham QuarrySparrowhawk1female  Paul Slade  
 Out RawcliffeSparrowhawk1male  Paul Slade  
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan1110 ads 1juveFavourite area, Nr Clarksons farm  AC  
 Todderstaffe HallHooded Crow1 still in fields west of fairfield rdSD363368Frank Bird  
 Lytham MossBuzzard1     
  Little Egret3      
 Cocker's DykeGreenshank1   Peter R  
 IngolGreat Spotted Woodpecker1 drumming Stu milne  
  Chiffchaff1 singing    
  Canada Goose2  over My house.    
 Knott EndTwite23 On Ferry cafe roof AC  
2nd March
 Freckleton Naze PointGreenland White-​fronted Goose4 on the river edge . DS  
 Todderstaffe HallTree Sparrow20+   Paul Slade  
 Rossall PointRed-​throated Diver1 E Dfw  
  Great Northern Diver1 Possible. Distant large diver    
  Red-​breasted Merganser42M     
  Eider2 Quite a lot Kings Scar    
  Common Scoter1 E    
 Cocker's DykeGreenshank1 with redshanks  Peter R  
  Stonechat1malefeeding on rocks very active    
 Newton MarshShelduck20+   Peterow  
 Knott EndGrey Wagtail1 Flew North  AC  
 Kincraig LakeShoveler1     
  Little Grebe1      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Thornton Marsh FarmShoveler10     
 Fleetwood Marine LakesRed-​breasted Merganserc1 dead drake on island   
 Starr GateShelduck2 south. Watch 0800-​1100 L.G.B. S.C. G.J.  
  Common Scoter300      
  Red-​breasted Merganser1m.south.    
  Red-​throated Diver7      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Cormorant30 south.    
  unidentified Pied Wagtail or White Wagtail1 north.    
  Skylark1 north.    
 Myerscough QuarrySong Thrush1malesinging   
  Reed Bunting8      
  Bullfinch2male, femalein Hawthorns by canal     
  Little Egret1      
  Tufted Duck24      
  Pied Wagtail1      
 Cuddy HillRinged Plover2 FloodSD496375  
  Green Sandpiper1 FloodSD496375   
  Redshank2 FloodSD496375   
  Lapwing20 FloodSD496375   
  Teal47 FloodSD496375   
  Shoveler10 FloodSD496375   
 Rossall PointStonechat2PairResidents or passage birds?  AC  
  Meadow Pipit1      
  Skylark1+ Several singing late morning     
 KirkhamRaven1 opp kingfisher pub andy myo  
 Warton BankWater Pipit12+ 12 on fence but about 30 in flight andy myo  
  Hen Harrier2male ringtail     
  Marsh Harrier1      
  Avocet2 in flight over river    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe4   TS  
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull7ads     
  Common Gull1ad     
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseOystercatcher2 west side TS  
  Water Rail1 calling, NW corner pond    
 St Michael's on WyreSong Thrush1 Singing  Jol  
  Jay1+ Calling    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 Calling    
  Lapwing2+ Displaying     
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Warbreck HillRaven2 Left S DJM  
  Peregrine1 Sparring with/mobbing ravens    
 Freckleton MarshTree Sparrow3   Ian Walker  
  Meadow Pipit30      
  Hen Harrier1Ringtail     
  Black-​tailed Godwit180      
  Bar-​tailed Godwit3      
 FreckletonCattle Egret1 Viewed from bottom of Pool Lane 1000hrsS426273Ian Walker  
  Great White Egret1      
  Little Egret12 All three species were in the same field across from Caravans    
 Marton MereShoveler5   JSc  
  Little Grebe1 calling    
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Sparrowhawk1juv male     
  Water Rail2 calling    
  Oystercatcher3 scrape    
  Lapwing3 scrape    
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull4      
  Stock Dove6 barn roof    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Skylark1 over calling    
  Cetti's Warbler5 singing males    
  Chiffchaff1 singing by bridleway    
  Otter3 2 + 1 at west end at same time around 11:30    
 Marton MereChiffchaff1 SW scrub, silent TS  
 Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe1   TS  
  Little Grebe1      
  Goldeneye95m (1 1st.w)     
  Water Rail1 showed well from FBC hide    
  Sparrowhawk2m, flow around the inflow area    
  Oystercatcher3 island pool    
  Snipe1 up from embankment reeds    
  Stock Dove6 barn roof    
  Redwing1 flew off west from SW planting    
  Stonechat1meast marsh    
  Coal Tit1 SW feeders    
1st March
 ThorntonGrey Wagtail1 Red Marsh Ind Est Paul Slade  
 Wesham MarshYellowhammer8 south end of marsh andy myo fb  
 Newton MarshRaven3   andy myo  
  Golden Plover100+      
  Peregrine1 on pylon    
 Whitmore Fisheriesnew species2 Roe Deer captured on trail cam. Monty  
  Bullfinch1mCalling in trees near entrance.    
 Medlar MarshGreat Spotted Woodpecker1mDrumming in small wood next to road. Monty  
  Wood Mouse4 One Wood Mouse. two Field Voles and one Common Shrew under corrugated sheet.    
  Stoat1 Stoat on track between duck ponds.    
 Kincraig LakeShoveler8     
 CottamChiffchaff1malesinging Steve Jones  
  Goldcrest2malesboth singing    
  Bullfinch1 calling    
 Burglar's AlleyCetti's Warbler1   Dfw  
  Water Rail1      
 Cocker's DykeMediterranean Gull1Ad  Dfw + AC  
 Lytham QuaysHen Harrier1 Male,showing well S.C. M.J.  
  Whooper Swan21      
 Marton MereGoldeneye74M, 3FDisplaying SW bay FW, JD  
  Water Rail5 4 heard, 1 seen in front of FBC hide    
  Cetti's Warbler6 all heard    
  Siskin1 in alder outside feeding station hide    
  Coal Tit2 feeding staion on peanuts    
  Long-​tailed Tit2 feeding station on fatballs    
  Song Thrush1 singing near feeding station    
  Stonechat1maleon est fild boundary fence near exit stream    
  new species1 young Rabbitnear SW bay    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Tufted Duck53m     
  Grey Heron2      
  Mute Swan3ads     
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe2   TS  
  Tufted Duck50      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
 Staining NookSnipe6 circled over the marsh TS  
  Song Thrush2 singing    
  Long-​tailed Tit2      
 Marton MereOtter1 NW Corner at 0950 FW  
  Bittern1 Flew from west end reeds to NW reeds at 09.559    
 Marton MereSand Martin2 over the mere, 15.40-​48+ TS  
  Curlew1 circled over west end of mere, sang, then flew SW    
  Lapwing15 8 island pool, later 12 flushed by Peregrine over east fields. 3 still on pool    
  Oystercatcher2 island pool    
  Shelduck1 island pool    
  Goldeneye74m (1 1st.w)     
  Tufted Duck1m     
  Peregrine1 flew up to dyke pylon    
  Buzzard1 east fields    
  Barn Owl1 looking out of island box    
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull15+ads     
  Little Grebe1      
  Cetti's Warbler3 singing    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1mSW feeders    
  Coal Tit1 SW feeders    
  Stock Dove9 barn roof    
  Reed Bunting54misland bushes    
 Bodie HillLinnet50 Set-​aside plot AC  
 CockersandGolden Ploverc1200 Abbey fields  AC  
 Cockerham SandsStonechat1FThanks PW AC  
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan1110 ads 1juveFavourite spot all winter  AC  
 Knott EndTwite63 On Ferry cafe roof, several showing Red rumps, 1 very much so.  AC  
Fylde Bird Club