Sightings for October 2017

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  Location Species Count Age / Sex Notes Grid Ref Source  
19th October
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   gg  
 Shard BridgeWhooper Swan26 flew over heading south at 0815 hrs Paul Ellis  
 Hambleton FisheriesBuzzard1 field to south Paul Ellis  
18th October
 Bradshaw Lane HeadPink-​footed Goose4400 plus, flew over in one flock, heading north to Lane Ends at 1755 hrs Paul Ellis / Kinta Beaver  
 Hackensall HallBuzzard2     
 Knott EndHawfinch1 sound-​recorded flying over at 01:28am Chris Batty  
  Ring Ouzel1 sound-​recorded flying over at 05:45am    
  Redwing15 flew south    
  Tree Sparrow5 flew west    
  Great Black-​backed Gull6      
  Brambling2 flew over    
  Long-​tailed Tit6      
  Pink-​footed Goose200      
  Pintail4 flew south    
  Siskin4 flew over    
  Reed Bunting1male     
  Little Egret2      
  Greenfinch4 flew east    
  Reed Bunting7 flew over    
  Pink-​footed Goose100 flew south    
  Common Gull20      
  Chaffinch15 flew over    
  Whooper Swan1adultflew east    
 Marton MerePink-​footed Goose4000   M Jones  
  Greenland White-​fronted Goose1 Juvenile-​fields East of dam    
 Marton MereRedwing3 NE scrub TS  
  Chiffchaff1 north central scrub    
  Grey Wagtail1foverflow    
  Snipe11 circling low    
  Jackdaw160+ over SW    
 Fairhaven LakeLittle Grebe3   DJP  
  Great Crested Grebe2      
  Tufted Duck24      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Long-​tailed Tit10      
 CarletonCoal Tit2   J Scragg  
  Long-​tailed Tit8      
  Meadow Pipit25      
 GalgateSiskin1 flew south   
  Mistle Thrush2      
 WartonSwallow2 south over village J Scragg  
 Lytham QuaysMerlin1   JS, AB  
  Whooper Swan17 15 south, 2 east    
  Siskin1 east    
  Redwing7 east    
 Fairhaven DunesBrambling14 east -​ 07:45-​10:30 JS et al  
  Lesser Redpoll1 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Siskin20 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Chaffinch307 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Greenfinch25 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Skylark152 south/east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Reed Bunting26 south/east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Meadow Pipit38 south/east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Tree Sparrow79 most high east but small number hanging around so some duplication possible-​ 07:45-​10:30    
  unidentified Pied Wagtail or White Wagtail29 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Redwing27 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Song Thrush2 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Mistle Thrush1 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Collared Dove9 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Magpie10 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Whooper Swan14 east -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Goosander3redheadssouth -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Golden Plover1 south -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Lapwing36 south -​ 07:45-​10:30    
  Sparrowhawk2 1 south, 1 local    
  Stonechat2 compound/dunes    
  Wheatear1 compound    
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1 still hereabouts (not seen since 14th so not easy!) gg  
 ThorntonGolden Pheasant1Ffeeding in garden this am Dfw  
 Warbreck HillJackdawc350 S DJM  
  Pink-​footed Goosec750 N in 4 skeins    
  Woodpigeonc200 S    
  Starlingc200 S, from roost somewhere to north?    
  Peregrine1 S    
17th October
 Marton MereWhooper Swan8 flew SE over the wetlands TS  
 Rossall PointLeach's Petrel2 flew west -​ one approx 12.00, other 13.30 Ellen Pemberton  
  Arctic Skua2 pale phase -​ flew west 11.45    
  Great Skua1 flew west approx 13.40    
  unidentified Guillemot or Razorbill1 west approx 12.15    
  Little Egret1 on beach 13.30-​ 14.00 then flew west    
 Fairhaven BeachShelduck18   Steve h  
 Knott EndLeach's Petrel1 flew west at 16:14 Chris Batty  
 Marton MereGoldcrest2 feeding station J Scragg  
  Sparrowhawk1 feeding station    
  Skylark6 west    
 Blackpool North ShoreLeach's Petrel1 S at 10.55. Possible 2nd at 12.05 bird seen v briefly but lost between waves DJM  
  Curlew4 2S + 2S    
  unidentified Pomarine Skua or Arctic Skua1 Distant to the north    
 Fleetwood PromenadePomarine Skua2 on sea at 10:45am Maurice Jones  
  Leach's Petrel3 flew past    
  Great Skua1 on sea    
 Knott EndMediterranean Gull1adult    
  Ruff1 flew east    
  Bar-​tailed Godwit211      
  Grey Plover20      
  Common Scoter1adult maleflew west    
  Eider32 adult males     
  Little Egret2      
  Ringed Plover2      
  unidentified Guillemot or Razorbill1 flew west    
16th October
 Stanley ParkRing-​necked Parakeet1 stump circle area TS  
  Tufted Duck14      
 Marton MereGrey Wagtail2 South/east entrance gate nr Caravan park Stewart Conroy  
 St AnnesRedwing  Numerous in Ashton Gardens   
  Goldfinch50+ Around train station    
  Goldfinch20+ Ashton Gardens    
 Knott EndWigeon25 flew west   
  Whooper Swan1adultflew south    
  Little Egret3      
  Golden Plover50 flew south    
 Poulton-le-FyldeNuthatch1 Heard, Moorland Gardens Jol  
 Mossom FieldRedwing46 Left roost in three seperate flocks 7.30-​8.00 DJM  
  Grey Heron1 E    
  Starlingc350 S    
  Pink-​footed Goosec125 N    
  Meadow Pipit1 S    
15th October
 Knott EndLong-​tailed Tit2     
 Black Lane HeadStock Dove1     
 Nateby HallBlack-​headed Gull500     
 PreesallGreylag Goose80     
  Collared Dove15      
 Fluke Hall LaneLapwing70  SD403490  
 Fluke HallPeregrine1     
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Grey Heron2      
 Ridge FarmStonechat1  SD388499  
  Tree Sparrow110      
  Pink-​footed Goose2500  SD391495   
  Stock Dove2      
  House Sparrow1      
 Stake PoolKestrel1     
 Smallwood HeyKestrel2 to north   
 Potters BrookGrey Wagtail1  SD487527  
  Nuthatch2  SD486529   
  Coal Tit2  SD486529   
  Pied Wagtail2      
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Kingfisher1 River CockerSD487527   
  Long-​tailed Tit2      
 Marton MereOystercatcher9 circled over and flew south TS  
  Tufted Duck22      
  Mute Swan86 1st.w     
  Canada Goose125+      
  Greylag Goose11      
  Barnacle Goose1      
  Pink-​footed Goose140+ circled over and flew SE    
  Cetti's Warbler4 singing    
 Mythop GrangeNuthatch  Heard in garden M Jones  
 Cocker's DykeLittle Stint1   M Jones  
 Conder GreenCommon Sandpiper2   M Jones  
 Warton MarshGreat White Egret2 together on marsh then flew towards river channel JS, SB  
  Little Egret12      
  Siskin9 east    
  Pink-​footed Goosec5000 over south 11:30-​13:00, landing on the south Ribble marshes    
 Preston DockJay1 over JS, SB  
 CottamBullfinch2   JS, SB  
  Coal Tit3      
 Preston DockGrey Wagtail2 On Pontoon Peterow  
  Pied Wagtail1 On Pontoon    
 Fairhaven DunesCrossbill2 east 08.45 (watch 07.15-​10.30) Paul Slade/Andy Myo  
  Brambling14 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Chaffinch407 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Reed Bunting35 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Siskin42 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Tree Sparrow11 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Lesser Redpoll3 west 07.15-​10.30    
  Goldfinch45 some moving, some local    
  Meadow Pipit18 south 07.15-​10.30    
  unidentified Pied Wagtail or White Wagtail13 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Starling131 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Song Thrush2 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Blackbird1 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Redwing10 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Mistle Thrush5 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Grey Wagtail6 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Greenfinch12+ possible movement, some local    
  Woodpigeon11 east 07.15-​10.30    
  Skylark38 south 07.15-​10.30    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2 one north, one east 07.15-​10.30    
  Little Egret20 on saltmarsh    
  Long-​tailed Tit20 in bushes    
  Linnet8 possible migrants    
 Skippool CreekGolden Plover381   Paul Slade/Jol  
  Mediterranean Gull2ads     
  Little Egret6      
  Bar-​tailed Godwit2      
  Black-​tailed Godwit2      
 Newton MarshSparrowhawk1   Paul Slade  
 Blackpool CentralGrey Wagtail1 North station   
 Bank EndTwite33 my first of the Autumn  AC  
  Pied Wagtail29      
  Grey Wagtail2      
 CottamKingfisher2 One flew under Tom benson way bridge .one on woodland pond at back of Westliegh hose. Stu Milne  
  Long-​tailed Tit6      
  Moorhen8+ On canal.    
  new species4 Red Admaral butterfly.    
  new species1 Dragonfly sp.    
 Savick ParkSparrowhawk1   gg  
  Bullfinch96m, 3f     
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1f     
  Greenfinch41m, 3juv     
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
  Coal Tit4      
  Blue Tit4      
  Great Tit3      
  House Sparrow2m     
  Collared Dove4      
14th October
 Cocker's DykePink-​footed Goose500     
 PreesallGreylag Goose70     
 Head Dyke LaneStarling400  SD400475  
 Stanley ParkGoldfinchc70     
 Marton MereWigeon2   TS  
  Tufted Duck51      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
 Peel HillPink-​footed Goose4000 West   
 CarletonPink-​footed Goosec800 north 18:15-​18:20 J Scragg  
  Long-​tailed Titc20      
 Fluke HallKingfisher1   Dave Hall, Kinta Beaver  
  Grey Wagtail1Female     
 CatforthNuthatch1 garden at east end of School Lane   
  Treecreeper1 garden at east end of School Lane    
  Coal Tit5+ garden at east end of School Lane    
  Jay2 garden at east end of School Lane    
  Long-​tailed Tit10+ garden at east end of School Lane    
 SalwickBuzzard2   Stu Milne  
  Long-​tailed Tit10+      
  Red-​legged Partridge2      
  Brown Hare2      
 Bank EndYellow Wagtail11st wintera different bird than yesterday  AC, Frank & Val  
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Pied Wagtail30      
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1 STILL HERE, harassed by Coal Tits (reason for decline?) possibly spooked by Sparrowhawk gg  
 LeaRing-​necked Parakeet1 Lea Road garden Col Mairs  
13th October
 Poulton-le-FyldeNuthatch1 Heard, Moorland Gardens Jol  
 Knott EndLittle Egret2     
 Head Dyke LaneBuzzard1     
 Fairhaven LakeLittle Grebe6   Ian Mc  
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Mute Swan20      
 Marton MerePeregrine1 dyke pylon TS  
  Common Gull275+      
  Mute Swan86 1st.w     
  Cetti's Warbler1 singing, Wetlands west side    
 Bank EndYellow Wagtail1juvenile same as yesterday, or an identical one AC  
  Goosander3 red heads    
  Pied Wagtail32      
 Savick ParkWillow Tit0 NO SIGHTING since early Thurs gg  
 Cocker's DykePink-​footed Goose300     
 Pilling LaneSparrowhawk1male    
12th October
 Marton MereLong-​tailed Tit6+ Woodland Hide Marton Mere Volunteers  
  Blue Tit3 Woodland Hide    
  Great Tit2 Woodland Hide    
  Chaffinch2m/fWoodland Hide    
  Goldfinch3 Woodland Hide    
  Greenfinch1 Woodland Hide    
  Wren1 Woodland Hide    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 Woodland Hide    
  Dunnock2 Woodland Hide    
  Kestrel1 Over pumping station    
  new species1 Grey Squirrel Woodland Hide    
  Stoat1 Pumping station compound    
  Fox1 Lawson wetlands    
  Snipe3 Lawson wetlands    
  Long-​tailed Tit10+ Lawson allotments    
 Pilling LaneGreat Spotted Woodpecker1   Dave Hall  
 Cocker's DykeShort-​eared Owl1   Dave Hall  
 PrestonOsprey1 Flew south over Fylde Road at 16:25 C Clay  
 Marton MereMallard90 Half in at dusk   
  Cetti's Warbler4      
  Water Rail3      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 Caravan site    
 Marton MereGreat Spotted Woodpecker33 malesall south side, SW feeders TS  
 CockersandWheatear1juve  AC  
 Bank EndYellow Wagtail1juvenile 23 days since my last here AC  
  Pied Wagtail28      
 Marton MereCoal Tit2 behind cabin J Scragg  
 Pilling LaneGoldcrest1     
 CleveleysGrey Wagtail1 On the car park at the back of Argos DL  
 Knott EndGoldfinch50     
  Little Egret2      
  Mediterranean Gull1adult     
  Grey Heron2      
  Black-​headed Gull1600      
  Grey Plover20      
  Pink-​footed Goose300 field south of library    
 Fairhaven LakePochard1male  SA  
  Little Grebe3      
  Razorbill1AdultDeceased. On the beach.    
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   gg  
11th October
 Pilling LaneGoldcrest1     
 Knott EndGoldfinch50     
  unidentified Guillemot or Razorbill2 flew west    
  Little Egret1      
  Grey Plover18      
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine2     
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   gg  
10th October
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
 Todderstaffe HallGreen Sandpiper1 Flood by railway line   
 Bank EndPied Wagtail48 20+ yellow faced plumage stage AC  
  Meadow Pipit29      
 BartleJay1 Over Jol  
 Fairhaven LakeCoot100+   Ian Mc  
  Mute Swan24 (25 max count this week)    
  Tufted Duck12      
  Little Grebe4      
  Kestrel1 over UU    
  Little Egret1 island roost    
 Cocker's DykeGreat White Egret1 Seen at 4.30pm. Flew towards Fluke Hall Dave Hall  
 Myerscough CollegeWhooper Swan7 Flew NW over golf course   
 Marton MereTreecreeper2 together in hawthorns in NW scrub east of gate  JS, LGB  
  Song Thrush2      
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Skylark7 over    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
 SingletonRedwingc45   Barry Dyson  
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   gg  
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
  Whooper Swan6 Wyre Estuary    
  Long-​tailed Tit3      
  Greenfinch2 flew east    
  Pied Wagtail2      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Pink-​footed Goose10 field south of library    
9th October
 Rossall PointWheatear2juvs  Barry Dyson  
 Warton BankRedwing25   andy myo  
  Grey Wagtail2      
  Great White Egret1      
  Whooper Swan8      
 Marton MereJay1 low north over east marsh. Later 1 Staining Nook TS  
  Swallow1 over NE scrub    
  Skylark6 3 over east fields, 3 over HR golf course    
  Grey Wagtail1 overflow    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 NW scrub    
  Water Rail2 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler2 singing    
  Snipe1 circling over    
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Common Gull10ads     
  Buzzard2 over Gipsy Hole Wood    
  Woodpigeon800+ some Ferals, majority Wood, over east fields    
  Pink-​footed Goose150+ landed in the east field    
 Stanley ParkGadwall5   TS  
  Tufted Duck9      
  Mute Swan171 1st. w     
  Canada Goose95      
  Ring-​necked Parakeet1 stump circle area    
 Myerscough CollegeGrey Wagtail1 golf course   
 Myerscough QuarryGreen Sandpiper1     
  Pink-​footed Goose41 skeins of 25 and 16 over    
  Pied Wagtail18 flew south    
 Pilling Lane EndsRuff18   AC  
 Bank EndPied Wagtail19   AC  
  Meadow Pipit5      
 Carr House Green CommonRedwing24 over north ME  
  Snipe10 over    
  Skylark15 over south    
  Long-​tailed Tit18 flocks of 10 and 8    
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   gg  
 PillingFieldfare14 over SW AC  
8th October
 GalgateRedwing1 flew over   
 GalgateRedwing1 flew over   
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
 Blackpool CentralRedwing6+ Over Park Rd, Hornby Rd, Reads Ave, Palatine Rd 9.30-​10pm BD  
 RoseacreLittle Owl1 Sat on building in garden. M&K Towers  
 Preston DockJay1 over JS, SB  
  Grey Wagtail1      
 CottamJay1   JS, SB  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Coal Tit2      
  Song Thrush3      
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1 observed regularly moving between the willows and gardens JS, SB  
  Coal Tit2      
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
 Bradshaw Lane HeadBarnacle Goose1   AC  
  Pink-​footed Goose2200+      
 Marton MereJay1 low north over east marsh with acorn TS  
  Peregrine1msouth over the mere. Later 1 dyke pylon    
  Buzzard1 over east fields    
  Skylark2 over east fields    
  Tufted Duck46 all SW corner    
  Snipe1 circling over    
  Great Black-​backed Gull1ad     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull3ads     
  Cetti's Warbler4 singing    
  Swallow2 south    
 Stanley ParkNuthatch1 trees near Woodland Grove entrance TS  
  Mistle Thrush1      
  Tufted Duck13      
 Fairhaven LakeMute Swan24   Richard Holmes WeBS  
  Canada Goose32      
  Little Grebe2      
  Tufted Duck4      
 Church ScarCurlew8   Richard Holmes WeBS  
  Grey Heron4      
 Lytham JettyMallard28   Richard Holmes WeBS  
  Grey Heron2      
  Bar-​tailed Godwit37      
 Lytham QuaysMallard18   Richard Holmes WeBS  
 Burrow's MarshSpotted Redshank32ads, juv  Paul Slade/WEBS  
  unidentified Water Pipit or Rock Pipit1      
 Barnaby's SandsWhimbrel1   Paul Slade/WEBS  
  Little Egret11      
  Pink-​footed Goose550      
  unidentified Water Pipit or Rock Pipit1      
 Arm HillTeal185   Paul Slade/WEBS  
  Black-​headed Gull13      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull7      
  Herring Gull36      
  Great Black-​backed Gull5      
  Long-​tailed Tit10      
  Common Gull2      
 Ramper PotLittle Egret28 16.30 KRG  
 Fleetwood MarshHerring Gull125   Paul Slade/WEBS  
  Great Black-​backed Gull7      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull30      
  Little Egret2      
  Grey Heron2      
 Agglebys PitGreylag Goose60   Paul Slade/WEBS  
  Pied Wagtail17      
  Reed Bunting3      
  Meadow Pipit4      
  Jay6 together, flew NE    
 Wardley's CreekGrey Wagtail1   Paul Slade/WEBS  
  Meadow Pipit5      
  Reed Bunting1      
  Black-​tailed Godwit2      
  Herring Gull137      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull152      
  Black-​headed Gull72      
  Common Gull4      
  Grey Heron5      
  Little Egret5      
  Great Black-​backed Gull2      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Little Grebe1juvroadside pool    
  Mute Swan2 roadside pool    
 Shard BridgeRuff1juv  Paul Slade/WEBS  
  Little Egret4      
  Grey Heron3      
  Black-​headed Gull125      
  Redwing1 over calling    
  Golden Plover122      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull81      
  Great Black-​backed Gull1      
  Common Gull3      
  Herring Gull3      
  Long-​tailed Tit4      
 Skippool CreekLesser Black-​backed Gull110   Paul Slade/WEBS  
  Herring Gull85      
  Black-​headed Gull341      
  Mediterranean Gull4ads     
  Common Gull16      
  Grey Heron4      
  Golden Plover15      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Great Black-​backed Gull3      
 Ramper PotLesser Black-​backed Gull17   Paul Slade/WEBS  
  Bar-​tailed Godwit1      
  Little Egret5      
  Black-​headed Gull13      
  Herring Gull1      
 PillingCoal Tit1  SD404483  
  Long-​tailed Tit3  SD404483   
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1  SD404483   
  Grey Wagtail1  SD404483   
  Grey Junglefowl1  SD404483   
 Pilling MarshRuff2626 juveniles SD418497  
  Barnacle Goose2      
  Pink-​footed Goose7000      
  Whooper Swan51      
  Rock Pipit1      
  Little Egret15      
  Meadow Pipit4      
  Goosander1juvenile SD411500   
  Guillemot1  SD411500   
  Great Crested Grebe4      
  Golden Plover6      
  Great Black-​backed Gull10      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull10      
 Pilling Lane EndsJay1     
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Little Grebe1      
 Knott EndGrey Wagtail1     
 Lawson WetlandCetti's Warbler1   Ellen Pemberton  
 Marton MereJay1 flew east 12.50 Ellen Pemberton  
  Song Thrush1      
  Long-​tailed Tit12+      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
  Tufted Duck19      
  Water Rail2      
  Meadow Pipit1 flew over    
  Pink-​footed Goose13 flew east    
  Greylag Goose6 flew over    
  Coal Tit2      
 Poulton-le-FyldeJay1 Moorland Gardens  Jol  
  Coal Tit2 Moorland Rd    
  Nuthatch1 Little Poulton Lane    
  Redwing1 Little Poulton Lane     
  Goldcrest2 Fields off Little Poulton Lane     
  Long-​tailed Tit3 Moorland Rd     
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1 still around, as reported gg  
7th October
 Blackpool South ShoreGoldcrest2  SD310341  
 Pilling Lane EndsSwallow3     
 Weeton CampKestrel1     
 Mythop GrangeGrey Heron1     
 Fluke HallBar-​tailed Godwit25     
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine2 St. John's Church TS  
 Starr GateCommon Scoter690 Watch 0930-​1200 L.G.B.  
  Red-​breasted Merganser1fem.south.    
  Leach's Petrel1 south.    
  Cormorant8 south.    
  Great Skua1 south.    
  Sandwich Tern5 south.    
  Arctic Tern1 south.    
 MythopStonechat1   Frank Bird  
 Marton MereWigeon6   TS  
  Tufted Duck17      
  Snipe6 circling over    
  Grey Wagtail1 north from the overflow    
 Stanley ParkShoveler3   TS  
  Tufted Duck13      
 Fairhaven BeachSnipe9 flushed by rising tide DJP  
  Jack Snipe1 flushed by rising tide     
  Bar-​tailed Godwit60 flew north    
 Dam SideSparrowhawk1     
 Fluke Hall LaneKingfisher1  SD398498  
  Gadwall2male and female     
  Mallard400  SD397498   
  Sparrowhawk1adult male     
  Pink-​footed Goose500 stubble fieldSD401495   
 Knott EndGrey Wagtail1     
 Cockerham MarshGreat White Egret1  SD430507  
  Little Egret10      
 Pilling MarshGreat White Egret1+ probably 2SD400500Chris Batty  
  Little Egret30      
  Pink-​footed Goose8000      
  Barnacle Goose4  SD401500   
  Red-​breasted Merganser4      
  Grey Plover1      
  Great Crested Grebe3      
  Meadow Pipit4      
  Whooper Swan3028 ads and 2 juvs     
  Mute Swan82 ads and 6 juvs     
  Ruff1juvenile SD417496   
  Great Black-​backed Gull16      
  hybrid Herring Gull x Lesser Black-​backed Gull1adult     
  Herring Gull10      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull10      
  Canada Goose1      
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1  SD500310gg  
6th October
 GalgateSkylark3 south   
  Meadow Pipit1 south    
  Pink-​footed Goosec50 flew over    
 Fluke HallJay3     
  Stock Dove2      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2      
 Ridge FarmKestrel3     
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull2      
  Whooper Swan2019 adults and 1 juvflew over    
  Pink-​footed Goose400  SD391495   
  Red-​legged Partridge12      
  Swallow61+ young in nest     
  Reed Bunting1      
 Fairhaven DunesPink-​footed Goose2950 high south. Watch 0845-​1200 L.G.B.  
  Hobby1 south/east.    
  Jay1 east.    
  Swallow10 south/east.    
  Skylark67 south/east.    
  Coal Tit14 south through the dunes.    
  Grey Wagtail4 south/east.    
  unidentified Pied Wagtail or White Wagtail16 south/east.    
  Tree Sparrow18 south/east.    
  Chaffinch16 south/east.    
  Siskin4 south/east.    
  Reed Bunting5 south/east.    
 Marton MereJay3 north central scrub/NE scrub. M.McG/TS TS  
  Skylark20+ over east fields    
  Buzzard5 soaring over NE corner/east fields    
  Peregrine1 dyke pylon    
  Tufted Duck74      
  Common Gull6      
  Pink-​footed Goose400+ south, east of Chain Lane    
  Water Rail2 calling    
  Cetti's Warbler3 singing    
 Stanley ParkRing-​necked Parakeet1 stump circle area TS  
  Tufted Duck3      
 BrockKingfisher1   IH  
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1   Peterow  
 Gynn GardensWheatear1Female  Peterow  
 Blackpool North PierGuillemot1 On water close in. North of pier. Peterow  
 Fairhaven BeachCurlew1   Steve h  
 Bank EndSwallow3   AC  
  Pied Wagtail23      
  Meadow Pipit35      
 Ramper PotLittle Egret11   KRG  
 Stanley ParkPied Wagtail8     
 Cocker's DykeGuillemot1  SD374496  
  Great Black-​backed Gull15      
  Whooper Swan109 adult and juvenile     
  Little Egret2      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull5      
  Herring Gull20  SD378494   
  Black-​headed Gull400  SD378494   
  Buzzard1  SD378494   
 Preesall HillBuzzard1     
 St Michael's on WyreTree Sparrow2   J Scragg  
  Skylark10 out of stubble field    
  Long-​tailed Tit6      
 Pilling LanePeregrine1     
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Little Egret2      
 Fleetwood FerrySparrowhawk1     
 Wyre LightCormorant15     
 Myerscough QuarryStock Dove6   J Scragg  
  Buzzard10+ flying everywhere    
  Skylark3 over    
  Meadow Pipit18 over    
  Little Grebe2      
  Tufted Duck12      
 King ScarCormorant56     
 Knott EndGrey Phalarope1first-​wintersaltmarsh north of Willow Close briefly at high tideSD360490Chris Batty  
  Little Egret3      
  Whooper Swan109 adult and juvenile     
  Pintail45 flew past    
  Meadow Pipit2      
  Great Black-​backed Gull2      
  Black-​headed Gull20      
  Common Gull4      
  Grey Plover49      
  Skylark2 flew over    
  Herring Gull5      
  Pied Wagtail1      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull4      
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1      
 BrockGoosander1femaleon river J Scragg  
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1 seen several times in flight between willows and row of trees on edge of houses J Scragg et al  
  Siskin2+ over calling    
  Skylark1 over    
  Rook2 over    
  Coal Tit1      
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1   DJM  
 Poulton-le-FyldeRaven1 Over Holts Lane Barry Dyson  
  Grey Wagtail1 Holts Lane on garage roof    
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   gg  
 Lytham JettyWheatear2   Richard Holmes  
  Bar-​tailed Godwit28      
5th October
 BartleBarn Owl1 hunting by tennis courts   
 Marton MereSwallow8 2 + 6 N DJM  
  Water Rail2      
 Skippool CreekMediterranean Gull2ads  Paul Slade  
 Wardley's CreekMediterranean Gull1ad  Paul Slade  
 Fairhaven BeachWhooper Swan8 On beach at 1730hrs Richard Holmes  
 Fairhaven LakeWhooper Swan8AdultArrived on lake this morning, seen at 12:30 John Lees  
 Stanley ParkCormorant13 south island roost TS  
  Tufted Duck1      
  Sparrowhawk1ffailed by inches to take a Goldfinch near the sports centre    
 Fluke HallKingfisher1 fishing  AC  
  Little Egret1 roosting    
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   gg  
 Fleetwood PromenadeRed-​throated Diver1 west. Watch 12:00-​13:00 J Scragg  
  Kittiwake5 west    
  Razorbill1 west    
  Guillemot1 west    
  unidentified Guillemot or Razorbill5 west    
  Teal3 west    
  Common Scoter2 west    
 Blackpool North ShorePeregrine1   DJM  
 Fairhaven LakePochard1F  SA  
  Little Grebe2      
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Stonechat1 UU Compound    
 Knott EndLittle Egret1     
  Kittiwake5 flew west    
  unidentified Guillemot or Razorbill1 flew west    
4th October
 Mossom FieldKestrel1 S DJM  
 Knott EndLeach's Petrel1 flew west Chris Batty  
  Pink-​footed Goose20 flew south    
  Grey Plover25      
  Gannet1juvenileflew west    
 Starr GateFulmar1 south. Watches 0730-​1000 & 1215-​1530 F.B. L.G.B.  
  Manx Shearwater2 south.    
  Leach's Petrel6 south.    
  Gannet5 south.    
  Cormorant9 south.    
  Great Skua2 singles south at 0900 and 1310    
  Kittiwake1 north.    
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   gg  
 Blackpool North ShoreLeach's Petrel5 south. Watch 11:30-​13:30 J Scragg  
  Gannet2 south    
  Common Scoter200 on sea in various flocks    
 Marton MereWigeon6   TS  
  Tufted Duck6      
  Pink-​footed Goose400+ south, east of Chain Lane    
  Canada Goose80+      
  Greylag Goose1      
  Barnacle Goose1      
  Snipe3 circling over    
  Common Gull2      
  Lesser Black-​backed Gull4      
  Skylark7 over east fields    
  Cetti's Warbler1 singing    
 Mythop GrangeGarganey1   Frank Bird  
 Myerscough CollegeDipper2   Ash Baines  
3rd October
 Lytham QuaysBar-​tailed Godwit1   Mark Cookson  
  Little Egret3      
  Grey Heron1      
 Marton MereGoldfinch40+ North pasture  Marton Mere Volunteers  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2 Woodland hide    
  Kestrel1 Over pumping station    
  Snipe2 Flushed out Lawsons Wetland    
  Fox1 Containers/pumping station    
  Great Tit2 Woodland hide    
  Blue Tit3 Woodland hide    
  Dunnock1 Woodland hide    
  Robin1 Woodland hide    
  Wren1 Woodland hide    
 Marton MereGoldfinch40+ North pasture  Marton Mere Volunteers  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2 Woodland hide    
  new species       
 Marton MereGoldfinch40+ North pasture  Marton Mere Volunteers  
  Great Spotted Woodpecker2 Woodland hide    
  new species       
 Knott EndEider1adult male    
  Merlin1 flew south    
  Red-​breasted Merganser1      
  Pink-​footed Goose90 flew south    
  Bar-​tailed Godwit1      
 MowbreckBarn Owl1 Flying along edge of Mowbreck hall wood. Monty  
  new species20+ At least 3 species of Bats, probably many more than 20 along entire lengh of Mowbreck lane.    
 SingletonTawny Owl  Calling in trees near church also flying accross road. Monty  
  new species20+ Emerging from roost.    
  new species12 Emerging from another roost close to above.    
 Ribby HallKingfisher1f  andy myo  
  Goldcrest3 with tit flock    
 Lytham MossSparrowhawk1male.Over stubble field south of Anna`s Road. L.G.B.  
  Skylark167 flushed by the sparrowhawk.    
 Pilling Lane EndsPink-​footed Goosec1000 Noted between 11.45 to 1.30 flocks arriving and leaving.  KRG  
 Fairhaven LakeTufted Duck126   M Jones  
  Great Crested Grebe1      
  Little Grebe1      
 Starr GateDark-​bellied Brent Goose1 9.50 flew north just offshore M Jones  
 Mythop GrangeGarganey1   Frank Bird  
 Marton MereGolden Plover1 north over west end scrubs, calling TS  
  Peregrine1fon the ground, SE field    
  Cetti's Warbler1 singing, Wetlands    
  Swallow2 over the east fields    
  Skylark2 over NW    
  Goldfinch45+ 2 separate flocks    
  Mute Swan86 1st. w.     
 Salisbury WoodlandNuthatch1   TS  
 Stanley ParkRing-​necked Parakeet1 stump circle area TS  
  Nuthatch1 feeders near stump circle    
  Tufted Duck3      
 Myerscough CollegeGoldcrest4+ heard only   
  Lesser Redpoll1      
 Marton MereCoot290+   DJM/CR  
  Little Grebe1 Heron hide    
  Water Rail2      
  Cetti's Warbler1      
  Kestrel1 Lawson's field    
  Jay1 S over west end of mere     
  Chiffchaff1 Feeding station    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1 Feeding station    
  Stoat1 FBC Hide    
2nd October
 Knott EndCommon Scoter42 malesflew west   
  Gannet4 flew west    
 Myerscough CollegeGoldcrest6+ heard only   
 Blackpool CentralPeregrine1     
 Stanley ParkCoot147     
  Herring Gull110      
  Goldcrest1+ Others De Vere and Marton Mere    
 CockersandMediterranean Gull2adult, 2nd-​winter    
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Conder GreenBlack Tern1juvenileConder Pool Stuart Piner  
 Glasson BasinBlack Tern1juvenilebriefly early evening then flew to Conder Pool Stuart Piner  
 Marton MereBittern1 flew low west over SW planting reeds, 15.05 TS  
  Raven1 flew east over the Wetlands, 9.55    
  Cetti's Warbler3 singing    
 Stanley ParkRing-​necked Parakeet1 stump circle area, and nearby feeders TS  
  Tufted Duck6      
 Marton MereBittern1 In flight 1750   
  Pink-​footed Goose3 Unusually landed on mere    
 Bank EndWheatear1   AC  
  Pied Wagtail9      
 Fairhaven LakeGreat Crested Grebe1adult  FW  
  Little Grebe4      
  Goosander1juv16.15 hrs    
  Tufted Duck136 probably largest number since January 2002 when 156 during a period of rampant Beaked Tassleweed    
  Coot100 previous maximum probably 188 in Jan 2002    
  Little Egret19 in island trees at 11.00hrs    
 Fairhaven BeachLittle Egret4   Steve h  
 Fairhaven LakePochard1   SA  
  Great Crested Grebe1      
 Blackpool North ShoreGannet1 S DJM  
  Sandwich Tern2 Distant but probably this species     
 Mythop GrangeGarganey1   Frank Bird  
1st October
 Stake PoolGrey Wagtail1     
 CockersandSkylark12 flew south   
  Swallow6 flew south    
  Grey Wagtail1 flew south    
 Glasson MarshCormorant6     
  Grey Heron1      
  Canada Goose10      
 Cabus NookPied Wagtail1     
 Cogie HillPink-​footed Goose800 stubble fieldSD439471  
 Stake PoolPink-​footed Goose1600 stubble fieldSD429474  
  Mute Swan12  SD459470   
 Head Dyke LaneKestrel1     
 Rossall PointShelduck30 14 West 16 east. Wyre B.C. Guided Walk 0900-​1130. L.G.B.  
  Eider8 west.    
  Red-​throated Diver4      
  Gannet12 west.    
  Merlin1 in off then south.    
  Golden Plover1 south/west.    
  Curlew Sandpiper2 on the beach briefly then south/west.    
  Ruff3 west.    
  Sandwich Tern5 on the beach.    
  Swallow5 south.    
  Skylark8 south.    
  Meadow Pipit146 south.    
  Grey Wagtail2 south.    
  unidentified Pied Wagtail or White Wagtail12 south.    
  Chiffchaff3 in the sand dunes.    
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   gg  
  Bullfinch11+3m, 3f, 5juvs     
  Sparrowhawk1 through park trees at 8ft    
  Great Spotted Woodpecker1f     
  Coal Tit4 much squabbling    
  Long-​tailed Tit4+      
  Blue Tit3+      
  Great Tit3+      
  Tree Sparrow2m     
  Greenfinch51m, 4juv     
  Chaffinch42m, 2f     
  Collared Dove4      
  Chiffchaff1 unusual garden visitor    
 Starr GateShelduck12 N 07.50-​09.20 DJP  
  Eider2 N    
  Common Scoter350 on sea    
  Red-​throated Diver10 8 N 2on sea    
  Gannet24 N    
  Cormorant3 N    
  Great Crested Grebe3 1 N 2 on sea    
  Guillemot4 N    
  unidentified Guillemot or Razorbill15 N    
 GalgateSkylark26 south   
  Meadow Pipit15+ south    
  Mistle Thrush6      
  Song Thrush1      
 Stanley ParkShoveler7   TS  
  Tufted Duck28      
  Mute Swan191 1st w.     
  Goldfinch45+ over Woodland Grove entrance    
  Mistle Thrush3 athletics field    
 Marton MereWhitethroat1 north central scrub TS  
  Goldcrest3 north central scrub    
  Swallow4 over south    
  Cetti's Warbler3 singing    
  Tufted Duck20      
 Skippool CreekRuff2ad, juv  Paul Slade  
  Little Egret24      
  Grey Wagtail1      
  Golden Plover158      
 Little SingletonCommon Sandpiper3 chased by Sprawk at one point   
  Mediterranean Gull1adunringed    
  Great Black-​backed Gull2ads     
 Myerscough QuarryWigeon150+   Stu Milne  
  Tufted Duck12      
  Canada Goose43 No1 pit + one large white domestic type of goose.    
  Little Grebe10+      
  Grey Heron8 In general area.    
 CottamGrey Wagtail2   Steve Jones  
  Canada Goose3 heading south    
  Chiffchaff1 singing    
 Haslam ParkJay3   Steve Jones  
  Chiffchaff2 one singing    
  Swallow1 heading south    
  Mistle Thrush8 on open grass area    
  Moorhen15 all on pond    
 Mythop GrangeGarganey1   Paul Slade  
  Grey Wagtail1      
 Lower BallamSkylark14 Brays Road Paul Slade  
 Warton MarshMarsh Harrier1juv  Paul Slade  
  Great White Egret1 flew west along river    
 Newton MarshSkylark45   Paul Slade  
 Savick ParkWillow Tit1   Paul Slade  
  Raven1 over calling    
 LeaJay1   Paul Slade  
 Weeton CampJay1   Paul Slade  
 Ream HillsLittle Grebe6 Ream Hills Lake   
  Goosander2f/immReam Hills Lake    
  Mallard75 Ream Hills Lake    
  Coot17 Ream Hills Lake    
 ThorntonTeal30 Taylor's Farm   
  Grey Heron1      
 Kincraig LakeMallard44     
  Grey Heron1      
 Warbreck HillKestrel1 Water tower DJM  
 Devonshire Rock GardensGoldcrest7+   DJM  
  Moorhen2ad, juv     
  Skylark1+ Heard over    
 IngolRing-​necked Parakeet2 Tag Lane junction Mayfield Ave 8:00 am martin jump  
 Fairhaven LakeGoldcrest8   Ash Baines  
  Siskin2 Sw    
  Stonechat1FemaleUU compound    
 Poulton-le-FyldeNuthatch1 Oak tree in Moorland Gardens  Jol  
 Fleetwood Marine GardensChiffchaff1   J Scragg  
 Mount ParkChiffchaff2   J Scragg  
 Lytham QuaysGreat White Egret2 On ribble bank Ash Baines  
 Fleetwood CemeteryGoldcrest4   J Scragg  
Fylde Bird Club