Sightings for March 2017

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  Location Species Count Age / Sex Notes Grid Ref Source  
23rd March
 MowbreckYellowhammer52m 3ffield between mowbreck ln and new building site been here all winter andy myo  
 GalgateChiffchaff1 singing   
 Squires GateWheatear3mold pontings site andy myo mj fw jd  
 Fairhaven LakePochard1m  andy myo mj fw jd  
 Fairhaven LakePochard1m  andy myo mj fw jd  
 Knott EndCoal Tit8 flew east   
  Meadow Pipit500+ flew east    
  Pied Wagtail5+ flew east    
  Canada Goose2 flew east    
  Little Egret1      
 Poulton-le-FyldeLittle Egret5 In field opposite Garstang road cemetery Barry Dyson  
 CockersandSwallow2 heading north by Lighthouse cottage @1325 AC  
  Whooper Swan261 MossLane, Slack Lane    
  Shoveler42 pairon flooded field    
 Fluke HallGoldcrest3+ loads more AC  
  Pied Wagtail11      
 Preesall FlashesGoldcrest4+ countless more, they were everywhere  AC  
  Great Crested Grebe2pair     
  Canada Goose2pair     
  Greylag Goose2pair     
 Fairhaven BeachShort-​eared Owl1 Seen at 12.00 hunting over the saltmarsh before it departed high in the direction of St Annes. SA  
 ThorntonSparrowhawk2M,FIn garden together 11.30 a.m. Howard  
 Parrox HallBuzzard1     
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwitc500 7.30-​50am SA  
 Pilling LaneMistle Thrush1     
 Cocker's DykeMeadow Pipit7 in field and on fence Peter R  
  Golden Plover200 Wonderful group flying display before settling on the beach    
 Warbreck HillSong Thrush1mSinging from trees adjacent govt offices car park SD319384 Not heard one from here for several years DJM  
 Starr GateBlackbird1mCollecting worms from grassed area at rear of seawall/prom for nestlings in bushes near Harrow Place tram stop DJM  
 Rossall PointWhooper Swan71 N, 06:30-​08:30 Jonny Scragg  
  Red-​throated Diver4 E    
  Shelduck3 N    
  Common Scoter9      
  Red-​breasted Merganser4      
  Canada Goose2 E then on beach    
  unidentified Guillemot or Razorbill1 N    
  Meadow Pipit  N/E, uncounted but into the 1000s    
  Rock Pipit1 E    
  Siskin1 E    
  Grey Wagtail4 E    
  unidentified White Wagtail or Pied Wagtail22 N/E    
  Goldfinch13 E    
  Reed Bunting3 E    
  Pink-​footed Goose3 N    
  Grey Heron1 E     
  Sparrowhawk1 E    
  Carrion Crow42 E    
  Rook3 E    
  Jackdaw2 E    
  Woodpigeon11 E    
 CarletonRaven1 Heading North and calling 08.45 P Guy  
 Starr GateWhooper Swan33 North out to sea DJM  
  Eider10 One flock South     
  Meadow Pipit100+ Most N out to sea, only a few heard calling overhead    
  Common Scoter50+      
22nd March
 Knott EndMeadow Pipit120 flew east   
  Little Egret1      
 Blackpool CentralGrey Wagtail2 one singing   
 Stanley ParkPochard2m, f  TS  
  Cormorant14 by 15.30    
  Great Crested Grebe3      
  Mistle Thrush2      
 Marton MereSand Martin4   TS  
  Chiffchaff1 singing, NE scrub    
  Great Crested Grebe2      
  Cetti's Warbler2 singing    
  Water Rail1 calling    
21st March
 Bank EndPied Wagtail31   AC  
  Meadow Pipit3      
 The HeadsStonechat1Female   AC  
 Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Shelduck2 SE field    
  Tufted Duck14      
  Buzzard2 over east fields    
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Stock Dove7 barn roof    
  Cetti's Warbler3 singing    
 Stanley ParkGoldcrest3   GA  
  Chiffchaff1 Feeding by Lake, North of West bridge    
 Marton MereOtter1 in front of bird club hide at 14,15 andy myo  
  Sand Martin4      
 Lytham HallRed-​legged Partridge1 Field with the cows. SA  
  Song Thrush1 As above    
  Pied Wagtailc12 With cows.    
 Knott EndSparrowhawk1     
  Meadow Pipit3 flew over    
 Stanley ParkChough1 still present on golf course   
 St AnnesPied Wagtail12 Hope St park John Lees  
 Starr GateFulmar1 north   
  Gannet2 south    
  Wigeon2m, fsouth    
  Meadow Pipit1+ still several battling northwards    
20th March
 Glasson BasinGoldeneye2   Jol  
 Fairhaven LakeGoldcrest1   Ian Mc  
  Tufted Duck26      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Kincraig LakePochard2m, f    
  Tufted Duck43m, f     
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Squires GateWheatear3malewaste ground south of new rdSD308314Frank Bird  
 Haslam ParkMistle Thrush1 sat on nest. martin jump  
 Savick ParkJay1   gg  
 Blackpool CentralGrey Wagtail2     
 ElswickMistle Thrush1 Nest building Pauline Clark  
 Stanley ParkChough1 Behind cafe at 12:50 t churchill  
 Marton MereLittle Gull1ad14.00-​15.15+, gone by 15.45 TS  
  Common Scoter1fem     
  Great Crested Grebe3      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Buzzard2 over Gipsy Hole Wood    
  Cetti's Warbler4 singing    
 CottamBullfinch2M&F  Stu Milne.  
  Long-​tailed Tit2      
  Song Thrush1      
  Buzzard3 Low and calling along Tom Benson Way.    
 Stanley ParkChough1 Viewed on Golf Course from 18th tee, behind the cafe. Still there are 13.10. SA  
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
  Meadow Pipit1      
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe4   TS  
  Nuthatch1 west end of east putting green    
  Chiffchaff1 west bridge area    
 Starr GateHerring Gullc500 on tide wreck Ash Baines  
  Common Scoterc600      
  Meadow Pipit6 north    
 Stanley ParkChough1 still 7.05am Ash Baines  
19th March
 Cocker's DykeBuzzard1   Paul Ellis / Dave Hall  
  Greenfinch2m , f m singing    
 Little CarletonSparrowhawk1     
 Conder Estuary/Conder PoolCommon Sandpiper1 creek PGS/PE/DH  
  Tufted Duck2m, fpool    
  Oystercatcher2 displaying on tern raft    
 Stanley ParkSiskin1+ Over calling PGS/PE/SMM  
 Savick ParkBlackcap1m  gg  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1f     
  Bullfinch73f, 4m     
  House Sparrow1m     
  Blue Tit2      
  Great Tit1      
  Collared Dove3      
 Stanley ParkTreecreeper1 NW lake path next to golf course GA  
  Sparrowhawk1 Over lake, flew south    
 Blackpool ZooGrey Wagtail1     
  Barnacle Goose33+      
 Fleetwood DocksSiskin1+ over Freeport late afternoon   
 Eagland HillBrambling2M + FFeeding Station P. Woods  
  Corn Bunting2 Feeding Station    
  Yellowhammer3 Feeding Station    
 Marton MereLittle Grebe3   TS  
  Great Crested Grebe2      
  Gadwall2m, f     
  Water Rail1 seen from NW hide    
  Cetti's Warbler4 singing, including 1 Wetlands SW corner    
  Chiffchaff2 singing    
  Linnet9 west over north side    
  Fox1 grassland NE from NW hide    
 Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Tufted Duck51      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull6      
 Shard BridgeCurlew25     
 Knott EndMeadow Pipit26 flew over   
 Carr House Green CommonWhooper Swan6 On flood north of common. Stu Milne.  
  Mute Swan6 On floods with Whoopers,one with slight wing injury.    
  Curlew200+ Floods plus large flock over.    
  Meadow Pipit34 East of Woods Ln.    
  unidentified White Wagtail or Pied Wagtail5 With Med pips.    
  Reed Bunting1M     
  Barn Owl1 Out hunting at 5.15 pm.    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 North scrub.    
  Brown Hare1      
 HambletonGreylag Goose1  SD369420  
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull35  SD369420   
  Herring Gull10  SD369420   
 Mains HallGreylag Goose4  SD365403  
 Stanley ParkMagpie26 golf courseSD325361  
  Tufted Duck18      
  Great Crested Grebe2      
  Mistle Thrush1malesinging to north    
  Herring Gull70      
  Goldcrest21+ male1 singingSD327359   
  Long-​tailed Tit1      
 WeetonSong Thrush1     
 MeresideIceland Gull1adultgrass north of Clifton Road then flew westSD343339Chris Batty  
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull2  SD343339   
  Herring Gull10  SD343339   
 Newton MarshRuff2   JS, SB  
 Myerscough QuarryGreylag Goose2   Stu Milne.  
  Canada Goose10      
  Shoveler147mNo 2 pit    
  Tufted Duck20+ Split between the 4 main pits.    
  Pochard2PairNo 1 pit.    
  Great Crested Grebe2 No1 pit.    
  Little Grebe6      
  Grey Heron5+      
  Cormorant13 On No 1    
  Ringed Plover1 On mud No 1 pit.    
  Reed Bunting1F     
  Pied Wagtail2      
  Roe Deer2Buck&Doe.     
 Stanley ParkChough1 Feeding with other corvids on golf course, viewed from edge of course behind Stanley Park cafe SD327362JS et al  
18th March
 Thornton ICI ReservoirChiffchaff1 Calling close by. Jol  
 Stanley ParkGoldcrest7     
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
 Blackpool North ShoreKittiwake43 Ad, 2CY13.20 -​ 14.15 Ian Walker  
 Poulton Industrial EstateLittle Egret3 By main road   
 Lower BallamStonechat1femBrays rd Frank Bird  
  Stock Dove16      
 Marton MereSand Martin1 from 10.05 TS  
  Chiffchaff1 singing, NE scrub    
  Stonechat1 SE corner of east marsh    
  Great Crested Grebe3      
 CottamBullfinch9+7mSpread between Tom Benson Way/Valentines Lane. Stu Milne.  
  Chiffchaff4 Singing.    
  Snipe15 Cottam brickworks.    
 Stanley ParkChough1 Still feeding on golf course as viewed from near boathouse  JS  
 Stanley ParkChough1 Low west over bandstand and boathouse 1000. Could conceivably have landed on golf course as not the worst habitat. SD  
17th March
 StalmineRaven1 flew low west over Carr Lane just south of Stalmine Paul Ellis  
 Fairhaven LakeWheatear  eluvise early am only in compound and on beach DJP  
  Little Egret1      
  Tufted Duckc20      
  Reed Bunting1env funny behaviour in the open on the beach maybe a ti    
  Mute Swan4 red migrant v approachable    
  Robin4 1 on beach with reed bunting    
  Wren3 al lsinging    
  Great Titc6      
  Blue Titc10      
  Canada Goosec10      
 Jameson Road Landfillhybrid Lesser Black-​backed Gull x Herring Gull1adultroosting in field next to UU site with 400 other gulls at high tide JS, SB  
 Blackpool North ShoreGannet1Ad11.30 -​ 12.30 Ian Walker  
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit510 Inc Y8 -​ LG & Y8 -​ LR ringed in Siglufjorour N. Iceland on 10.07.12. Y8 -​ LR was recorded at Newton Marsh last on 14.03.16 Ian Walker  
  Gadwall8 Noticable increase    
 Pilling LaneGoldcrest1     
  Little Egret1      
16th March
 Preston DockScandinavian Herring Gull11st W 1600 hrs Ian Walker  
 Stanley ParkGoldcrest7 At least this many. Feeding together. Lakeside path NW GA  
  Long-​tailed Tit1      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 Drumming, Heard.    
 Gynn GardensGoldcrest2+     
  Grey Wagtail1 over    
 Blackpool North ShoreGoldcrest1 Metropole bushes   
 Lytham HallSiskin10+ on Alders round lily pond Frank Bird  
 Dam SideRock Pipit2   AC  
  Pied Wagtail23      
 Marton MerePeregrine1 circled high over the east fields for 10 minutes, then flew SW TS  
  Great Crested Grebe3      
  Shelduck1 SE field    
  Goldeneye21st.w.m, f      
  Wigeon2m, f     
  Gadwall2m, f     
  Tufted Duck84m     
  Great Black-​backed Gull2ads     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull28ads     
  Lapwing5 SE field    
  Cetti's Warbler1+ singing, SW corner/inflow    
 Granny's BayWheatear1mon sea wall John S  
 Knott EndGoldcrest1     
 Fleetwood Golf CourseWheatear2m  KRG  
  Meadow Pipit6+      
  Pied Wagtail1      
 Pilling LanePied Wagtail1     
 Starr GateSiskinc12 Circled over Solaris Centre garden then left SW DJM  
15th March
 Marton MereChiffchaff3 singing. L.G.B.  
  Goldcrest3 feeding along west boundary planting    
  Otter1 fishing in centre of the mere    
 Starr GateWhooper Swan1adsouth. L.G.B.  
  Shelduck1 south.    
  Common Scoter370 south.    
  Great Crested Grebe3      
  Red-​throated Diver3      
  Knot500 south.    
  Peregrine1 pursuing knot    
 Hackensall HallSong Thrush1malesinging   
  Grey Heron1      
 Knott EndMistle Thrush1     
 PreesallGreat Spotted Woodpecker1     
 Kincraig LakeGrey Heron6 At least two pairs nesting, presumably three   
  Shoveler2m, f     
  Tufted Duck2m, f     
  Teal2m, f     
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Reed Bunting1msinging    
 Starr GateEider20 4 + 16 south   
  Siskin1+ overhead, heard    
  Meadow Pipit1+ steady passage    
  unidentified White Wagtail or Pied Wagtail1+ steady passage    
 MartonSiskin1femgarden feeders,fy39tu Frank Bird  
 Marton MereLittle Grebe2   TS  
  Great Crested Grebe2      
  Goldeneye21st.w.m, f     
  Tufted Duck12      
  Lapwing18 SE field    
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull24ads     
  Buzzard5 over east fields / Gipsy Hole Wood    
  Stock Dove12 barn area    
  Woodpigeon140 east field    
  Fieldfare8 east field    
  Linnet4 east field    
  Skylark2 over east fields    
  Water Rail5 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler6+ singing    
  Chiffchaff1 NE corner    
 Stanley ParkOystercatcher3 field next to Model Village car park TS  
 Savick ParkChiffchaff1 singing (in the sun!!!) gg  
  Bullfinch74m, 3f     
 CarletonChiffchaff1   Jonny Scragg  
  Reed Bunting2      
 Warton MarshGreat White Egret1   Richard Holmes  
  Little Egret12      
 Singletonnew species1 Small Tortoiseshell Ian Walker  
 WeshamBuzzard6 Rising on a thermal over new housing estate and moving NW Ian Walker  
 Bank EndShorelark2 distant AC  
 Little CarletonGreat White Egret1 On large water are behind Robins Lane P Guy  
  Little Egret1 On large water are behind Robins Lane 10.45    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2 Carleton Crematorium grounds 11.00    
 new siteChiffchaff1 Poolfoot Farm Fleetwood Town sports complex KRG  
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
  Meadow Pipit1      
 Starr GateMeadow Pipit1 NW over Solaris Centre -​ 1st of year here DJM  
  Red-​throated Diver2      
  Common Scoter500+      
  Grey Seal1      
  Harbour Porpoise1      
 Pilling LaneSparrowhawk1     
  Meadow Pipit3 flew over    
  Mistle Thrush2      
  Coal Tit1      
  Pied Wagtail2      
  Song Thrush1malesinging    
  Common Gull7      
  Bar-​tailed Godwit1      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull3      
  Little Egret1      
 Cocker's DykeSparrowhawk1     
  Greenfinch51+ male1 singing    
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Common Gull5      
  Little Egret1      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull4      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1adult     
  Herring Gull3      
  Black-​headed Gull1      
  Golden Plover70      
14th March
 Pilling LaneSparrowhawk1     
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Song Thrush1      
  Common Gull10      
  Red-​legged Partridge1      
 Avenham ParkGoosander93 pairs + 3 FBetween railway bridge and the park Richard H  
 Starr GateShag1 north SD  
 BlackpoolJay1 over Whitehills Retail Park  Ash Baines  
 LythamRedwing87 ballam rdSD363292Frank Bird  
 Lytham HallSiskin5   Frank Bird  
 Haslam ParkBullfinch2m/f  martin jump  
  Great Tit6+      
  Blue Tit6+      
  Long-​tailed Tit3      
  Goldfinch4 Allotment feeding station    
  Grey Partridge1 flushed allotments.    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 park    
  Goldcrest2 park    
  Nuthatch1 in nest box.    
  new species1 comma butterfly.    
  new species3 bumble bee    
 Wesham MarshShort-​eared Owl2 very late not showing before 18,50 andy myo  
 Marton MereChiffchaff2 1 singing NE scrub, 1 SW corner willows TS  
  Cetti's Warbler5 singing, including 1 Wetlands NW corner    
  Fieldfare5 east field    
  Stock Dove2      
  Buzzard2 over Gipsy Hole Wood    
  Sparrowhawk2femsover SW field    
  Kestrel2m, f     
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Oystercatcher5 4 island pool, 1 over north    
  Water Rail3 calling    
  Goldeneye21st.w.m, f     
  Tufted Duck2m, f     
  Great Crested Grebe3      
  Little Grebe2 NE hide pool    
 Stanley ParkOystercatcher2 field north of Weymouth Road TS  
 ElswickKestrel1   Pauline Clark  
  Song Thrush1      
 Lytham HallTreecreeper1   Richard Holmes  
  Long-​tailed Tit6      
 Coat Walls FarmPink-​footed Goose400  SD357462  
  Golden Plover1  SD357462   
 Agglebys PitPink-​footed Goose150  SD359457  
  Greylag Goose5      
 Jameson Road LandfillHerring Gull900     
 Barnaby's SandsPink-​footed Goose60     
  Eider54 males and female     
  Little Egret1      
  Reed Bunting2      
 The HeadsMerlin1     
  Pied Wagtail2      
  Meadow Pipit3      
  unidentified Rock Pipit or Water Pipit3  SD351451   
  Red-​legged Partridge2  SD351451   
  Pink-​footed Goose45  SD351454   
 Stanley ParkGoldcrest5 3 together feeding on bush overhanging lake. North of west bridge. 2 more west of Heron island. GA  
  Treecreeper1 North of west bridge    
 Starr GateWheatear1MaleOld Ponitns site. Viewed from Coastal Dunes sign. Rough ground nearest to Starr Gate. SA  
13th March
 Poulton-le-FyldeGoldcrest1malesinging Moreton Drive Paul Slade  
  Long-​tailed Tit2 Moreton Drive    
  Grey Wagtail1 Moreton Drive    
 Pilling Lane EndsStonechat1Male  AJH  
 Starr GateShelduck2 south offshore   
 Carr House Green CommonBullfinch1m  ME  
  Goldcrest3 all singing    
  Reed Bunting44m2 singing    
  Curlew61 fields north of the common    
 Bradkirk HallRook15     
 Weeton CampBuzzard1 to northwest   
 Marton MereLittle Grebe1 heard   
  Great Crested Grebe2      
  Goldeneye21st.w.m, f     
  Shelduck1 SE field    
  Buzzard2 over Gipsy Hole Wood    
  Lapwing5 SE field    
  Snipe1 Lawson marsh    
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull15ads     
  Stock Dove6 barn roof    
  Fieldfare21 SE poplars    
  Skylark2 over SE field    
  Water Rail3 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler6 singing    
 Bank EndShorelark2 very distant, good light AC  
 St AnnesBlackcap21m,1fMale still 'resident', female occ visitor to fat feedersSD 324294JW  
 Preston DockCaspian Gull1first-​winterwave breakers near Green FrogSD512296Chris Batty  
  Mute Swan22 adults     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull12      
  Herring Gull60      
  Black-​headed Gull60      
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1   AC  
12th March
 Blackpool CentralSiskin2M&FDutton Road ES  
 Wardley's CreekGreenshank2   Paul Ellis / WeBS  
  Icelandic Black-​tailed Godwit2      
  Mute Swan2      
  Greylag Goose6 inc one with orange collar    
  Great Black-​backed Gull6      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull24      
  Herring Gull41      
  Black-​headed Gull26      
  Common Gull2      
  Little Grebe1 calling on pond    
  Reed Bunting1 singing    
  Skylark1 singing opposite    
  Song Thrush1 singing    
  Little Egret5      
 Agglebys PitPink-​footed Goose450 from Barnabys Sands, on pastrure SD357457 to SD357463SD357457P.Slade / P.Ellis / WeBS  
  Greenland White-​fronted Goose1 rom Barnabys Sands, on pastrure with pinkfeetSD357457   
  Greylag Goose2      
  Mute Swan4      
  Lapwing65 3 displaying    
  Meadow Pipit70      
  Pied Wagtail22      
 The HeadsShelduck1   P.Slade / P.Ellis / WeBS  
  Pink-​footed Goose6      
  Lapwing1 displaying    
  Tree Sparrow1 plus    
 Barnaby's SandsGreenland White-​fronted Goose1 with pinkfeet on marsh P.Slade / P.Ellis / WeBS  
  Pink-​footed Goose500 on marsh    
  Icelandic Black-​tailed Godwit77      
  Little Egret2      
  Reed Bunting2 inc one singing    
  Rock Pipit1      
 Burrow's MarshCurlew53   P.Slade / P.Ellis / WeBS  
  Icelandic Black-​tailed Godwit2      
  Rock Pipit1      
  Greylag Goose2      
 Arm HillWhimbrel1 seen at last and it has a white rump P.Slade / P.Ellis / WeBS  
  Icelandic Black-​tailed Godwit3      
  Common Gull2      
  Black-​headed Gull2      
  Herring Gull120      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull4      
  Great Black-​backed Gull10      
 Fleetwood MarshGlaucous Gull2nr ad , juvnear ad by dock entrance and juv on bank below tip P.Slade / P.Ellis / WeBS  
  Herring Gull485      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull11      
  Great Black-​backed Gull6      
  Black-​headed Gull34      
  Common Gull1      
 Lytham HallSong Thrush1     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull1  SD360280   
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Coal Tit2      
  Coot2 Lily Pond    
  Teal2male and femaleLily Pond    
  Mistle Thrush2      
  Lapwing3  SD360280   
  Black-​headed Gull25  SD360280   
  Great Spotted Woodpecker5 2 drumming    
  Goldcrest51+ male1 singing    
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
 LythamGreenfinch1malesinging at Wishing Well Park   
  Grey Heron1 Wishing Well Park    
  Song Thrush1 Wishing Well Park    
  Long-​tailed Tit1 Wishing Well Park    
  Goldfinch1malesinging at Wishing Well Park    
  Goldcrest1malesinging at Wishing Well Park    
  Stock Dove2 Wishing Well Park    
  Redwing4 Wishing Well Park    
 Warton BankReed Bunting7     
  Long-​tailed Tit3      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Song Thrush1malesinging    
  Stock Dove1      
 Warton MarshGreat White Egret1  SD409269  
  Mute Swan15      
  Greylag Goose12      
  Canada Goose8      
  Pink-​footed Goose5      
  Little Egret5      
  Meadow Pipit2      
  Grey Heron1      
  unidentified Rock Pipit or Water Pipit1      
 Mains HallGreylag Goose2  SD366403  
 Warton HallBuzzard1 flew south   
 Shard BridgeLittle Egret1     
  Song Thrush1malesinging at Bank House    
  Chaffinch1malesinging at Bank House    
 Preesall FlashesChiffchaff1 singing P Ellis / P Slade  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 calling    
 Thornton CleveleysLittle Grebe1 Taylor's Farm flood   
  Shoveler5 Taylor's Farm flood    
  Snipe3 Taylor's Farm flood    
 Rossall PointWheatear1 on sea wall  C Hart  
 Fluke HallWheatear1m  L.G.B.  
 Fluke HallPink-​footed Goose164 WeBS Count. L.G.B.  
  Little Egret7      
  Grey Plover128      
  Bar-​tailed Godwit127      
 Height o' th' HillFieldfare22   Paul Slade/Paul Ellis  
 StaynallSparrowhawk1femaleHighgate Lane Paul Slade  
 Little SingletonMistle Thrush1   Paul Slade  
 Shard BridgeMediterranean Gull2ads  Paul Slade webs  
  Greylag Goose5      
  Song Thrush1malesinging    
  Little Egret1      
  Black-​headed Gull123      
  Herring Gull6      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull7      
  Common Gull11      
  Great Black-​backed Gull2      
 Skippool CreekRedwing6+   Paul Slade webs  
  Black-​headed Gull70      
  Pink-​footed Goose68 North    
  Golden Plover1      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Herring Gull10      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull7      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1      
  Common Gull18      
  Song Thrush1malesinging    
 Ramper PotRedshank6   Paul Slade webs  
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull2      
 Marton MereLittle Grebe1   TS  
  Great Crested Grebe2      
  Goldeneye3ad.m, 1st.w.m, f     
  Mute Swan4adsserious fight between resident male and newcomer    
  Buzzard2 wide ranging    
  Lapwing16 over SE field    
  Goldcrest2 NW scrub / NE scrub    
 Newton MarshSand Martin1 through nick patel  
  Peregrine2 young birds chasing godwits    
  Black-​tailed Godwit300+      
  Brown Hare4      
 Haslam ParkBullfinch2m/f  martin jump  
  Chaffinch32m 1 f     
  Blue Tit8+      
  Great Tit6+      
  Coal Tit2      
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
  Stock Dove2 all above at allotment feeding station.    
  Buzzard1 over.    
  Jay2 in park    
  Song Thrush7 2 allotments,3 wormimg on wet field 2 singing.    
 Fairhaven BeachOystercatcher1130   RH WeBS with PS,MS  
  Little Egret9      
  Grey Plover9      
  Canada Goose3      
  Herring Gull14      
  Common Gull22      
  Black-​headed Gull36      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull2      
  Great Black-​backed Gull2      
  Reed Bunting2      
  Meadow Pipit35+      
  Stonechat1FOver North    
 Fairhaven LakeMoorhen9   RH WeBS  
  Canada Goose31      
  Little Egret1      
  Tufted Duck22      
  Mute Swan9      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Black-​headed Gull32      
  Herring Gull45      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull3      
  Sparrowhawk1MFlew from UU compound south    
  Chiffchaff1 Singing near Spitfire    
  Linnet2 Singing    
  Long-​tailed Tit2      
 Church ScarRinged Plover16   RH WeBS  
  Herring Gull23      
  Black-​headed Gull8      
 Clifton MarshWheatear1 Along strand line behind landfill site Ian Walker  
  Black-​tailed Godwit332 Inc WW-​WYf which has stayed a week now.    
  Whooper Swan2      
 Blackpool AirportCurlew9 dropped in from high south when drizzle started   
 Lytham St Annes Nature ReserveSnipe12     
 Warton BankChiffchaff1 Orchard by gravel car park R Holmes & I Walker  
  Avocet11 East pool area    
 Lytham QuaysWhooper Swan27   R Holmes & I Walker WeBS  
  Pink-​footed Goose340      
 Lytham MarshLittle Egret15   R Holmes & I Walker WeBS  
  Bar-​tailed Godwit26      
  Grey Heron1      
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Cleveleys North PromenadeWheatear1MaleSeen at 10am opposite "The Venue" D and J Moreton  
 Bank EndShorelark2 side by side, distant  AC  
  Pied Wagtail15      
  Meadow Pipit11      
 Preesall FlashesChiffchaff1+ 1st of year AC  
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1   AC  
11th March
 Starr GateHarbour Porpoise1   L.G.B. F.B.  
 Marton MereFieldfare33 east fields Paul Ellis  
  Buzzard1 east fields    
  Kestrel  east barn    
  Stock Dove7 east barn    
 Lytham CrematoriumRedwing2 one singing Paul Ellis  
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Song Thrush1      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet2m, f     
  Nuthatch1 calling    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 drumming    
  Stock Dove1      
  Greenfinch1 singing    
 SaltcotesIcelandic Black-​tailed Godwit5  SD378284Paul Ellis  
  Shoveler39  SD378284   
  Teal100  SD378284   
  Shelduck2  SD378284   
  Grey Heron1  SD378284   
  Little Egret1  SD378284   
  Song Thrush1 singingSD378284   
 Cocker's DykeSiskin1 over NE in 15 mins am Paul Ellis  
  Meadow Pipit37 over NE in 15 mins am    
  Grey Wagtail1 over NE in 15 mins am    
  Skylark2 over NE in 15 mins am    
 Preesall SandsGrey Plover113     
 Myerscough QuarryChiffchaff1   AJH  
  Little Egret1      
 Peel HillSong Thrush1malesinging   
  Long-​tailed Tit1      
 MythopStarling600 then flew west   
 Mythop HallKestrel1     
  Grey Heron1      
 HambletonCanada Goose1  SD370434  
 Mains HallGreylag Goose4  SD366403  
 Starr GateTufted Duck2M&Fsouth. L.G.B. F.B. MJ.  
  Eider127m 5fsouth.    
  Common Scoter750 south.    
  Velvet Scoter1male.on the sea with common scoter then all flew south.    
 Shard BridgeCoot2 Shard Farm Paul Slade  
 Little SingletonKestrel1   Paul Slade  
  Rook5+ Nests north of Mains LaneSD375396   
 CottamChiffchaff3malessinging, 2 around ponds one by canal. Steve Jones  
 Rawcliffe HallSiskin32m 1fon feeders at caravan T.Myerscough  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker31m 2fon fat feeders    
  Nuthatch3 on feeders    
  Treecreeper2 in garden and on fat feeders    
  Jay2 on seed    
  Long-​tailed Tit6 on fat feeders    
  Coal Tit3 on feeders    
  Goldcrest2 in garden and on fat feeders    
  Tree Sparrow4 on feeders,one pair nest building in nestbox on caravan    
  Sparrowhawk21m 1fhunting in garden    
  Reed Bunting22mon seed    
 Fluke HallPied Wagtail162 feeding  AC  
  Meadow Pipit29 feeding     
 Marton MereStonechat1mWetlands east side TS  
  Great Crested Grebe3      
  Goldeneye21st.w.m, f     
  Tufted Duck9      
  Gadwall2m, f     
  Pied Wagtail1 barn area    
  Cetti's Warbler5 singing    
  Water Rail4 calling    
 Ellel GrangeFieldfare21 to south   
  Common Gull5 to south    
  Robin2 to south    
  Great Tit2 to south    
  Mistle Thrush2 to south    
  Song Thrush2 to south    
  Jay2 to southSD485533   
  Long-​tailed Tit2 to southSD485533   
  Wren2 to south    
  Redwing1 to southSD485533   
  Coal Tit2 to southSD485533   
  Mallard1 to south    
  Grey Heron1 to south    
  Cormorant1 to south    
  Mute Swan1adulltflew southSD484532   
 Potters BrookRedwing9     
  Great Tit4      
  Coal Tit4      
  Mistle Thrush2      
  Song Thrush2      
  Blue Tit3      
  Grey Wagtail2  SD487527   
  Nuthatch3  SD487527   
  Grey Heron1      
  Goldfinch2  SD485530   
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Pied Wagtail1  SD487527   
 Knott EndShelduck90     
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Sand VillaStarling160     
  Whooper Swan52  SD434510   
  Little Egret1      
 Pilling LaneRed-​legged Partridge1  SD376492  
 BraidesGrey Heron1     
 FortonFieldfare55  SD476520  
 CockerhamTree Sparrow4  SD465520  
  Collared Dove31+ male1 singingSD465520   
 Preesall ParkLong-​tailed Tit2     
 Stalmine MossKestrel1     
  Stock Dove2      
 Pilling Lane EndsMagpie3     
 MowbreckMediterranean Gull3 on newly sprayed fields behind scout camp andy myo  
 MythopWigeon196 Hall flood Frank Bird  
 Bank EndShorelark2 both together, 12:50-​ 13:30 AC et al  
 Newton MarshRuff2   Ash Baines  
  Black-​tailed Godwit68      
  Golden Ploverc250      
 Lytham MossLittle Egret1   Ash Baines  
 Haslam ParkShoveler1MStill on pond. Stu Milne  
  Mute Swan2      
  Canada Goose2 On pond.    
  Grey Heron1 Wildlife pond.    
  Snipe5 Wildlife pond    
  Siskin15+ Feeding on Alders to north of wildlife area.    
  Mistle Thrush5+      
  Song Thrush3      
 Marton MereSand Martin2 From 10.10. 1 until 11.05+ TS  
 Warton MarshAvocet10 In flight at 10.45 along north bank of Ribble 414268Glen Jackson  
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1   AC  
 Lytham JettyBlack-​tailed Godwit86   Richard Holmes  
  Little Egret2      
  Grey Heron1      
  Great Black-​backed Gull22      
10th March
 Starr GateEider8 2 m south. 5m 1f north. L.G.B.M.J.  
  Common Scoter550      
  Red-​breasted Merganser42m 2fsouth.    
  Red-​throated Diver2 north.    
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Grey Wagtail1 north.    
  unidentified White Wagtail or Pied Wagtail3 north.    
 Preesall Moss SideGreat Spotted Woodpecker1     
 Knott EndPied Wagtail1     
 Head Dyke LaneKestrel1 west endSD380471  
 Green Dick's LaneGreylag Goose4  SD378486  
 Cocker's DykeGolden Plover610 to eastSD377498  
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Common Gull10      
  Little Egret1      
 Marton MereStonechat2mWetlands TS  
  Skylark1 singing over SE field    
  Pied Wagtail1mbarn area    
  Fieldfare2 east field    
  Stock Dove9 barn roof    
  Lapwing1 SE field    
  Buzzard1 over Mythop fields    
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull10ads     
  Goldeneye21st.w.m, f     
  Wigeon2m, f     
  Great Crested Grebe2      
  Water Rail5 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler5 singing    
 Bank EndShorelark2 distant but reasonable light AC  
 Fluke HallWhite Wagtail1   AC  
  Grey Wagtail3M & 2 F     
  Pied Wagtail23      
 Pilling LaneSiskin43 m 1fon feeders Peter R  
 Fleetwood Marsh Nature ReserveHooded Crow1 Initially on east side of river as viewed from nature park then flew to west bank adjacent to tip as tide dropped, but often out of sight below river bank. Under-​tail coverts not seen to completely exclude hybrid  Jonny Scragg  
 Pilling LanePeregrine1     
  Pied Wagtail2      
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1   AC  
9th March
 Shard BridgeRaven1 South over Shard Farm Paul Slade  
 Knott EndEider2male and female    
 Stake PoolSong Thrush1malesinging on west side   
 Cabus NookLesser Black-​backed Gull20 to northwest   
 PillingCormorant1 Pilling Water   
 Pilling MarshPink-​footed Goose800     
 Head Dyke LaneOystercatcher18     
 CabusCanada Goose2 Lancaster CanalSD476466  
 CopthorneGreylag Goose25  SD452446  
 Bradshaw Lane HeadKestrel1     
 Eagland HillKestrel1     
  Grey Heron1      
 Sand VillaKestrel1     
 ThurnhamWhooper Swan22 adults SD450557  
  Mute Swan53  SD450557   
 Knott EndGrey Wagtail1 flew west   
 Lancaster Canal Glasson BranchGoosander32 males SD449558  
 Conder Estuary/Conder PoolBlack-​tailed Godwit150 Conder Pool   
  Goosander1female/juv male     
 CockersandWhooper Swan467  SD439538  
  Mute Swan22      
  Pied Wagtail1      
 Cockerham QuarryMute Swan9  SD456530  
  Red-​legged Partridge1 to west    
 Bank EndPied Wagtail37     
  Little Egret1      
  Red-​legged Partridge1      
 North Blackpool Pond TrailLittle Egret1 In the 'Black Pond' then to horse fields DJM  
  Song Thrush3 2 singing males + 1 feeding in horse field    
 Starr GateEider75m 2fsouth. L.G.B.  
  Common Scoter700 south.    
  Red-​throated Diver2 north.    
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Stanley ParkOystercatcher3 field NE from clock entrance TS  
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit590 5 colour ringed birds tonight including LR-​Y//W which is now over 20 years old and recorded last year at Newton Marsh on the 11th March Ian Walker  
 Blackpool CentralGrey Wagtail1+     
 Starr GateRed-​breasted Merganser2m, fsouth   
 Lawson WetlandStonechat3 north side TS  
 Burrow's MarshStonechat1F  AC  
 GreenhalghBuzzard5 soaring over Whitmore Fisheries TS  
  Kestrel1 over    
  Coal Tit1 Fisheries cafe feeders    
  Tree Sparrow10+ blackthorn hedge near cafe    
 Warton BankChiffchaff1   andy myo  
  Water Rail1 heard only    
 Preesall FlashesStonechat5M & 4 Females   AC  
 Mythop GrangeGadwall2pair  Jonny Scragg  
  Shoveler42 pair     
 MythopTeal110 dyke flood Jonny Scragg  
  Lapwing145 dyke flood    
  Shelduck2 dyke flood    
  Red-​legged Partridge2 dyke flood    
 Bank EndShorelark2 distant and flighty AC  
 Fluke HallStonechat1Male   AC  
  Song Thrush1      
  Pied Wagtail22Males     
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1 soaking up the rays AC  
 Newton MarshLittle Grebe1 First one I've seen there since last March. SA  
  Black-​tailed Godwitc200      
  Great Black-​backed Gull2      
  Mute Swan2 Maybe the breeding pair returning to site.    
 PrestonBlack Redstart1mstill on St Walburge's Church at 8:35   
 St AnnesChiffchaff1 in garden on Highbury Road East Ash Baines  
 Rossall PointRed-​throated Diver10 high E in one flock. 07:15-​08:15 Jonny Scragg  
  Common Scoter41 s    
  Red-​breasted Merganser3 2s, 1e    
  unidentified Guillemot or Razorbill2 1n, 1s    
  Curlew5 n    
  Pied Wagtail11 n    
  Meadow Pipit4 n    
  Linnet2 n    
  Eider80 roosting on King Scar    
8th March
 Stake PoolGoldcrest1     
 ElswickGreat Spotted Woodpecker1   Pauline Clark  
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Song Thrush1      
  Great Tit1      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull30      
  Herring Gull60+      
  Mute Swan2      
  Grey Wagtail2      
  Mistle Thrush1 singing    
  Song Thrush1 singing    
  Pied Wagtail45 flew NE early evening    
 Starr GateRed-​throated Diver1 north   
  Curlew7 north    
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine2     
 Rossall PointMeadow Pipit3 all edge of golf course KRG  
 Parrox HallSong Thrush1malesinging   
 Knott EndLong-​tailed Tit2 south end of Hackensall Road   
  Mistle Thrush1 south end of Hackensall Road    
 Hackensall HallPied Wagtail12  SD355478  
  Song Thrush1malesinging    
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Grey Heron1      
 Marton MereStonechat1meast marsh TS  
  Skylark1 singing over SE field    
  Linnet1 north side    
  Greenfinch6 north side    
  Goldfinch4 north side    
  Long-​tailed Tit2 SW feeders    
  Cetti's Warbler6 singing. 1 showing well next to north path    
  Great Crested Grebe2      
  Goldeneye4ad.m, 1st.w.m, 2f     
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull10ads     
  Buzzard2 over Gipsy Hole Wood    
  Sparrowhawk2m, f     
  Stock Dove3      
  Water Rail6 calling -​ 1 Wetlands    
 Preesall FlashesStonechat2M & F  AC  
 Sand VillaMute Swan6     
 Head Dyke LaneLittle Egret5  SD387470  
 Pilling Lane EndsLittle Egret1  SD416494  
 WrampoolLittle Egret1  SD423499  
 CrimblesKestrel1  SD452512  
 CockerhamKestrel1  SD468515  
 Fleetwood Golf CourseLinnet8   Phil Moore  
  Meadow Pipit1      
 Cocker's DykePink-​footed Goose1500 plus, left beach roost at dawn Paul Ellis  
 Thurnham HallGreat Spotted Woodpecker1 calling Jonny Scragg  
  Stock Dove2      
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
 Bank EndShorelark2 10:00, showing relatively close Jonny Scragg  
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1 for its 70th day AC  
7th March
 Lea GateGrey Heron15 at least 7 nests occupied Rebecca Stevens  
 Starr GateRed-​throated Diver2     
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Shelduckc5 3 + 1 north, 1 south    
  Sanderling5 south    
  unidentified White Wagtail or Pied Wagtail4 vis north over sea    
 Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe3   TS  
  Goldeneye3ad.m, 2f     
  Gadwall2m, f     
  Tufted Duck43m     
  Great Black-​backed Gull2ads     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull5ads     
  Peregrine1 top of dyke pylon    
  Buzzard2 over Gipsy Hole Wood, later top of pylon south of Peregrine    
  Oystercatcher4 circling over    
  Stock Dove10 barn area    
  Fieldfare19 SE poplars    
  Mistle Thrush2 NW corner of Wetlands    
  Pied Wagtail1mSE caravan site    
  Cetti's Warbler4 singing    
  Water Rail4 calling, including 2 SW corner of Wetlands after 1 had run across the path    
 MowbreckYellowhammer4   andy myo  
 Haslam ParkSnipe4 flushed wetland martin jump  
  Redwing4 worming flooded part of park    
  Song Thrush5 2 singing    
  Moorhen19 14 duckpond 5 lancaster canal    
  Black-​headed Gull64 duckpond    
 Lower BallamStonechat2m,fnorth of ballam rd by main drain Frank Bird  
 Lytham MossBarn Owl2 Hunting radar station field at 10.00 am FB,MJ,BD,FW  
 Bank EndShorelark2 seen @ 1230, in good light AC  
 Starr HillsSnow Bunting2 showing very well c100 metres south of tram depot JS, AB  
 Cocker's DykePink-​footed Goose1100 left roost on beach at 0635 hrs Paul Ellis  
 Lytham St Annes Nature ReserveSnipe27   JS, AB  
 Warton BankMarsh Tit1 1km east of Bank Lane at 11:00. Calling and showing well initially inside BAE compound then in hawthorns on marsh edgeSD411269JS, AB  
  Great White Egret1 on eastern pools    
  Little Egret12      
  Water Rail1 calling    
  Siskin1 over    
  Rock Pipit1 over calling    
  Meadow Pipit20      
  Buzzard2 + Marsh Harrier on south side    
  Whooper Swanc40      
  Stock Dove3 west along marsh    
 SingletonRaven1 over Station Road Jonny Scragg  
 Preesall FlashesCetti's Warbler1 mega, seen well AC  
 Marton MereSiskin5 alder near FBC hide, LGB/TS TS  
  Stonechat4 near Wetlands path bench    
  Skylark1 ascending singing over SE field    
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1 feeding on salt marsh AC  
6th March
 Pilling LaneBuzzard2 over garden Peter R  
 Great PlumptonBuzzard1   Paul Ellis  
 Starr GateShelduck5 1 + 3 + 1 north   
  Red-​throated Diver1 south    
  Skylark2 One out to sea, one in song    
 Blackpool CentralGrey Wagtail1     
 CliftonBuzzard4 Circling close to village Peterow  
 Preston DockBullfinch3MaleNear Bullnose Peterow  
 Knott EndMediterranean Gull44 adults    
  Red-​legged Partridge1malesinging    
  Black-​headed Gull900      
  Common Gull100      
 Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe1+   TS  
  Goldeneye4ad.m, 1st.w.m, 2f     
  Curlew1 over NW    
  Lapwing80+ circling over    
  Buzzard2+ wide ranging    
  Sparrowhawk2 low over the inflow area    
  Stock Dove10 barn area    
  Water Rail2 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler6 singing    
 Preesall FlashesStonechat4Females   AC  
 Starr GateOystercatcher1 Back on flat roof of flats on Clifton Dr opp Solaris Centre DJM  
 Fluke HallStonechat1Male  AC  
 Preston DockSpotted Redshank1 Adjacent to Bull Nose at low tide Richard H  
 Bank EndGrey Wagtail1   AC  
  Pied Wagtail31      
  Meadow Pipit33      
 Jeremy LaneStonechat2Females   AC  
 Fleetwood Marsh Nature ParkCetti's Warbler1 singing Jonny Scragg  
  Little Grebe6 3 pairs singing and chasing each other    
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Tufted Duck2      
 Bank EndShorelark2 closer than previously, but still distant AC  
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1 giving a masterclass in fly catching in full sun AC  
 Blackpool North ShorePeregrine1   DJM  
5th March
 Lytham MossStonechat2m,fdivision lane opp stables Frank Bird  
 WartonReed Bunting5 garden feeding station Beech Avenue D Wells  
 Pilling LaneSparrowhawk12nd cal yr malein garden Beach Road Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
 GlassonGrey Wagtail1   Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 WrampoolStock Dove6   Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Jeremy LaneSparrowhawk1fem  Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Avenham ParkKingfisher1 Brook opposite park Richard H  
  Grey Wagtail2      
  Jay10 All in same tree courting behaviour     
 Little SingletonLittle Egret6 Flew west over Garstang Road East Paul Slade  
 StaynallRedwing7   Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
  Reed Bunting1      
 Height o' th' HillFieldfare30   Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 The HeadsPink-​footed Goose330 pastureSD354456Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
  Tree Sparrow2      
 Todderstaffe HallBuzzard1   Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 GlassonGreat White Egret1 canal bank then basin reed bed  Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Bank EndShorelark2 1435 hrs fairly distant on short grazed marsh Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
 Conder Estuary/Conder PoolLittle Grebe4 river Paul Ellis / Paul Slade  
  Common Sandpiper1 river    
  Teal120 river    
  Tufted Duck15 pool    
  Oystercatcher4 two pairs displaying pool    
  Goosander3ad m, ad f, imm mpool    
 Preesall SandsBar-​tailed Godwit1250 tideline on falling tide Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
 LythamMoorhen2  SD383281  
 Lea GateGrey Heron6  SD477298  
 Shard BridgeLittle Egret1     
 Little SingletonGreylag Goose12  SD381395  
 Fairhaven LakeMute Swan2     
  Canada Goose2      
  Tufted Duck4      
  Black-​headed Gull60      
 Mains Hallhybrid Lesser Black-​backed Gull x Herring Gull1adult SD365403  
  Greylag Goose2  SD365403   
 ThistletonBuzzard1  SD400375  
  Kestrel1  SD400375   
 StalmineStock Dove2 to northSD372460  
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit600     
 HambletonMistle Thrush2     
 Hambleton FisheriesSong Thrush1     
 BlackleachCormorant1 Lancaster CanalSD465341  
 PreesallCormorant1 Station Lake   
 Whitehill Road PondCanada Goose8  SD351327  
 Windy HarbourMute Swan2  SD395396  
  Greylag Goose2  SD395396   
  Canada Goose2  SD395396   
 Knott EndGlaucous Gull1juvenileroost Chris Batty  
  Black-​headed Gull1500      
  Herring Gull400      
  Great Black-​backed Gull30      
 Glasson BasinGoosander21m 1f  Jol  
 Conder Estuary/Conder PoolGoosander21m 1fOn the pool Jol  
 Kincraig LakePochard1f    
  Shoveler2m, f     
  Tufted Duck32m, f     
  Grey Heron2 One possibly on nest    
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Glasson BasinGreat White Egret1     
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Jeremy LaneMute Swan62     
 Conder Estuary/Conder PoolGoosander1m, fPool   
  Tufted Duck16 Pool    
 Lawson WetlandGrey Heron4     
  Meadow Pipit7      
 Marton MereIceland Gull1AdBriefly bathed 12.20 SD  
  Great Black-​backed Gull2Ads     
  Great Crested Grebe3      
  Goldeneye4ad m, 2 f, 2CY m     
 Starr GateRed-​breasted Merganser2m, fsouth   
  Eider18+11m, 7f18 south, then 2 north    
  Red-​throated Diver2 south    
  Shelduck1 south    
  Pink-​footed Goosec25 north    
 Stanley ParkRook1 NE over west side. Uncommon flyovers here TS  
 Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe2   TS  
  Goldeneye3ad.m, 2f     
  Reed Bunting3mSW feeders    
 SingletonMediterranean Gull1ad SD385374Frank Bird  
 Savick ParkBlackcap1m  gg  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1f     
  Bullfinch95f, 4m     
  Chaffinch43f, 1m     
  Coal Tit2      
  Long-​tailed Tit3      
  Blue Tit2      
  Great Tit2      
  Blackbird32m, 1first yr     
  Collared Dove2      
 Fleetwood Marsh Nature ReserveSkylark6   KRG  
  Little Grebe4      
  Grey Heron1      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1      
 Poulton-le-FyldeSong Thrush1 Singing Moorland Gardens  Jol  
 Eagland HillYellowhammer8+ Feeding Station Jol  
  Brambling1MFeeding Station     
  Tree Sparrow15+ Feeding Station    
 Jeremy LaneGreat White Egret1   Jol  
 Ingol Village Golf CourseNuthatch5 At various areas. Stu Milne.  
  Grey Heron1      
 MowbreckYellowhammer2   andy myo  
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit490 YOL -​ GYG Suffolk bird, WW -​ WYf ringed 11.07.13 NW Iceland, YW -​ RRf still present from yesterday Ian Walker  
  Gadwall21 No.Pr     
  Golden Plover18      
 ThurnhamWhooper Swan486   N Godden  
  Bewick's Swan16 12 at SD440542, 3 at SD438538, 1 at SD444538    
  Mute Swan24      
  Common Gull263      
  Black-​headed Gull140      
 Bank EndShorelark2 distant  AC  
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1   AC  
4th March
 FreckletonLittle Owl1 lower lane Frank Bird  
 Lytham HallRed-​legged Partridge2mSinging and showing very well S side of main drive BD  
  Pied Wagtailc30 Cattle field N of main drive    
 Warbreck HillBuzzard1 Circling high up drifting north DJM  
 Stanley ParkNuthatch2 In tree between gardeners waste compound and golf course DJM/CR  
  Goldcrest1 Singing in fir tree at side of cafe    
 Stanley ParkNuthatch2 In tree between gardeners waste compound and golf course DJM  
 TrealesNuthatch1 Jacob's Lane Ian Walker  
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Warton BankWhooper Swan18   Ian Walker  
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit584 YW -​ RRflag ringed 01.07.09 NW Iceland recorded at Newton Marsh 02.06.10 and Preesall Park 09.09.12 Ian Walker  
 Pilling LaneBuzzard2 Over the garden Peter R  
 Pilling LaneSiskin5 at garden niger seed feeders Beach Road PE / KB / PR /DH  
  Song Thrush1 singing Beach Road    
 Eagland HillGrey Partridge1 Woods Lane, initially on the road Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
  Yellowhammer10 New Lane feeding Stn    
  Reed Bunting2 New Lane feeding Stn    
  Corn Bunting3 New Lane feeding Stn    
  Brambling1mNew Lane feeding Stn    
 CopthorneLesser Snow Goose1 with Greylags PE / KB / DH  
 Light AshGoosander2m & f  Steve Jones  
  Lapwing86 on flood near farm house    
  Curlew8 ditto    
  Redshank2 ditto    
  Oystercatcher2 mating in nearby field    
  Stock Dovec40      
 Knott EndLittle Egret2     
  Mediterranean Gull1adult     
  Pink-​footed Goose1      
  Herring Gull600      
  Black-​headed Gull1500      
 Conder Estuary/Conder PoolSpotted Redshank1 Creek on a rising tide    
  Common Sandpiper1      
 Fluke Hall LaneRed-​legged Partridge12     
 CarletonGoldcrest1 Off Robins Lane Jol  
 Stanley ParkGadwall11     
  Tufted Duck46      
  Grey Heron24+      
  Mute Swan9      
  hybrid Greylag Goose x Atlantic Canada Goose 3      
  Great Crested Grebe5 Two pairs plus one    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1+ inc. drumming    
 Poulton-le-FyldeBlackcap1 In subsong on Breck Rd Jol  
  Long-​tailed Tit2 On Breck Rd    
 Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe2   TS  
  Goldeneye2m, f     
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Lapwing125+ SE field    
  Fieldfare28 east field    
  Meadow Pipit1 SW corner    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 SW field    
  Cetti's Warbler6 singing, including 1 at west side of Wetlands. 2 showing -​ south bank & north of island path    
 IngolRedwing1   Stu Milne.  
  Bullfinch62 maleAlong Tom Benson way/Dunoon close trees.    
 The HeadsStonechat1Female  AC  
 Haslam ParkJack Snipe1 Flushed from wildlife pond area then landed in the allotments! Stu Milne.  
  Snipe2 Same area.    
  Mistle Thrush4+      
  Song Thrush2 Singing    
  Kestrel1MChecking out the nest box near brook.    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 Drumming.    
  Shoveler1MLooking better than last time I saw him.    
  Goosander2M&FFem on pond male on canal.    
  new species100+ Frog's spawning at wildlife pond.    
 Cockerham Moss EdgeStonechat Male Tarn Farm  AC  
 Jeremy LaneStonechat3Male+ 2 Females  AC  
  Great White Egret1      
 Bank EndShorelark2 distant but good light  AC  
 Dam SideStonechat54 M & 1 Fin Pilling Poo chanel AC  
 Fluke HallStonechat2M &F  AC  
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1 feeding along tide wrack, up river from ferry slip  AC  
3rd March
 Devonshire Rock GardensMoorhen1   DJM  
 NatebyLesser Snow Goose1 Blue morph field to right of Woodlands Lodge Park AJH  
 Barnaby's SandsPink-​footed Goosec300 across fields to the east   
 Preesall FlashesGreat Crested Grebe3     
 PillingLittle Egret6 SD 42003 48029, PR3 6BX nearest B Marland  
 Green Dick's LaneRedshank30  SD380478  
  Lapwing10  SD380478   
  Curlew90  SD380478   
  Black-​headed Gull600  SD380478   
  Common Gull30  SD380478   
 Pilling LaneBuzzard1 Hy-​Fly Game Hatcheries   
  Moorhen1 Hy-​Fly Game Hatcheries    
 Little TonguesMediterranean Gull33 adults SD371487  
  Herring Gull4      
  Common Gull100  SD371487   
  Little Egret1  SD371487   
 Cocker's DykeGrey Plover3     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull10      
 MartonSiskin32m,1fgarden feeders till 9.00 am then flew north Frank Bird  
  Coal Tit2      
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwit353 Green over Pale Green/Pale Green over Orange 'Z' Ringed 19.06.14 South Iceland and recorded at Newton Marsh on the 11.03.16. Second Bird Green/White & Orange over Yellow Flag  Ian Walker  
 Little TonguesMediterranean Gull12nd woff Tongues Lane JS, SB  
  Black-​headed Gull3000 spread across a wide area    
 Eagland HillBrambling1maleNew Lane feeding station JS, SB  
  Yellowhammer10 New Lane feeding station    
  Tree Sparrow20 New Lane feeding station    
  Chaffinch40 New Lane feeding station    
 NatebyLesser Snow Goose1 blue morph by entrance to Woodlands Country Park JS, SB  
 CockersandGolden Plover600 in fields by lighthouse car park JS, SB  
  Dunlin400 in fields by lighthouse car park    
  Stock Dove1      
 ThurnhamBewick's Swan17   JS, SB  
  Whooper Swan400      
 Jeremy LaneGreat White Egret1 in field by canal JS, SB  
 GlassonBar-​tailed Godwit30   JS, SB  
  Black-​tailed Godwit200      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull20      
 Glasson BasinGoosander2ad and 1st w males  JS, SB  
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Conder Estuary/Conder PoolSpotted Redshank1 in creek JS, SB  
 Myerscough QuarryScaup1femaleNo.2 pit JS, SB  
  Common Sandpiper1 No.2 pit    
  Pochard84mNo.2 pit    
  Tufted Duck30      
  Great Crested Grebe1 No.2 pit    
  Little Grebe2      
 Pilling Lane Endsunidentified Rock Pipit or Water Pipit1 distinctly differerent to petrosus AC  
  Rock Pipit5      
 Carr House Green CommonCurlew133 fields north of the common ME  
  Black-​tailed Godwit9 fields north of the common    
  Meadow Pipit62 fields north of the common    
  Jack Snipe1      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Goldcrest2 one singing    
  Song Thrush1 singing    
  Reed Bunting44m2 singing    
 Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe2   TS  
  Mute Swan2ads     
  Goldeneye4ad. m, 1st w. m, 2f     
  Tufted Duck15      
  Lapwing45+ SE field    
  Great Black-​backed Gull3ads     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull3ads     
  Stock Dove4      
  Fieldfare23+ east field    
  Cetti's Warbler3 singing    
  Water Rail2 calling    
  Goldfinch11 SW field    
 Starr GateSnow Bunting1 Around tramshed   
  Whooper Swan7 North at sea -​ spring passage    
  Great Crested Grebe1 north    
  Grey Wagtail1      
2nd March
 Great Marton MossKestrel1 School Road Paul Ellis  
 Lytham MossSong Thrush1 singing Queensway Paul Ellis  
 IngolSiskin2 Mayfield Avenue Andy Bradley  
 Eagland HillTree Sparrow28   MF  
  Corn Bunting1      
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
  Grey Wagtail1+      
 Kincraig LakeRedwing1     
  Grey Heron2      
  Canada Goose4      
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
  Shoveler2m & f     
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Mute Swan2      
 CopthorneGreylag Goose45  SD451444  
  Coot2  SD451444   
  Moorhen1  SD451444   
 Nateby LodgeShoveler1male SD460439  
  Mute Swan1adult SD460439   
  Greylag Goose5  SD460439   
  Canada Goose2  SD460439   
 Eagland HillYellowhammer1femaleNew Lane   
  Kestrel1 North Woods Hill Farm    
  Pink-​footed Goose10      
 Bradshaw Lane HeadKestrel1     
 The HeadsWater Pipit3 spud field next to Barnabys Sands AC  
 Preesall FlashesBrambling1Malewith chaffs, opp Old Barn car park AC  
  Song Thrush4      
  Great Crested Grebe2 NUMBER 2 Flash    
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
 Head Dyke LaneCurlew25 to west   
 Preesall FlashesMagpie10 to south   
 Cocker's DykeLesser Black-​backed Gull5     
  Mediterranean Gull1adult     
  Black-​headed Gull3500      
  Common Gull100      
  Golden Plover60      
 StalmineGrey Heron1 to north   
  Mistle Thrush1  SD368452   
 Pilling LaneCollared Dove18 Hy-​Fly   
  Greylag Goose70      
 Agglebys PitPink-​footed Goose100  SD361458  
 Green Dick's LaneYellow-​legged Gull1third-​summer SD380479Chris Batty  
  Black-​headed Gull500  SD380479   
  Pink-​footed Goose120 to east    
  Red-​legged Partridge2  SD382478   
  Buzzard1  SD379487   
 Little TonguesIceland Gull1juvenileflew westSD374482Chris Batty  
  Black-​headed Gull5000  SD374482   
  Starling500  SD374482   
  Pheasant2  SD374482   
  Little Egret1  SD372485   
  Grey Heron1      
  Mediterranean Gull53 ad,2nd-​win,1st-​win SD374482   
  Common Gull300  SD374482   
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull25  SD374482   
  Great Black-​backed Gull2  SD374482   
 Haslam ParkShoveler1male  Steve Jones  
  Grey Wagtail1femaleside of pond    
  Canada Goose2      
  Coal Tit1      
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1   AC  
 Bank EndShorelark2 distant, but closer than yesterday  AC  
 Newton MarshBlack-​tailed Godwitc100   SA  
1st March
 Cocker's DykeMerlin1fTook a dunlin out if the flock Peter R  
 Knott EndRook50     
  Pied Wagtail3      
 Hambleton FisheriesKestrel1   Paul Ellis  
 WartonKestrel1 west end on Lytham Road Paul Ellis  
 Cocker's DykeMediterranean Gull3ads, 2 sp  Dave Hall  
 Myerscough QuarryCommon Sandpiper1   DJP,MJ,BD  
 Kincraig LakePochard1f    
  Shoveler2m, f     
  Water Rail2      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Grey Heron1      
 Knott EndRed-​breasted Merganser2   DJP,MJ,BD  
  Twite4 on slipway     
 Marton MereBuzzard5 over Gipsy Hole Wood / Mythop fields TS  
  Lapwing225+ SE field    
  Fieldfare37 east field    
  Stock Dove2      
  Cetti's Warbler6 singing    
  Water Rail1 calling    
  Great Black-​backed Gull2adswith carrion, SE field    
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull8ads     
  Tufted Duck14      
  Great Crested Grebe2      
 CockersandShoveler2M & Fon stewardship land, not seen here before. AC  
 The HeadsJack Snipe2   JS et al  
  Rock Pipit3+      
  Meadow Pipit20      
 The HeadsStonechat1Malein field next to Barnaby's  AC  
 Barnaby's SandsGlaucous Gull12cyflew from river to tip at midday  Jonny Scragg  
 MartonIceland Gull1adsita Ashworth rd late morning Frank Bird  
 SingletonGreat White Egret1 Flew NW over Brockholes (T) wood Barry Dyson  
  Snipe23 Flushed from kale field.    
 Knott EndBlack Redstart1 hawking for insects in the brief sun AC  
 Knott EndSparrowhawk1     
  Little Egret1      
 Bank EndShorelark2 ESE from farm but distant AC  
  Pied Wagtail24      
  Meadow Pipit19      
Fylde Bird Club