Sightings for December 2017

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  Location Species Count Age / Sex Notes Grid Ref Source  
16th December
 Little SingletonLittle Grebe1     
  Barnacle Goose1 with Canadas    
  Canada Goose123      
  Greylag Goosec30 inc. regulars PZP and PZS    
 Knott EndTwite32     
 IngolRing-​necked Parakeet2 Just gone over Dunoon close towards uclan sports Ctr possibly same birds as reported often by GG. Stu Milne  
15th December
 Myerscough QuarryPintail1   AJH  
  Kingfisher1 on canal    
 Savick ParkRing-​necked Parakeet2m, fover the park calling then garden feeders gg  
  Sparrowhawk1 daily...    
 Carleton CrematoriumPink-​footed Goose500 Adjacent field to the south KRG  
 Bradshaw Lane HeadLittle Egret1 stalked & swallowed a bank vole, 20yds from us, you could see it moving Down its throat. AC + NMM  
 Stanley ParkPochard3m, 2f  TS  
  Tufted Duck76      
  Mute Swan141 1st.w     
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1femstump circle area    
 Lytham MossTundra Bean Goose1  wild lane north end ,SD349319Frank Bird  
  Pink-​footed Goose5500      
  Barnacle Goose2      
  Greylag Goose1      
 Bank EndMistle Thrush2   AC  
  Pied Wagtail3      
  Meadow Pipit2      
 CockersandStonechat1Mnear lighthouse Cottage AC  
  Greenfinch31 Mlighthouse cottage garden    
 Pilling MossPink-​footed Goose800     
 Bradshaw Lane HeadLittle Egret1 to north   
 Black Lane HeadBlack-​headed Gull100     
  Common Gull3      
 Eagland HillTundra Bean Goose1adult SD453453Chris Batty  
  Pink-​footed Goose3000  SD453453   
  Greylag Goose4  SD453453   
  Tree Sparrow10  SD450455   
  Yellowhammer1  SD450455   
  Reed Bunting1  SD450455   
  Little Egret1  SD453451   
  Great Black-​backed Gull3ad,2nd-​win, 1st-​winflew north    
  Pied Wagtail3  SD450455   
 CopthorneGreylag Goose625  SD453444  
  Bar-​headed Goose1  SD451445   
  Pink-​footed Goose40  SD453444   
  Tree Sparrow2  SD453444   
  Fieldfare1  SD453444   
 Rawcliffe MossPink-​footed Goose2800 north of Curlew Farm   
  Starling1000 south of Trashy Hill    
 Out RawcliffeLapwing25     
  Herring Gull8      
 Cartford BridgeKestrel1     
 Windy HarbourLapwing45  SD394395  
 Poolfoot LaneSong Thrush1     
 Little SingletonStock Dove5     
  Song Thrush3      
  Canada Goose148  SD378399   
  Greylag Goose5  SD378399   
  Shoveler32 males and female SD379398   
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull3      
  Herring Gull1      
  Common Gull1      
 Shard BridgeGrey Heron1     
  Golden Plover20      
  Mediterranean Gull1adult     
  Black-​headed Gull120      
  Common Gull10      
 Knott EndTwite33   AC  
 ThorntonGrey Wagtail1 Red Marsh Ind Est Paul Slade  
14th December
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine2     
 Lytham MossGreenland White-​fronted Goose1ad wild lane north end , F Bird.M Jones  
  Barnacle Goose2      
  Pink-​footed Goose5500 neck collared pinks VVJ,VDD,VXU    
  Greylag Goose1      
 Savick ParkRing-​necked Parakeet2m, fgarden feeders gg  
 Todderstaffe HallLapwingc100 in the air over railway line   
 Lea GateBuzzard2 circling low over heronry   
 Knott EndTwite21 ferry slip, Extremely mobile AC  
 Knott EndSparrowhawk1     
  Scandinavian Herring Gull1adult     
  Bar-​tailed Godwit250      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1      
13th December
 Marton MereFieldfare10+ In apple tree NE scrub Marton Mere Volunteers  
  Goldcrest1 NE scrub    
  Song Thrush1 Path by containers    
  Goldfinch4 NW scrub    
  Wren1 Viewing platform     
 Hambleton FisheriesJay1 heading towards the river AC  
 Lytham MossGreenland White-​fronted Goose1adwild lane north end  Frank Bird  
  Pink-​footed Goose3500 radio tagged collar 48 (leg ring 58,) neck collar VXU    
  Greylag Goose1      
 Cocker's DykeShelduck289     
  Common Gull100      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1      
 Knott EndSparrowhawk1     
  Long-​tailed Tit6      
  Rock Pipit1      
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Little Egret1      
 Stanley ParkPochard62m, 3f, hybrid  TS  
  Tufted Duck55      
  Mute Swan204 1st.w     
  Mistle Thrush2 athletics field    
  Ring-​necked Parakeet32m, fperched next to the east bridge    
 Knott EndTwite30 ferry slip AM AC  
 NorbreckStonechat1F/immOn cliffs near the whale DJM  
12th December
 Pilling LaneGolden Plover10     
 Marton MereBittern2 Flew from E of container hide to central N reeds c11.50 a couple of minutes apart DJM  
  Raven2 W together    
  Cetti's Warbler3 Siinging along S bank    
  Water Rail1      
  Redshank3 Resting on ice then flew S    
  Oystercatcher1 NW    
  Fox1 On ice at E end 11.45     
  Fieldfare9 Tall poplars near NE corner     
  Song Thrush1 !st I've seen here for some time    
 NatebyWoodcock1 Flushed from wild bird seed crop Gavin Thomas  
  Linnet250 Wild bird seed crop    
  Chaffinch250 Wild bird seed crop    
  Skylark3 Wild bird seed crop    
  Yellowhammer1 Wild bird seed crop    
  Reed Bunting10 Wild bird seed crop    
  Song Thrush6 Wild bird seed crop    
  Redwing9 Wild bird seed crop    
  Fieldfare1 Wild bird seed crop    
  Blackbird5 Wild bird seed crop    
  Tree Sparrow2      
 Marton MereIceland Gull1adon the ice, 14.50 MJ/BD/TS TS  
  Golden Plover10+ 2nd east field    
  Lapwing25+ 2nd east field    
  Black-​tailed Godwit1 over south, 15.15    
  Redshank1 heard low over the mere    
  Snipe3 circling over    
  Great Black-​backed Gull2ads     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull3ads     
  Teal400+ on the ice    
  Water Rail2 calling    
  Buzzard2 east fields    
  Stock Dove1      
  Goldcrest1 NE scrub    
  Reed Bunting1m     
  Greenfinch40+ caravan site trees    
  Fox1 SE corner    
 Stanley ParkRing-​necked Parakeet3 treetops next to the clock TS  
  Nuthatch1 west bridge area    
  Pochard2m, f     
  Gadwall2m, f     
  Tufted Duck55      
  Mute Swan15 ads    
 Fleetwood DocksBlack-​tailed Godwitc150 feeding mudflats jubilee quay B Wood  
 Fleetwood Marine LakesGoldeneye4 2m,2juv B Wood  
  Grey Plover1 on beach    
 Carr House Green CommonKingfisher1   ME  
  Meadow Pipit14      
  Reed Bunting4      
 Lytham MossPink-​footed Goose3000 one orange leg pinky wild lane north end  Frank Bird  
  Whooper Swan18      
  Tree Sparrow56  SD348317   
  Stock Dove10      
 SingletonPink-​footed Goose163 Over Barry Dyson  
  Golden Plover108      
  Song Thrush5      
  Roe Deer2      
 NatebyGreenland White-​fronted Goose1juv SD452449J Scragg  
  Pink-​footed Goose8000 on stubble and grass fields either side of Woods Lane    
 Conder GreenCommon Sandpiper1 estuary J Scragg  
 Glasson MarshGoosander1female  J Scragg  
  Black-​tailed Godwit2      
  Little Egret2      
 Glasson BasinTufted Duck33   J Scragg  
  Mute Swan10      
  Pied Wagtail1      
 Jeremy LaneFieldfare2   J Scragg  
  Golden Plover45      
 CockersandWhooper Swan220   J Scragg  
 BraidesGolden Plover400   J Scragg  
 Sand VillaBarnacle Goose8+  SD431505J Scragg  
  Pink-​footed Goose4000 in grass field by sea wall east of Sand VillaSD431505   
  Whooper Swan2adults     
  Mute Swan84 adults     
 PillingPink-​footed Goose210 Backsands Lane J Scragg  
  Golden Plover20adultBacksands Lane    
  Little Egret1 Backsands Lane    
  Snipe1 Backsands Lane    
  Lapwing200 Backsands Lane    
 Pilling MarshPeregrine1female  J Scragg  
  Whooper Swan1adult     
  Pink-​footed Goose100      
  Little Egret3      
 Fluke Hall LaneStock Dove1   J Scragg  
  Meadow Pipit6      
  Red-​legged Partridge1      
  Black-​tailed Godwit2      
 Fluke HallSkylark40 stubble field J Scragg  
  Stock Dove1      
  Little Egret1      
  Jay1 woods    
  Whooper Swan55 distantly off Duck StreetSD387491   
 Shard BridgeGreenshank1   J Scragg  
  Golden Plover466      
  Little Egret1      
  Grey Heron2      
  Great Black-​backed Gull3      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull6      
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
  Rock Pipit1      
 Cuddy HillBuzzard1     
 Myerscough QuarryReed Bunting1     
  Little Egret1      
  Canada Goose28      
  Common Sandpiper1      
  Little Grebe1      
  Tufted Duck12      
  Grey Heron1      
  Greylag Goose8      
  Roe Deer1      
11th December
 Bodie HillLinnet93 sat on trees nr set aside seeds field. AC  
 ThistletonBarn Owl1 north of Thistleton LodgeSD400377  
 PeelCorn Bunting44  SD360319Frank Bird  
 Lytham MossPink-​footed Goose1800 wild lane north end neck collared pink V B F Frank Bird  
  Black-​tailed Godwit16      
  Whooper Swan10 wild lane north end     
  Grey Partridge4 north end    
  Tree Sparrow45 hedges and stubble north end    
  Reed Bunting20+ hedges and stubbel north end    
 Marton MereBittern2   M Jones  
 MartonGrey Wagtail1 church roof, Wordsworth Avenue  TS  
 Marton MereBittern1 low over the mere to reeds near FBC hide, 16.10 TS  
  Golden Plover12 circled over east field and flew SE. Probably 25+ flew south over far east fields a minute earlier     
  Lapwing3 circled over the east end    
  Bullfinch1femNE scrub    
  Greenfinch20 caravan site trees    
  Woodcock1+ 1 low over north side, 16.30 & 16.35    
  Fieldfare6 NE scrub    
  Blackbird27 SW scrub    
  Buzzard1 east fields    
  Kestrel2m, f     
  Stock Dove1      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Tufted Duck23      
 Bank EndTwite2   AC  
  Mistle Thrush3      
  Pied Wagtail2      
  Meadow Pipit2      
 Stanley ParkScaup31st.w  TS  
  Pochard3m, f, hybrid     
  Tufted Duck72      
 Fairhaven LakeLittle Egret5 Seaward side wooded isle 16.20 no change at 16.35 FW  
  Pink-​footed Goose4000 over south 16.30 landed Salters Bank    
 CarletonGolden Plover29 field by Amounderness Way J Scragg  
  Lapwing215 field by Amounderness Way    
  Little Egret1      
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Marton MereIceland Gull1adultbathed 11:23-​11:33 then west J Scragg  
  Bittern2 both flew to reeds by Heron Hide at 10:30. 1 flew to west end at 11:00    
  Redshank20 flocks of 8+2+7+3 flew through then north, some landing on ice for a short time    
  Oystercatcher1 over    
  Little Grebe2      
10th December
 Pilling LaneTree Sparrow5 plus, on feeders Beach Road Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
 Head Dyke LaneKestrel1   Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Stake PoolKestrel1   Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Dam SideKestrel1   Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Pilling Lane EndsPeregrine1fon fence Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Knott EndPeregrine2 sitting on Bernard Wharf Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
  Twite28 by jetty then flew to Fleetwood Marsh    
  Rock Pipit1 by jetty    
 ScronkeyWhooper Swan120  SD404466Paul Ellis  
  Golden Plover2 on field    
  Little Egret2      
  Snipe1 over    
  Song Thrush1      
 Bradshaw Lane HeadKestrel1   Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Eagland HillTundra Bean Goose1 on stubble with pinkfeet west of Woods LaneSD450450Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
  Greenland White-​fronted Goose1juvon stubble with pinkfeet west of Woods LaneSD450450   
  Pink-​footed Goose8000 on stubble west of Woods Lane ( 1500 at SD433 441 before moving to Woods Lane) inc. 2 orange legged birds.SD450450   
  Grey Wagtail1 Woods Lane    
  Buzzard3 one Woods Lane, two near village    
  Goldcrest1 Woods Lane    
  Kestrel1 New Lane    
  Yellowhammer2 one New Lane with Tree sparrows, one villageSD432451   
  Tree Sparrow80 Stubble off New LaneSD432451   
  Chaffinch40 Stubble off New LaneSD432451   
  Little Owl1 village    
  Song Thrush1 village    
 Fairhaven BeachOystercatcher276 Due to the time and tide the vast majority didnt roost on Fairhaven Beach and at 1600hrs moved East down river to roost IW WeBS  
  Grey Plover5      
  Grey Heron1      
  Little Egret2      
 Fairhaven LakeMoorhen9   IW WeBS  
  Tufted Duck18      
  Mute Swan24      
  Little Egret7 Roosted at 1620hrs    
  Grey Wagtail1      
 BlackpoolHouse Sparrow30 Whitegate Drive end of Forest Gate in garden    
 Stanley ParkScaup5     
  Pochard5 also hybrid aythya    
  Tufted Duck71      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Mute Swan13      
  Grey Heron1      
  Canada Goose1      
  Greylag Goose1      
  hybrid Atlantic Canada Goose x Greylag Goose3      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
 Church ScarBar-​tailed Godwit300   Ric Holmes WeBS  
  Grey Heron1      
 Lytham JettyCurlew4   Ric Holmes WeBS  
  Bar-​tailed Godwit940      
 Lytham QuaysMallard24   Ric Holmes WeBS  
  Mute Swan4      
  Black-​tailed Godwit36      
  Grey Heron2      
  Canada Goose18      
 Marton MerePintail1male  Ellen Pemberton  
  Snipe1 flew east c 11.45    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1maleat feeding station    
 Bradshaw Lane HeadGrey Wagtail1   AC  
 Knott EndTwite3     
  Greylag Goose135 flew southwest    
 Marton MereIceland Gull1ad10.40 Frank Bird  
9th December
 ThorntonSparrowhawk1male  Paul Slade  
 InskipRaven1 calling over village Paul Slade  
 Stanley ParkLesser Redpoll1 over, presumably this species   
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1      
 Savick ParkBullfinch104m, 6f6 females today, with 8 males on Thursday makes 14 in total for the week gg  
 WharlesLapwing65 to southwestSD429349  
 Knott EndLong-​tailed Tit1     
  Pied Wagtail2      
 ThistletonPink-​footed Goose700 to northSD401393  
 EsprickGrey Wagtail1  SD407365  
 Little SingletonLesser Black-​backed Gull6     
  Herring Gull5      
 Marton MereBittern1 flew from NW area to reeds west of FBC hide, 13.55 TS  
  Treecreeper1 nearest tree to NW hide    
  Goldcrest1 near NW hide    
  Dunnock8 under SW feeders    
  Chaffinch10+ SW feeders    
  Blackbird30 SW scrub fallen apples    
  Song Thrush1 singing    
  Stock Dove4      
  Snipe1 up from Kipling field    
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Water Rail3 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler1 singing    
 Stanley ParkScaup51st.w3 SW area, 2 north end TS  
  Pochard52m, 2f, hybrid     
  Tufted Duck71      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Mute Swan121 1st.w     
  Common Gull4      
 Fairhaven LakeLittle Grebe1   Paul Ellis  
  Tufted Duck15      
 Pilling LaneTree Sparrow7 Beach Road, Garden feeders Paul Ellis  
  Pink-​footed Goose1520 On pasture by sea wallSD366491   
  Goldfinch17 Beach Road, Garden feeders    
 Wesham MarshStonechat2m f  andy myo  
  Tree Sparrow40+ track down to marsh    
 Poulton-le-FyldeNuthatch1 Moorland Rd Jol  
  Kestrel1 Fields off Little Poulton Lane     
  Buzzard1 Fields off Little Poulton Lane     
  Kingfisher1 Skippool creek    
  Little Egret1 Skippool creek    
  Sparrowhawk1 Fields side of Poulton golf course     
 MartonGoldcrest1 Rosefinch Way garden / feeders -​ 1st ever NJL  
  Reed Bunting6+m/fRosefinch Way garden / feeders     
  Wren1 Rosefinch Way garden / feeders     
  Blackbird2m/fRosefinch Way garden / feeders     
  Dunnock1 Rosefinch Way garden / feeders     
  Blue Tit3 Rosefinch Way garden / feeders     
  Great Tit2 Rosefinch Way garden / feeders     
  Goldfinch2 Rosefinch Way garden / feeders     
  Long-​tailed Tit6+ Rosefinch Way garden / feeders     
  Sparrowhawk1 Overhead    
 Marton MereBittern1 flew from the east end to the west end over the north side of the mere, 10.20 TS  
 Knott EndTwite30 corner of ferry slip  AC  
 MartonIceland Gull1adsita ashworth rd Frank Bird  
 PeelPeregrine2ad m, juv fem  Frank Bird  
  Pink-​footed Goose1500  SD353321   
  Corn Bunting30  Sd360321   
 Avenham ParkGoosander73M 4F  Richard H  
  Goldcrest5 Firecrest still just outside FBC area at Walton Sewage Works, Vinery Lane    
  Mistle Thrush2      
8th December
 Savick ParkRing-​necked Parakeet2 garden feeders gg  
  Bullfinch96m, 3f     
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2m, f     
  Coal Tit2      
  Long-​tailed Tit7      
  Blackbird42m, f, 1st yr     
  Collared Dove3      
  Chaffinch3m, 2f     
  Blue Tit2      
  Great Tit2      
 Knott EndSparrowhawk1     
 Fleetwood Marine LakesPurple Sandpiper2 Roosting in lee of island at 2pm with turnstones Glen Jackson  
 WartonSparrowhawk1 over Lytham Road Paul Ellis  
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
 Stanley ParkScaup51st.w  TS  
  Pochard4m, 2f, hybrid     
  Tufted Duck79+      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Cormorant24 at 10.30    
  Grey Heron1      
  Mute Swan13ads     
  Great Black-​backed Gull11st.w     
  Nuthatch1 behind boathouse    
 Knott EndTwite14 ferry slip AC  
  Pied Wagtail2      
 Marton MereBullfinch2fBee orchid circle area DJM  
  Redwing2+ Heard only    
  Long-​tailed Tit5      
  Water Rail2 One in North scrub near big sycamores (unusual!) other NE corner Phalaris area    
7th December
 WartonKestrel1 Lytham Road / Lodge Lane Paul Ellis  
  Skylark3 east over Lodge Lane    
 Todderstaffe HallSparrowhawk1   Paul Ellis  
 Knott EndHerring Gull33     
  Bar-​tailed Godwit300      
  Grey Plover117      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1      
  Common Gull25      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1      
  Black-​headed Gull47      
  Little Egret1      
 Cocker's DykeLinnet3     
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
 Marton MereWigeon105+   TS  
 Stanley ParkScaup51st.w  TS  
  Pochard63m, 2f, hybrid     
  Tufted Duck53      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1femperched next to east bridge    
 Rossall PointKittiwakec20 W DJM et al  
  Purple Sandpiper5 Roosting more or less together on beach with small number of Sanderlings and Turnstones at high tide    
 Fylde FarmMerlin1maleperched on fence post nr main entrance a.leeming  
 Savick ParkBullfinch128m, 4fphoto on FBC flickr site, highest count recently gg  
 Knott EndTwite30 ferry slip  AC  
6th December
 WartonKestrel1 Carr Lane Paul Ellis  
 Lower BallamStonechat2m.f SD367316Frank Bird  
 FreckletonLittle Owl2  SD433303Frank Bird  
 MartonOtter2 Both roadkill unfortunately, one on chain Lane the second on mythop Road near entrance to Marton mere caravan site    
 Warbreck HillPeregrine1 1st time I've seen it here for while DJM  
 Pilling LanePeregrine1male    
 Marton MereScaup31st.w  TS  
  Tufted Duck30      
  Greylag Goose100+      
  Great Black-​backed Gull5ads     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Common Gull60+      
  Coal Tit1 SW feeders    
 Stanley ParkGoldeneye1f  TS  
  Pochard52m, 2f, hybrid     
  Tufted Duck24      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Mute Swan141 1st.w     
  Blackcap0 Mass destruction on a level not seen since 1973 (which got rid of the Bullfinches) in the wood around the lake. They've already razed the south end, not a bramble or any undergrowth left. When I was there they'd started on the area west of Heron island.    
 Knott EndTwite33 feeding by the ferry slip  AC  
 Marton MereBittern2 1200hrs both flew from N reed, circled over E reed then split, one to NE reed & one to SE reed by FBC Ric H & N Laing  
 Knott EndWoodpigeon500     
  Long-​tailed Tit6      
  Coal Tit1      
5th December
 Marton MereWhooper Swan92 ads + 7 1st.won the mere 14.50-​15.10, then flew east flushed by resident Mute's TS  
  Mute Swan53 1st.w     
  Tufted Duck1      
  Snipe23 circling over the west end    
  Great Black-​backed Gull3ads     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Buzzard2 east fields    
  Stock Dove10 barn roof    
  Greenfinch25 caravan site trees    
 Stanley ParkScaup5   TS  
  Pochard2f, hybrid      
  Tufted Duck64      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Mute Swan151 1st.w     
  Ring-​necked Parakeet3 2 males perched north of Heron island, another flew back to stump circle area     
  Nuthatch2 stump circles/north of Heron island     
 Marton MereWoodcock4 Flushed in north scrub, no Long-​eared Owls found in extensive search Marton Mere Volunteers  
  Bullfinch1 north scrub    
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Song Thrush2      
  Long-​tailed Tit7      
 Pilling LanePied Wagtail1     
 Lower BallamLittle Grebe3 main drainSD370312Frank Bird  
 Marton MereBittern1 Flew along S reeds to W reeds at 10.15 DJM  
  Linnet7 Flew west over west end    
  Cetti's Warbler4 Singing    
  Water Rail3      
  Meadow Pipit2 Lawson's wetland    
  Kestrel1 Lawson's field    
 Knott EndLittle Egret2     
  Pintail2 flew west    
  Wigeon55 flew past    
  Greenfinch2male and female     
 Knott EndTwite45 Ferry slip and seawall up river AC  
 Warbreck HillWoodcock1 Regency Gardens -​ Flushed from field below water tower at 07.15 DJM  
4th December
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1 St. John's church TS  
 Starr GateShelduck4 north.Watch 0900-​1100 L.G.B.  
  Eider6 south.    
  Common Scoter445      
  Red-​breasted Merganser2m&fsouth.    
  Great Crested Grebe12      
  Red-​throated Diver11      
  Cormorant17 together north 1015    
 Marton MereSiskin1fSE alders TS  
  Goldcrest1 NE scrub    
  Buzzard1 over east field    
  Tufted Duck2      
  Great Black-​backed Gull13rd.w     
  Water Rail3 calling    
  Snipe1 up from SW field    
  Greylag Goose90      
  Barnacle Goose1 with the Greylags    
 Stanley ParkScaup51st.w  TS  
  Pochard74m, 2f, hybrid     
  Tufted Duck57      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Mute Swan131 1st.w     
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1 stump circle area    
  Long-​tailed Tit6 stump circle area    
  Sparrowhawk1fover the cricket ground    
  Mistle Thrush3 main drive    
 Cockerham MarshBarnacle Goose13   JR & VF  
 Knott EndSparrowhawk1     
  Little Egret1      
 Fleetwood Marsh Nature ReservePochard1m  J Scragg  
  Tufted Duck138m     
  Little Grebe1      
  Great Black-​backed Gull24      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull2      
 Marton MereBittern1 west reeds Frank Bird  
  Bullfinch3male,2 femtogether north central scrub    
 Knott EndTwite31 ferry slip AC  
3rd December
 Cocker's DykeRock Pipit1   Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
 Pilling LaneChiffchaff1 garden by sea wall (a green one) Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
  Tree Sparrow3 garden feeder Beach Road    
 ElswickStarling200+ Roost in the village in high hedge Pauline Clark  
 Savick ParkBullfinch73m, 4f  gg  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Chaffinch42m, 2f     
  Long-​tailed Tit6+      
  Coal Tit3      
  Blue Tit2      
  Great Tit2      
  Collared Dove3      
 Great EcclestonKestrel1 Along the river Jol  
  Skylark3 Over    
  Mistle Thrush1 Along the river    
  Kingfisher1 Along the river    
  Lapwing2 In flooded field by the river    
  Grey Wagtail1 Over     
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 Over     
 Rossall PointSanderling400   Howard  
  Ringed Plover11 On same stretch of beach 11.30    
 Marton MereCormorant6   TS  
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Common Gull4ads     
  Water Rail6 1 viewed from FBC hide + 5 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler3 singing    
  Stock Dove10 barn roof    
  Goldfinch20+ SE area    
 Stanley ParkScaup51st.wnorth end TS  
  Pochard2m + hybrid     
  Tufted Duck55      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Cormorant13 at 14.00    
  Mute Swan151 1st.w     
 Pilling MarshBarnacle Goose2 With Pinkfeet late afternoon   
 Lytham St Annes Nature ReserveGoldcrest1     
 Ridge FarmStock Dove3     
 Cocker's DykeMallard70     
  Little Egret1      
 Pilling LaneRock Pipit2     
  Little Egret2      
  Kestrel1  SD369493   
  Pink-​footed Goose35  SD365490   
 Knott EndGrey Wagtail1     
  Pied Wagtail1      
 Wesham MarshStonechat2m f  andy myo  
 Warton BankWhooper Swan50+   andy myo gw mj  
  Great White Egret1      
  Marsh Harrier3 southport side    
 Marton MerePintail1male  Ellen Pemberton  
  Greylag Goose80+      
  Water Rail1      
  Bullfinch1femalein scrub on north side, c. 100 yards west of Heron Hide    
 The HeadsFieldfare11   AC  
  Reed Bunting11      
  Tree Sparrow5      
  unidentified Water Pipit or Rock Pipit3      
 Marton MereBittern1 flew low east over island south reeds, 10.00 TS  
2nd December
 Rossall PointGreenfinch2 on shrubs golfcourse edge B Wood  
  Stonechat2m,f.on shrubs next to tower    
  Goldeneye63m,3fon model yacht lake    
 Thornton ICI ReservoirGoldeneye1M  Jol  
  Little Grebe1      
 BisphamGoldcrest1   Chris Raby  
 Mains HallMoorhen4     
 WharlesBuzzard1 to southeast   
  Herring Gull1 to southeast    
 Blackpool South ShoreHerring Gull80     
 HambletonPied Wagtail1     
 Windy HarbourLittle Egret1  SD395397  
  Buzzard1  SD393397   
 ThistletonBarn Owl1  SD401373  
 Stanley ParkRing-​necked Parakeet3 Together, stump circles area. 16.10 GA  
 Pilling LaneTree Sparrow4 garden feeders Beach Road Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
  Long-​tailed Tit6 garden feeders Beach Road    
  Coal Tit1 garden feeders Beach Road    
 Mythop GrangeWhooper Swan92ad, 7immOn flood north of road   
 Clifton MarshCommon Sandpiper2 Ribble near Savick Brook SD  
  Barnacle Goose1 colour ringed presumed escape with Canadas    
  Grey Plover1      
  Mallard117 Bullnose to Clifton landfill    
  hybrid Atlantic Canada Goose x Greylag Goose2 with Canadas    
  Pink-​footed Goose3 with Canadas    
  Shelduck32 Bullnose to Clifton landfill    
  Dunlinc50 Clifton Marsh    
  Wigeon85 Bullnose to Clifton landfill    
  Redshank46 Bullnose to Clifton landfill    
 Ashton-on-RibbleTeal36 Ribble west of Fishergate bridge   
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Marton MereScaup11st.w  TS  
  Tufted Duck7      
  Stonechat1fSE corner of east marsh    
  Goldcrest2 near NW platform    
  Long-​tailed Tit7 near NW platform    
  Cetti's Warbler1 singing    
  Water Rail1 calling, SW corner ditch, SW field    
  Stock Dove4      
 Salisbury WoodlandNuthatch1   TS  
 Stanley ParkScaup21st.w  TS  
  Pochard2m, f     
  Tufted Duck49      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Mute Swan13ads     
  Cormorant10 at 13.30    
  Sparrowhawk1mclock area    
 Warton MarshWhooper Swan36 0900 -​ 1100hrs Ian Walker  
  Greylag Goose21      
  Mallard220 On Wildfowl pools at Wrea Brook    
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Reed Bunting2      
  Curlew110 On flooded fields other side on bank    
  Goldcrest1 With mobile tit flock    
  Marsh Harrier3 1530 -​ 1630hrs Roosted    
  Great White Egret1      
  Water Rail2 Vocal at dusk    
 Carr House Green CommonGoldcrest2  SD470375  
 InskipMediterranean Gull1ad winterfloodsSD4737  
  Dunlin1 floodsSD4737   
  Redshank11 floodsSD4737   
  Curlew13 floodsSD4737   
  Oystercatcher1 floodsSD4737   
  Snipe1 floodsSD4737   
  Shelduck9 floodsSD4737   
  Pink-​footed Goose135 flew north    
  Pied Wagtail1 floodsSD4737   
  Meadow Pipit10 floodsSD4637   
  Long-​tailed Tit12+ woodSD469383   
 CockersandTwite19   AC  
 Herons' ReachJack Snipe1 Northernmost pond DJM  
  Snipe2 Northernmost pond    
 MythopTeal40 main dyke J Scragg  
  Pied Wagtail3 dyke flood    
 Mythop GrangeTeal400+ 400 in view + many hidden in rushes J Scragg  
  Grey Heron1      
  Red-​legged Partridge11 in ploughed field    
 Church ScarTurnstone138   Richard Holmes  
 Fairhaven BeachKnot3200   Richard Holmes  
  Bar-​tailed Godwit680      
  Grey Heron6      
1st December
 Myerscough QuarryPintail1   AJH  
 Myerscough QuarryKingfisher1 Canal AJH  
  Raven1 on pylon    
  Tufted Duck       
  Reed Bunting21m 1f     
  Bullfinch21m 1f     
 ElswickSong Thrush1   Pauline Clark  
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Sparrowhawk1FemaleDaily visitor to garden    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1Male     
 Warton MarshMarsh Harrier2 1530 -​ 1615 Watch -​ Came into roost on Fylde side Ian Walker  
  Great White Egret1      
  Whooper Swan67      
 Marton MereBullfinch1 heard, NE scrub TS  
  Linnet50+ over Lawson marsh, pre-​roost    
  Chaffinch15+ SW feeders    
  Fieldfare6 5 NE scrub    
  Long-​tailed Tit12+ SW corner    
  Goldcrest1 NE scrub    
  Stock Dove4      
  Magpie50+ 39 east field    
  Lapwing4 over east    
  Cetti's Warbler1 singing    
  Water Rail3 calling    
  Tufted Duck8      
 Stanley ParkScaup5   TS  
  Tufted Duck54      
  Mute Swan14ads     
  Mistle Thrush1      
 Preesall FlashesLittle Grebe32 ads + 1st won number 2 water AC  
  Wigeon2 not usual here    
 WrampoolStonechat1M  AC  
  Golden Plover500      
 Eagland HillStarling11000 in 3 seperate flocks AC  
 CarletonJack Snipe1   J Scragg  
 Warton MarshGreat White Egret3 3 together at 8.30 . DS  
  Whooper Swan56      
  Little Egret14      
 Poulton-le-FyldeCoal Tit1 Back garden Jol  
  Long-​tailed Tit4 Back garden    
  Mistle Thrush1 Poulton Swimming baths    
  Grey Wagtail1 Poulton Swimming baths    
 Pilling LanePink-​footed Goose100  SD366490  
  Pied Wagtail1      
 Newton MarshWigeonc300 7.40-​8.00 SA  
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
  Mediterranean Gull1adult     
  Ringed Plover27 Preesall Sands    
  Curlew375 Preesall Sands    
  Wigeon9 flew east    
Fylde Bird Club