Sightings for January 2019

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  Location Species Count Age / Sex Notes Grid Ref Source  
15th January
 Eagland HillBarn Owl2 2 individuals AJH  
 Eagland HillBarn Owl2 2 individuals AJH  
 Blackpool ZooShoveler2mVillage entrance pool TS  
 CatforthBullfinch2male, femaleEnd of Moss Lane SD465363  
 PrestonRaven2 Near train station CRH  
  Peregrine1Adult male     
 Staining NookSparrowhawk1fattacked and chased a Magpie. Didn't see the outcome TS  
  Buzzard1 perched, fields to the NW    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseKingfisher1 NW corner pond TS  
  Teal1mNW corner pond    
 Salisbury WoodlandLittle Egret1 NW pond TS  
 Stanley ParkPochard2m  TS  
  Little Grebe1      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet2      
  Coal Tit1      
 Blackpool ZooShoveler2m  TS  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 zoo SW corner    
 Marton MereCormorant5   TS  
  Buzzard2 over east fields    
  Song Thrush2 1 singing    
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Starling400+ east field    
  Linnet2 over east field    
  Water Rail2 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler2 singing    
 Marton MereOtter2 Frolicking in front of NW platform at 13.30 Glen Jackson  
 SaltcotesCurlew245   Ian Walker  
  Black-​tailed Godwit112      
 Kincraig LakeShoveler10     
  Tufted Duck1      
 Warton BankHen Harrier1maleat 10,30 for about 20 minutes andy myo  
 Lytham HallSiskin7 near pond andy myo  
 Knott EndTwite40 Feeding @ Corner of ferry slip AC  
14th January
 WartonKestrel1 Lytham Road to west, hunting from lamposts Paul Ellis  
 Stanley ParkBlackbird1   New Langdale Volunteers  
  Black-​headed Gull70      
  Blue Tit14      
  Canada Goose3      
  Carrion Crow1      
  Coal Tit3      
  Great Tit3      
  Greylag Goose15      
  Mute Swan15      
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet2      
  Tufted Duck29      
 Fleetwood FarmPink-​footed Goose450 Mid afternoon MF  
  Barnacle Goose1 Mid afternnon    
 Marton MereBittern1 SE to SW reeds 15.40 Frank Bird  
  Barn Owl1 hunting north scrub 16.20    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseGadwall4   TS  
  Tufted Duck6      
  Mute Swan2ads     
  Kingfisher1 flew low across NW corner pond to low perch at north side on each of 3 visits    
  Water Rail2 1 seen, another heard    
  Teal42mNo sign of Garganey    
  Greenfinch8 perched near the pond    
 Stanley ParkPochard2m  TS  
  Tufted Duck75      
  Little Grebe1      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet5      
  Buzzard1 perched NE golf course dyke copse    
 Blackpool ZooWater Rail1 calling, Village entrance pool TS  
  Teal43mVillage entrance pool    
 Marton MereOtter1 SE from NE hide, 15.05-​20. TS/MJ TS  
  Water Rail2 2 seen from FBC hide. TS/MJ     
  Stock Dove4 barn roof    
 Savick ParkBullfinch2MalesBeing very vocal Ash Baines  
 BrockDipper1 On river @ Barton Grange garden centre Ash Baines  
  Grey Wagtail1      
 FleetwoodBlackcap1maleIn my garden on the fat balls KG  
 Marton MereOtter1 West end 10.00 -​ 10.30 DJM/CR  
  Grey Heron1      
  Redshank3 NW    
  Water Rail3      
  Cetti's Warbler4      
  Long-​tailed Tit6+      
  Coal Tit1 Feeding station    
  Pheasant7m, 6fFeeding station    
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
 Warton BankWater Pipit3   andy myo gw ds  
  Great White Egret1      
  Hen Harrier1ringtailsouth side    
  Marsh Harrier2      
 BryningCattle Egret1 bryning hall lane andy myo  
 Knott EndTwite40 Feeding @ Corner of ferry slip AC  
13th January
 FleetwoodPeregrine1   Paul Ellis  
 Pilling LaneSparrowhawk1fBeach Road Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
 Knott EndKnot2000 plus Paul Ellis  
  Bar-​tailed Godwit200 approx    
  Kestrel1mhunting saltmarsh, caught a vole    
 Eagland HillChaffinch40 New Lane Feeding station MF  
  Tree Sparrow18      
  House Sparrow5      
  Blue Tit2      
  Great Tit2      
 Eagland HillWhooper Swan30   MF  
  Stock Dove10      
  Carrion Crow20      
 Marton MereOtter2 From NW platform and Dragonfly Hide 15.00 -​ 16.15 NJL  
  Goldeneye1MNW mere    
  Little Grebe1 NW mere    
  Long-​tailed Tit6+ NW platform     
 Marton MereGoldcrest1 around NW platform TS  
  Long-​tailed Tit11 around NW platform    
  Chaffinch10+ SW feeders    
  Dunnock5 under the feeders    
 Knott EndTwite44 Slip way at 1300hrs  Ian Walker  
 FleetwoodPink-​footed Goose220 Off the A585 SD325443. Flock near Woodcock Wood tricky to view. Ian Walker  
 Newton-with-ScalesChiffchaff1   ME  
 Stanley ParkPochard1m    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseTeal2 NW pool. No sign of Garganey.   
 Kincraig LakeShoveler8     
  Tufted Duck1      
 HambletonSnipe3 Point Shard   
 Little SingletonGoldeneye1m    
  Pink-​footed Goosec800      
  Greylag Goose55 with Pinks, including two collared birds    
  Canada Goose97      
 Blackpool North ShoreLittle Gull5ads1 south 4 north 13.00 -​ 14.50 Paul Slade  
  Kittiwake4ads2 south 2 north 13.00 -​ 14.50    
  Common Scoter20+      
 Carr House Green CommonKestrel1m  Stu milne  
  Bullfinch2m&fnot a lot around common in general.    
 Stake PoolWhooper Swan6 flew southwest   
 NatebyBlack-​headed Gull150 to east   
 Green Dick's LaneWhooper Swan11  SD386478  
 Garstang MarinaBlack-​headed Gull25     
  Herring Gull2      
  Common Gull2      
 Head Dyke LaneBlack-​tailed Godwit280  SD386470  
 Black Lane HeadPink-​footed Goose150  SD447460  
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseGarganey1femNW corner pond. Took 35 minutes for a conclusive ID owing to the reeds and overhanging branches. Before yesterday I last saw it on November 26th on the north end of Stanley Park Lake TS  
  Teal1massociating with the Garganey    
  Water Rail1 calling    
 Salisbury WoodlandCoal Tit1   TS  
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe1   TS  
  Tufted Duck69      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet5m, 4fstump circle area    
  Coal Tit1      
  Goldfinch30+ ranging from boathouse to Heron island    
 Fleetwood Marine LakesRed-​breasted Merganser32 Drakes, 1 F1130hrs Ian Walker  
  Goldeneye2Drake, 1 F     
  Tufted Duck2Drakes      
12th January
 Great EcclestonKestrel1m  Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseGarganey1fem/imm.NW corner pond, watched for 20 minutes TS  
 Salisbury WoodlandLittle Egret1 NW pond TS  
 Stanley ParkGadwall124   TS  
  Great Black-​backed Gull1adnorth end of lake, bathing. Never seen one this end before    
  Ring-​necked Parakeet3      
  Garganey1 flew off NE golf course dyke towards HR golf course NW corner pond    
 Blackpool ZooTeal53mVillage entrance pool TS  
 Marton MereGoldeneye1ad.m  TS  
 Little SingletonGreat White Egret1 flew south over Garstang New Road Thomas Westhead  
 SingletonPink-​footed Goose800  SD374376Frank Bird  
  Greylag Goose7 with pinks    
 Shard BridgeLittle Egret1     
 Hambleton FisheriesJackdaw40     
 Lytham MossPink-​footed Goose250 2nd field nr closed roundabout  SC  
  Woodpigeon60+ In same field    
 Poulton Industrial EstatePink-​footed Goosec2000 Fields to east. Inc orange legged bird   
 Thornton Marsh FarmShoveler22     
  Greylag Goose43      
 Fleetwood Marine LakesTufted Duck2m    
 Lytham MossWhooper Swan43 adults 1 juvIn field across lane from radar station John Lees  
 Devonshire Rock GardensHouse Sparrow10+ Large number heard hidden in ivy covered trees at end of Corrib Rd DJM/GM  
 Warbreck HillPeregrine1   DJM/GM  
  Song Thrush1 Singing from Golden Triangle     
  Coal Tit1 Singing from Golden Triangle     
 Fleetwood Marine LakesTwitec40 On adjacent beach   
 Knott EndTwite35 Ferry slip AC  
11th January
 Knott EndGreat Spotted Woodpecker1     
 Devonshire Rock GardensMagpie71 Roosting, difficult to count accurately as the move around a bit DJM  
 Starr GateCommon Scoter1420 north. Watch 0830-​1100 L.G.B.  
  Eider3 north.    
  Red-​throated Diver17 north.    
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Grey Seal1      
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Kincraig LakeGreat Spotted Woodpecker1 Drumming   
  Tufted Duck1      
 Eagland HillYellowhammer11 NL FS AC  
  Corn Bunting6      
 Lytham HallSiskin9   AA  
  Coal Tit7      
  Song Thrush2      
 BryningCattle Egret1 Bryning Hall LaneSD398299Frank Bird  
 Lytham MossWhooper Swan32 adults 1 juvIn field across lane from radar station John Lees  
 Marton MereBarn Owl  hunting island at 15,50 andy myo  
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseTeal1fNW corner pond TS  
  Water Rail1 dyke west of pond    
  Song Thrush1 singing    
 Blackpool ZooShoveler2mVillage entrance pool TS  
  Teal43mVillage entrance pool    
 Stanley ParkRing-​necked Parakeet2   TS  
 Marton MereWigeon22   TS  
  Gadwall2m, f     
  Tufted Duck2m, f     
  Peregrine1 pylon south of dyke pylon    
  Stock Dove9 barn roof    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 over SE corner    
  Grey Wagtail1foverflow    
  Song Thrush1 singing    
  Water Rail2 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler1 singing    
  Goldfinch11 SE alders    
  Greenfinch42 caravan site trees, pre-​roost, 15.30    
 Marton MereOtter2 1445hrs outside Heron Hide and one West end Ric Holmes & M Jones  
  Goldeneye62 m 4 f/imm     
  Little Grebe1      
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan87 ads + juveClarksons Farm, Moss Lane.  AC  
 Newton MarshGoldcrest1 small copse past entrace pool andy myo  
  Song Thrush4      
  Raven1 over    
 Newton-with-ScalesLittle Owl2 thames street andy myo  
 Warton BankSnow Goose1 blue snow goose with 20 greylags just off point andy myo  
  Hen Harrier1maleshowed well for about 15 minutes    
  Marsh Harrier1      
  Great White Egret1      
 Knott EndGrey Wagtail1     
  Pink-​footed Goose150 fields south of librarySD354481   
  Grey Heron1      
  Reed Bunting2      
 Lytham MossCurlew52   Steve h  
 Knott EndTwite46 Sat behind the Bourne Arms  AC  
10th January
 Pilling LaneCollared Dove19     
 ScronkeyPink-​footed Goose60  SD408468  
 Knott EndReed Bunting4     
 Little SingletonCanada Goose8     
 Pilling MossKestrel2  SD412458  
 Bradshaw Lane HeadWhooper Swan22  SD415455  
 Head Dyke LaneBlack-​tailed Godwit200  SD387470  
  Pink-​footed Goose50 to south    
 Out RawcliffeRedwing12  SD419428  
  Starling500  SD400422   
 Hambleton Moss SideGrey Heron1     
 HambletonLong-​tailed Tit1     
 Shard BridgeLittle Egret2     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1adult     
 Stanley ParkCormorant16 south island roost TS  
 Blackpool ZooWater Rail1 calling, Village entrance pool TS  
  Teal54mVillage entrance pool    
 Marton MereLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Goldeneye1fmaybe more in the mist    
  Coal Tit1 SW feeders    
 Blackpool North ShorePurple Sandpiper1 Go kart centre 9.30 Ash Baines  
 Lytham MossShort-​eared Owl1   andy myo  
  Stonechat2m f     
 Carr House Green CommonGreat White Egret1 in tree east of Woods Lane 08:45 then flew to Woodplumpton Brook, present in area all morning ME  
  Fieldfare13 7 over high west, 6 grounded    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2      
 BisphamBarn Owl1 Hunting over scrub off Hawking Place. 07:30 PB  
  Stonechat1mHawking Place scrub    
  Greenfinch1 Hawking Place scrub    
  Linnet3 Hawking Place scrub    
  Buzzard2 Circling high over college    
 Stanley ParkFieldfare1 west putting green TS  
  Treecreeper1 near the bandstand    
  Sparrowhawk1 over north end of lake    
  Ring-​necked Parakeet3      
  Tufted Duck48+      
 Starr GateSnow Bunting2 on edge of dunes about 100m north of sand works andy myo  
 Knott EndTwite60  Esplanade sallt marsh AC  
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine2     
 Lytham MossShort-​eared Owl1 Hunting next to road heading north of radar station 0750hrs. Ric H  
9th January
 Starr GateShelduck19 Watch 0800-​1130 A.A. L.G.B. S.C.  
  Common Scoter780 north.    
  Red-​throated Diver12      
  Cormorant21 south.    
 Cockerham Moss EdgeCorn Bunting14 On wires Nr Moss Edge Farm AC  
 Cocker's DykeStoat1 Almost all white Kinta Beaver  
 Pilling LaneBarn Owl1 East of Beach Road at 16.10 Kinta Beaver  
 Kincraig LakeWater Rail1     
 Avenham ParkGoosander83m / 5fPenwortham Bridge to Avenham Park during 40min lunch break  Mark Cookson  
  Black-​headed Gullc40      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull       
  Herring Gull       
  Long-​tailed Tit       
 Lytham HallSiskin6 alders round lily pond Frank Bird  
 Wesham MarshYellowhammer1m  andy myo  
 Warton BankHen Harrier2male ringtailmale at 14.45. ringtail south side andy myo  
  Marsh Harrier3+      
  Great White Egret1      
  Water Pipit1      
  Bullfinch2m f     
 Marton MereLittle Owl1 perched in Hawthorn next to the small barn, 15.25-​35+ TS  
  Barn Owl1 out of the island box and hunting the island and east marsh, 15.05-​15    
  Little Grebe1      
  Water Rail1 showed from FBC hide + 4 more calling    
  Cetti's Warbler1 singing    
  Great Black-​backed Gull1adover    
  Goldfinch11 SE alders    
  Coal Tit1 SW feeders    
  Tufted Duck11      
 Fairhaven LakePochard3M  AA  
  Tufted Duck7      
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Grey Heron1      
  Mute Swan6ads     
  Tufted Duck8      
  Teal2m, fNW corner pond    
  Water Rail2 NW corner pond    
 Blackpool ZooGoldcrest1 near Village entrance pool TS  
 Stanley ParkRing-​necked Parakeet1m  TS  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 drumming    
 Sand VillaRuff1 In field behind houses with golden Plover and lapwing. Solitary towards sea wall Dfw  
 Marton MereOtter1 Fishing in front of scrape 15.25 -​ 15.40 MM Volunteers  
  Goldeneye43f/1mf West mere, m Mid mere    
  Long-​tailed Tit8+ Viewing platform    
 Newton-with-ScalesBlack-​tailed Godwitc850 feeding on wet fields south east of village ME  
  Linnetc60 weedy field south west of village    
  Tree Sparrow10      
  Raven1 on pylon calling    
 Lytham MossKingfisher1   Ash Baines  
  Little Egret2      
  Grey Heron1      
 Freckleton Naze PointGreenshank3   Ash Baines  
  Whooper Swan1      
  Little Egret2      
 Freckleton Naze PoolCoal Tit2   Ash Baines  
  Tawny Owl1      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2      
  Golden Ploverc900      
 Fleetwood Marine LakesGoldeneye32ad/m eclipse 1ad/m  MF  
  Tufted Duck54m 1f     
 Newton MarshWigeonc1200   Ash Baines  
 Church ScarKnotc400   Ash Baines  
  Grey Plover2      
  Black-​tailed Godwitc150      
 Fairhaven LakeRedshank12 On lake Ash Baines  
  Grey Heron2      
  Little Egret2      
 MedlarGrey Partridge18 Flushed from edge of marsh. Monty  
  Long-​tailed Tit7 Coming to feeders    
  Teal400+ On ponds and circling over marsh.    
  Gadwall2m + f     
  Fieldfare150+ On top fields, no Redwing?    
 Marton MereBullfinch1femnorth central scrub TS  
  Stonechat2m, fembankment north end    
  Tree Sparrow2 Mere View    
  Pied Wagtail1 barn area    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 over NE field    
  Buzzard2 dyke hawthorns    
  Kestrel2m, fbarn ledge    
  Stock Dove8 barn roof    
  Goldeneye5ad.m, 4f     
 Knott EndPink-​footed Goose400 fields south of library   
  Reed Bunting3      
  Rock Pipit2      
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
 Knott EndTwite52 Ferry slip AC  
 Harris ParkTawny Owl1MaleA male 'hooting' 2/3rds north of the Harris Park, west of the A6, in gardens near the Black Bull Pub Jim Clift  
8th January
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
 StainingCoal Tit1 conifers near Staining Road End TS  
 Blackpool CentralGrey Wagtail1     
 Lytham MossPink-​footed Goose600   Frank Bird  
 Little PoultonPink-​footed Goose1200 between Garstang rd east / Little Poulton lane Frank Bird  
  Little Egret13 north of Garstang rd east    
 WartonKestrel1 Lodge Lane Paul Ellis  
 Pilling LaneBlackcap1femalegarden Beach Road Paul Ellis  
  Tree Sparrow10 garden Beach Road    
  Pink-​footed Goose36 on pasture, 1st field east of Beach RoadSD370493   
 Marton MereBittern1 flew low west over SE planting reeds, and landed to the west of FBC hide, 15.25 TS  
  Little Grebe3 2 west end, 1 SE corner    
  Water Rail1 showed well from FBC hide    
  Stock Dove3      
  Coal Tit1 SW feeders    
  Reed Bunting1mSW feeders    
  Pheasant111munder the feeders    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseTeal2m, fsmall SE pond TS  
  Tufted Duck8      
 Blackpool ZooTeal64mVillage entrance pool TS  
 Stanley ParkLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
  Song Thrush2      
 ChurchtownBlack-​headed Gullc40 quarry site   
  Chaffinch20+ in set-​aside by Wag Wood    
  Tree Sparrow1 in set-​aside by Wag Wood    
  Reed Bunting1 in set-​aside by Wag Wood    
  Buzzard2 over Sharples Lane    
  Stock Dove3 over Sharples Lane    
  Shelduck2 quarry site    
  Common Gull2 flood by Band Wood    
  Rook110 Band Wood    
  Snipe3 Pilling Water    
  Long-​tailed Tit5 in hedge    
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan54 Ads+1 juveOpp White Cottage, Moss Lane  AC  
  Fieldfare27 Roosting     
 St Michael's on WyreGoosander1f  andy myo  
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
 Warton BankWater Pipit1   andy myo gw ac  
  Great White Egret1      
  Marsh Harrier2      
 Freckleton Naze PointBarn Owl1   andy myo  
  Marsh Harrier1 hesketh out marsh    
 Knott EndTwite45 Ferry slip AC  
7th January
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
 Fairhaven LakeLittle Egret8 left roost between 07.59 and 08.10. FW  
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Stanley ParkBlackbird1   New Langdale Volunteers  
  Blue Tit1      
  Canada Goose2      
  Carrion Crow1      
  Great Tit5      
  Herring Gull50      
  Mute Swan25      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
  Tufted Duck32      
 Marton MereGoldeneye4fems  TS  
  Little Grebe1 SE corner    
 Blackpool ZooTeal2mVillage entrance pool TS  
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseWater Rail1callingNW corner pond TS  
  Tufted Duck8      
  Mute Swan4      
 Carr House Green CommonChaffinch15     
 Warton BankGreat White Egret1   AB, SB  
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Starr HillsSnow Bunting2 In gully in dunes half way between tram depot and sand plant then on tidal wrack well down the beach DJM etc al  
  Turnstone17 Feeding on upper beach tidal wrack    
 Stanley ParkGreat Black-​backed Gull22 x 3rd.w.  TS  
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1m     
  Goldfinch30+ behind the boathouse    
6th January
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan4 At least 4 . DS  
  Whooper Swan200+      
 Pilling LaneEgyptian Goose1 On incoming tide with Shelduck . DS  
 BryningCattle Egret1 Bryining hall lane 15.00 . DS  
 Fairhaven LakeGrey Heron2 07.10-​07.25 FW  
  Little Egret4 on mud, very low water    
  Tufted Duck3males     
 Marton MereGoldeneye4   Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
  Water Rail2+      
  Cetti's Warbler2+      
  Little Grebe2      
 BryningCattle Egret1 north east of equestrian centre early pm Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
  Little Egret1      
 Poulton-le-FyldePink-​footed Goose2000 on pasture south of Garstang Rd EastSD368393Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
 Blackpool North ShorePurple Sandpiper1 roosting go kart track Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
  Redshank225 roosting go kart track    
  Turnstone42 roosting go kart track    
  Harbour Porpoise1      
 Knott EndSong Thrush1 Garden Mega AC  
  House Sparrow15      
  Reed Bunting42 M     
 WartonKestrel1   Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
 Warton MarshHen Harrier2ad male, 2cy malepm Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
  Great White Egret2      
  Whooper Swan18      
 Lytham MarshHen Harrier1ad male  Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
  Marsh Harrier1      
 Lytham MossCurlew91  SD343297Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
  Barnacle Goose1 on pastureSD355305   
  Pink-​footed Goose1150 on pastureSD355305   
  Little Egret2      
  Roe Deer3 by main drain    
 BryningCattle Egret1 Bryning Hall Lane, 10.30am Jol  
 Lytham MossShort-​eared Owl1 In and around radar station compound late afternoon M Jones et al  
 St Annes BeachSnow Bunting2 on beach behind New Thursby home Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
 Todderstaffe HallSong Thrush1malesinging Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
 Stanley ParkGadwall98   TS  
  Tufted Duck54+      
  Mute Swan359 1st.w.     
 ChurchtownCoal Tit1msinging by BP garage   
 Myerscough QuarryPochard13 no sign of Scaup   
  Tufted Duck12      
 Marton MereBittern1 flew past NW platform into SW reeds c. 13.00 Ellen Pemberton  
  Stonechat1femaleeast reeds    
  Long-​tailed Tit8      
  Pheasant14 Woodland Watch    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
 Marton MereGoldeneye4fems  TS  
  Tufted Duck18      
  Stock Dove4      
  Pheasant92mSW scrub    
  Water Rail3 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler2 singing    
  Tree Sparrow1 Mere View    
 Eagland HillMerlin1F  AC  
  Yellowhammer3 FS    
  Corn Bunting25 Sat on wires    
 Knott EndTwite60 Feeding along the Esplanade  AC  
5th January
 FortonKingfisher1 flew along Lancaster Canal   
 Ellel GrangeKingfisher1 flew along Lancaster Canal   
 ThorntonGrey Wagtail1 Red Marsh Ind Est Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
 Bryning HallCattle Egret1   RJS  
  Little Egret1      
  Collared Dove32      
  Common Gull238      
  Black-​headed Gull26      
 Lytham QuaysHen Harrier1Ringtail  RJS  
  Great White Egret1      
  Little Egret14      
  Teal146 In creek    
  Reed Bunting8      
 WharlesPink-​footed Goose5000 Landed between Wharles and Roseacre RJS  
 Eagland HillYellowhammer11 In the bushes to the right of the feeding station 15-​20Hrs. Jim Clift & Len Knowles  
 Bradshaw Lane HeadPink-​footed Goose5000+ A rough estimate as the sky was full of skeins of Pinks flying overhead towards the shore 16-​11Hrs from the direction of the Inskip Naval Aerials. Jim Clift & Len Knowles  
 Pilling Lane EndsPink-​footed Goose500 this flock flew onto the saltmarsh, flying over Fluke Hall 14 36Hrs. Jim Clift & Len Knowles  
  Pink-​footed Goose1000+ A second large flock flew over Pilling village and onto the saltmarsh. 14-​45Hrs.    
  Barnacle Goose1 Stood on the mud with a line of Pinks.    
 Jeremy LanePink-​footed Goose100 With Copse shooting today over Wyre, the Geese on the ground were notoriously difficult to find. 11-​15Hrs. Jim Clift & Len Knowles  
 Conder GreenPink-​footed Goose2AdultAt the back of Conder Pool. Jim Clift & Len Knowles  
  Goosander6juv malesOn the bank at the back of Conder Pool.    
 Marton MereGoldeneye1f  TS  
  Tufted Duck17      
  Little Grebe1      
  Mute Swan4ads     
  Peregrine1 pylons    
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Stock Dove4 barn roof    
  Pheasant91mSW feeding area    
  Coal Tit1 SW scrub    
  Long-​tailed Tit14 SE planting    
  Song Thrush2 1 singing    
  Water Rail4 calling    
  Otter1 close in to NW corner reeds, 14.20    
 Starr GateWigeon2 south. Watch 0830-​1030 L.G.B.  
  Common Scoter1000      
  Red-​throated Diver26 south.    
  Great Crested Grebe3 south.    
  Cormorant350 south.    
  Harbour Porpoise1      
 Stanley ParkGreat Black-​backed Gull13rd.w.  TS  
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Common Gull32 ads, 2nd.w.     
 ThurnhamWhooper Swan280 Upper Thurnham view by lay by.Beware of moving traffic  MF  
  Mute Swan6      
  Bewick's Swan12      
 Blackpool ZooWater Rail1 calling, Village entrance pool TS  
  Shoveler1fVillage entrance pool    
  Teal64mVillage entrance pool    
 Blackpool North ShorePurple Sandpiper1 Feeding on wall of the go kart track sea ward side  MF  
 Lytham MossSparrowhawk1 Late Morning  MF  
  Pink-​footed Goose500      
  Barnacle Goose1      
 Kincraig LakeShoveler6     
 Fleetwood PromenadeGrey Wagtail1     
  Fox1 Running along tide pursued by gulls    
 Fleetwood Marine LakesGoldeneye1     
  Tufted Duck2      
 Head Dyke LaneGreat Spotted Woodpecker1  SD390469  
 Pilling Lane EndsBlack-​tailed Godwit300 fieldSD416494  
 Potters BrookLesser Black-​backed Gull1adult    
 Stake PoolLesser Black-​backed Gull1adult    
 Sand VillaMute Swan2     
 Knott EndGrey Wagtail1     
  Little Egret1      
 LythamLong-​tailed Tit5+ ELMS AVE FW  
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan54 Ads & juve1st field down Moss Lane on left AC  
  Black Swan1      
 Marton MereLittle Owl1 16.10 -​ on telegraph pole outside bungalow adjacent to NE farm buildings  NJL  
 Knott EndBlack-​tailed Godwit70 Ferry slip   
 StaynallStock Dove3     
 BryningCattle Egret1 bryning hall lane at 12 00hrs andy myo  
 Warton MarshHen Harrier2M & Ringtail 0830 -​ 1130hrs I Walker / Andy Myo  
  Marsh Harrier2      
  Great White Egret2      
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Marton MerePochard1male  TS  
  Stonechat2m, fsouth end of east marsh     
 Fairhaven LakeKingfisher1 In flight from East island to West Island  AJR  
 Lytham MossBarn Owl1 Hunting in fields next to radar station 0845 SC  
  Pink-​footed Goose300+ North end fields of wild lane    
  Barnacle Goose1 With Pink Footed Goose    
 Knott EndTwite40 Feeding @ Corner of ferry slip AC  
4th January
 Lytham St Annes Nature ReserveSparrowhawk1femalehunting over FW  
 CockersandShort-​eared Owl1 Hunting fields between Abbey & Lighthouse Cottage & salt Marsh towards Crook Farm, c1515 to 1530 AC  
 CockersandShort-​eared Owl1 hunting fields between Cockersands Abbey and Lighthouse Cottage 1355-​1400 L.G.B.  
 Blackpool North ShoreEider1msouth   
  Red-​throated Diver1 south    
 ElswickStarling4000+ 2.30pm Pauline Clark  
 Carr House Green CommonGreat White Egret1 in trees on bank of main drain east of Woods Lane viewed from the common late afternoon ME  
 Lytham QuaysHen Harrier21m/1fMid afternoon -​ Late afternoon MF  
  Marsh Harrier33f     
  Black-​tailed Godwit2 Having a scrap!    
 Marton MereGoldeneye51st.w.m, 4f  TS  
  Tufted Duck9      
  Grey Wagtail1 over SE field    
  Goldcrest1 north central scrub    
  Song Thrush1 NW scrub    
  Fieldfare2+ NE scrub    
  Peregrine1 top of pylon south of dyke pylon    
  Buzzard1 east fields    
  Kestrel2m, fnorth side    
  Stock Dove2      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1adover west    
  Coal Tit1 SW feeders    
  Goldfinch16 SE alders    
  Long-​tailed Tit8 NE corner    
  Cetti's Warbler2 singing    
  Lapwing3 island pool    
 Staining NookPink-​footed Goose500+ field at the end of Broad Oak Lane. Very close so birds very wary but didn't fly TS  
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseSnipe1 NW corner pond TS  
  Water Rail1 calling, NW corner pond    
  Buzzard1 west over the pond    
 Herons' ReachOystercatcher1 on the green at the south end of Heron Way TS  
 Blackpool ZooTeal54mVillage entrance pool TS  
 Stanley ParkCoal Tit1 west of Heron island TS  
  Nuthatch1 west of Heron island    
 Devonshire Rock GardensGreat Spotted Woodpecker1   DJM  
  Magpie60+ Coming in to roost    
 Lytham MossPink-​footed Goose450 north end of wild laneSD353321Frank Bird  
  Barnacle Goose2 with pinks    
 CarletonBlackcap1MaleIn the garden on ivy. P Guy  
 Lytham MossShort-​eared Owl1 With JSc AC  
  Stonechat63 M 3 F     
 MedlarRaven6 waiting on pylon for vacate sheep carcass andy myo  
  Great Black-​backed Gull2      
  Song Thrush1      
  Roe Deer64f 2m     
 StainingPink-​footed Goose500+ field next to west side of Staining Road, south of Newton Hall TS  
 Staining NookTreecreeper1 tree next to path bench just west of Nook NW corner TS  
 Lytham MossCommon Gull50   SC  
 Starr GateCommon Scoter180 Sea watch 0815-​0945 SC  
  Cormorant7 North    
  Great Crested Grebe7 South    
  Eider1 South    
  Red-​throated Diver6 South    
  Turnstone1 South    
 Warton BankHen Harrier1Male  AC  
  Marsh Harrier2      
  Great White Egret1      
  Whooper Swan7      
3rd January
 Lytham QuaysGreat White Egret2   SC,SO.  
  Hen Harrier1      
  Marsh Harrier1      
 Rossall PointTwite30+ Along edge of golf course DA  
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan76ads, 1juv  Barry Dyson  
 Pilling Lane EndsBlack-​tailed Godwitc800 In fields to the west Barry Dyson  
 EsprickKestrel2   MF  
 Fleetwood FarmPink-​footed Goose1000 16.00 MF  
 Marton MereShoveler12   JSc, LGB  
  Wigeon120 flew in from Mythop direction    
  Tufted Duck10      
  Goldeneye4femalewest end    
  Little Grebe1      
  Sparrowhawk2ad m, imm     
  Water Rail4+ calling    
  Lapwing2 scrape    
  Great Black-​backed Gull1adult     
  Long-​tailed Titc10      
  Coal Tit1 with LTT flock by platform    
  Goldcrest1 with LTT flock by platform    
  Cetti's Warbler2 singing    
 Staining NookPink-​footed Goose19 north J Scragg  
  Long-​tailed Tit6      
  Treecreeper1 in trees along bridleway    
  Reed Bunting1      
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
  Grey Wagtail1+      
 Blackpool North ShoreCommon Scoterc200     
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Meadow Pipit1+      
 Marton MereWoodcock1 low south over MW scrub and went down behind SW scrub feeding area, 14.50  TS  
  Tufted Duck10      
  Peregrine1 flew up to the dyke pylon    
  Mistle Thrush1 SE alders    
  Goldfinch17 SE alders    
  Greenfinch8 caravan site trees    
  Chaffinch8+ SW feeders    
  Long-​tailed Tit8+ SE willows    
  Water Rail1 SW corner marsh    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Gadwall14 3 pools    
  Tufted Duck9      
  Mute Swan3ads     
 Blackpool ZooTeal1mVillage entrance pool TS  
 Lytham QuaysHen Harrier1Juv maleTowards windmill AA  
 Starr HillsSnow Bunting2 In dunes AA  
 WestbyBarn Owl1 flew over A583 at 16,45 andy myo  
 Lytham MossShort-​eared Owl1   andy myo  
  Barn Owl2      
 Blackpool North ShorePurple Sandpiper1  Go-​kart track feeding seaward side Frank Bird  
 Warton BankHen Harrier2male ringtailringtail looks like a juv male andy myo  
  Marsh Harrier2      
  Great White Egret1      
 Stanley ParkTeal1 NE golf course dyke TS  
 Stanley ParkTreecreeper2 same tree near stump circle. Later 1 near the cafe TS  
  Greenfinch1meast end of old putting green    
  Song Thrush1 east end of old putting green    
  Mistle Thrush1 near stump circle    
  House Sparrow1 Woodland Grove entrance     
  Stock Dove1 NW of Heron island    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1fnear the cafe    
  Jackdaw1 athletics field    
  Starling3 athletics field    
  Ring-​necked Parakeet4 stump circle area, although 5 seen earlier    
 Salisbury WoodlandStock Dove1 east end TS  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 drumming    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseWater Rail2 NW corner pond TS  
 New Ridge FarmStonechat1Male  AC  
  Pied Wagtail2      
  Meadow Pipit1      
 Knott EndTwite44Feeding at the ferry  AC  
2nd January
 Newton-with-ScalesLittle Owl2 thames street andy myo  
 Lytham MossSparrowhawk1femaleradar station, 10.45am fw  
 FairhavenMagpie40 Pre-​roost gathering Roseberry Ave copse FW  
 Lytham MossShort-​eared Owl1 Mid afternoon FW/FB/MF  
  Barn Owl1 Late afternoon    
 Glasson BasinGoosander14male,13 redheads  Frank Bird  
  Tufted Duck40      
 Out RawcliffeTawny Owl1 St Johns Church Paul Slade/Jol  
 Cocker's DykeMediterranean Gull1ad  Paul Slade/Jol  
 Bradshaw Lane HeadSkylark110   Paul Slade/Jol  
  Reed Bunting4      
  Corn Bunting4      
 Eagland HillCorn Bunting8 New Lane/Woods Lane Paul Slade/Jol  
  Corn Bunting53 Birks Farm    
  Barn Owl1      
 St Annes BeachSnow Bunting2 on beach behind New Thursby home Paul Slade/Jol  
 CockerhamGolden Plover350 Over coast road by Gulf Lane, additional to Braides birds Paul Slade/Jol  
 BraidesGolden Plover350   Paul Slade/Jol  
 Glasson BasinGoosander6redheads  Paul Slade/Jol  
 Warton MarshHen Harrier1male  Paul Slade/Jol  
  Marsh Harrier1      
  Great White Egret1      
  Reed Bunting2      
  Meadow Pipit5+      
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Marton MereOtter1 From viewing platform  MM Volunteers  
  Goldeneye2fWest Mere    
  Tufted Duck7 West Mere     
  Little Grebe2 West Mere     
  Grey Heron5 West Mere     
  Kestrel1 Over    
  Fieldfare3 North paddock    
  Long-​tailed Tit8+ Viewing platform     
 Myerscough QuarryWigeon100+ All wildfowl flushed from No1 to No2 pit by a walker along Nth edge of No1 pit Mark Cookson  
  Tufted Duck       
 CopthorneGreylag Goose60 In field to right of entrance to Woodlands Country Park Mark Cookson  
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Pied Wagtail3 On muck heap at front of bungalow on Woods Lane    
  Buzzard1 In field nth of bungalow on Woods Lane    
 Eagland HillTree Sparrow15+ At feeding station Mark Cookson  
  Yellowhammer1 At feeding station     
  Chaffinch95m + 4fAt feeding station     
  Meadow Pipit3      
  Collared Dove4      
  Starling40 On wires Sth of feeding station    
 Poulton Industrial EstatePink-​footed Goosec1000     
 Bradshaw Lane HeadBuzzard1 Sat on fence post on east side of lane Mark Cookson  
  Linnet25+ Along top of hedges parallel with lane Sth of feeding station     
 Pilling Lane EndsMerlin11 winter female  Mark Cookson  
  Little Egret6      
  Black-​tailed Godwit       
  Pink-​footed Goose       
  Golden Plover Fields Sth of marsh     
  Lapwing Fields Sth of marsh     
  Common Gull8      
 Lytham QuaysMerlin2M&F  AA  
 ThurnhamFieldfare15+   Mark Cookson  
  Whooper Swan200+ N & S of Moss Lane    
  Bewick's Swan6+ N & S of Moss Lane    
  Barn Owl1 Sat on a fench post on Moss Lane approx 11.30am    
  Greylag Goose       
 Marton MerePeregrine1 top of dyke pylon TS  
  Woodcock1 over pumphouse scrub, 14.55    
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Tufted Duck11      
  Water Rail1 NW corner pond    
  Long-​tailed Tit6 pond scrub    
 Glasson BasinScaup11 winter male  Mark Cookson  
  Tufted Duck       
  Pied Wagtail       
  Black-​headed Gull       
 Stanley ParkPochard2malesnorth end of lake TS  
  Little Grebe1      
  Goldcrest2 conifers by west golf course    
  Pied Wagtail5 Model Village car park    
  Mistle Thrush2 west golf course    
 Bodie HillLinnetc30 in trees NE of small layby Mark Cookson  
 Glasson MarshGolden Plover    Mark Cookson  
  Common Gull       
  Mute Swan       
 Conder GreenEgyptian Goose3 feeding on island in front of viewing screen Mark Cookson  
  Common Gull       
  Black-​headed Gull       
  Pied Wagtail       
  Little Egret       
 Myerscough QuarryWigeon500+   Stu milne  
  Tufted Duck15+      
  Canada Goose2      
  Grey Heron3      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Bullfinch42 pairs     
  Kingfisher3 along canal between Moons bridge and Quarry    
  Mute Swan4      
 Avenham ParkGoosander4male, 3 females    
  Grey Heron1      
  Little Egret1      
  Black-​headed Gullc50      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Mistle Thrush1      
 Lytham MossShort-​eared Owl  Showing very well near radar station from early afternoon  Ribble Bird Tours  
 Lytham MarshGreat White Egret2 Viewed from Lytham Quays Ribble Bird Tours  
  Marsh Harrier2      
 Marton MereMarsh Harrier1fem/imm.flew north over the mere and HR golf course, 10.02-​4 TS  
  Buzzard2 perched, east fields    
  Kestrel2m, fbarn    
  Sparrowhawk1fperched, inflow willow    
  Little Owl1 calling, barn. Presumably disturbed by Kestrels    
  Bullfinch1femexcellent view, NE scrub    
  Chiffchaff1 NE scrub    
  Coal Tit1 SW feeders    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 SE poplars    
  Pied Wagtail1 barn field    
  Tufted Duck7      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Common Gull1ad     
  Stock Dove6 barn roof    
1st January
 Fleetwood Marine LakesScaup1   MF  
 HollowforthKestrel1FSightings around the canal area Richard H/Kath D  
  Little Egret2      
  Curlew6 On flooded field    
  Mute Swan4 2 pairs    
  Mistle Thrush2      
  Song Thrush1      
  Teal40 Disturbed by shooters from flood    
  Meadow Pipit1      
  Rook26 Minimum in mixed corvid flock.    
 Little SingletonPink-​footed Goose270 Pool foot laneSD3839Barry Dyson  
  Barn Owl1 Pool foot laneSD3839   
  Kestrel1 Pool foot laneSD3839   
  Tree Sparrow5 Pool foot laneSD3839   
 Harris ParkTawny Owl1Female / immCalling very loudly from outside our window at 21-​34 hours Jim Clift  
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseKingfisher1 flew low over NW corner pond TS  
  Water Rail2 showing together    
  Barn Owl1 hunting the NE area, as far west as east side of crossing path, 16.25-​30    
  Tufted Duck16 2 pools    
 Marton MereBarn Owl1 out of the island box at 16.00, then quartering island, embankment, east marsh and NE field TS  
  Peregrine1 top of dyke pylon    
  Kestrel2m, fbarn ledge    
  Buzzard1 over caravan site. Later NE area    
  Woodcock2 over MW scrub/NW scrub at dusk    
  Stock Dove7 barn roof    
  Pied Wagtail2 flew east from east field    
  Linnet8 west over the embankment    
  Greenfinch11 caravan site trees    
  Water Rail2 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler2 singing    
 Eagland HillCorn Bunting18 On wires AC  
 PillingRaven42 pairBack Sands Lane, displaying together both in the air and on the ground very close together and calling all the time.  AC  
 Starr HillsSnow Bunting2 on beach north of sand plant mid-​am   
 Eagland HillShort-​eared Owl1 hunting rough field close to village at 11:00   
 Wesham MarshYellowhammer2m f  andy myo  
  Reed Bunting20      
  Meadow Pipit3      
  Roe Deer1buck     
 Kincraig LakeTufted Duck1m    
  Grey Heron2      
 Fleetwood Marine LakesTufted Duck2m, f    
 Thornton Marsh FarmShoveler7     
 Lytham QuaysPink-​footed Goosec800 on marsh JSc, AB, SB  
  Whooper Swan15      
  Marsh Harrier1+      
  Hen Harrier1near-​adult malehunting marsh towards Lytham Quays till dusk    
  Merlin1juvhunting meadow pipits, being shadowed by Hen Harrier    
  Little Egretc10      
  Grey Heron3      
  Black-​tailed Godwitc200 on river    
  Snipe4 flushed by raptors    
 Lytham MossKestrel1   JSc, AB, SB  
  Short-​eared Owl1 hunting north end of Wilding's Lane at 15:00    
 Stanley ParkGadwallc80 north lake JSc, AB, SB  
  Shovelerc30 north lake    
  Tufted Duckc20 north lake    
  Great Crested Grebe1 north lake    
  Ring-​necked Parakeet2 woodland north-​west of bridges    
 CockersandEider2m, f  JSc, AB, SB  
  Little Egret3      
  Grey Heron2      
  Black-​tailed Godwitc150      
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan3adultsnorth of Moss Lane JSc, AB, SB  
  Whooper Swanc150 north of Moss Lane    
  Whooper Swan22 south of Moss Lane    
  Fieldfare8 over    
 Glasson MarshWigeonc100   JSc, AB, SB  
  Goosander5male, 4 redheads     
  Golden Ploverc1000 on north bank    
  Black-​tailed Godwit3      
  Bar-​tailed Godwit1      
 Glasson BasinTufted Duckc50   JSc, AB, SB  
  Scaup11st winter maleat south end of basin with other ducks    
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Sparrowhawk1 over    
 Conder GreenEgyptian Goose3 feeding on edge of pool infront of screen JSc, AB, SB  
  Wigeon40 pool    
  Tealc75 estuary    
  Little Grebe3 pool    
 Thurnham HallStock Dove1   JSc, AB, SB  
  Raven1 over calling    
  Nuthatch1 calling    
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
 Pilling MarshWhooper Swan3   JSc, AB, SB  
  Pink-​footed Goosec300      
  Little Egret4      
  Golden Ploverc200      
 Cocker's DykeTeal1   JSc, AB, SB  
  hybrid Shelduck x Ruddy Shelduck1      
  Great Black-​backed Gull2      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull2      
  Common Gullc30      
  Linnetc50 mixed flock with Twite    
  Twitec50 mixed flock with Linnet    
  Rock Pipit1      
  Meadow Pipit3      
 Bradshaw Lane HeadWhooper Swan17   JSc, AB, SB  
 Eagland HillKestrel1   JSc, AB, SB  
  Little Owl2 in village    
  Tree Sparrow30+ New Lane feeding station    
  Brambling22mNew Lane feeding station    
  Chaffinch80+ New Lane feeding station    
  Yellowhammer3+2+m, fNew Lane feeding station    
  Corn Bunting3 on wires in village    
  Reed Bunting2      
 Pilling MossBuzzard1   JSc, AB, SB  
  Red-​legged Partridge2      
  Corn Bunting7 on wires along Union Lane    
 Wardley's CreekShelduck3   JSc, AB, SB  
  Greylag Goose8      
  Pink-​footed Goosec50 on pastureSD360425   
  Little Egret4      
 Blackpool Sixth Form CollegeKestrel1   JSc, AB, SB  
 Blackpool North ShoreCommon Scoterc50   JSc, AB, SB  
  Turnstone20 roosting at high tide    
  Redshank38 roosting at high tide    
  Great Black-​backed Gull4      
  Pied Wagtail1      
 Cocker's Dykehybrid Shelduck x Ruddy Shelduck1   Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
 Marton MereRing-​necked Parakeet1 Woodland Watch 11.00 -​ 11.30 Ellen Pemberton  
  Fieldfare2 NE scrub    
  Coal Tit1 Woodland Watch 14.15 -​ 14.30    
  Otter1 NW platform 14.00    
 Green Dick's LaneLittle Owl1   Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
  Whooper Swan6  plus more heard from nearby fields out of sight    
 Pilling LanePink-​footed Goose350 coastal pastureSD364490Paul Ellis  
  Pink-​footed Goose200 approx. on pasture opposite Beach RoadSD370490   
  Tree Sparrow7 plus Beach Road    
  Buzzard1 Beach Road    
 Lawson Road Recreation GroundCommon Gull22   Ellen Pemberton  
 Herons' Reach Golf CourseWater Rail2 NW corner pond. 1 seen, another heard TS  
  Buzzard1 circling quite low over the pond, calling    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe1adfirst I've seen since late Summer TS  
  Ring-​necked Parakeet3      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 drumming    
 Lower BallamFieldfarec40 Junction Brays Rd / Ballam Rd  Ribble Bird Tours  
 Marton MereBittern1 flew low north over the west side of north central scrub, north of path, then veered off west before reaching the bridle path, 10.20. Strange! TS  
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1femSW feeders    
  Little Grebe1      
  Tree Sparrow2 Mere View    
 Warton MarshPink-​footed Goosec500   Ribble Bird Tours  
 Lytham MarshMerlin  From Lytham Quays Ribble Bird Tours  
  Marsh Harrier  At least 2 from Lytham Quays    
  Hen Harrier  Distant from Lytham Quays. Ringtail/ imm male     
 New Ridge FarmStonechat1Male  AC  
Fylde Bird Club